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Atlanta, Georgia is quickly becoming a hub of candle making supplies and businesses catering to hobbyists and professional creators of candles. A mecca of sorts in the candle industry, Atlanta offers up an amazing array of local shops, suppliers and experts on the art form. Notable celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have been known to create their own designs with Atlanta-based supplies, while businesses such as Got Soy Candle Co. offer ready-made scents for the discerning customer. Even more intriguing is that some companies offer up design services with one’s own unique scent created from locally sourced ingredients! Aside from offering great products and supplies, many of these companies are dedicated to supporting the local community by giving back and teaching about sustainable practices. Whether you’re a casual candle maker or professional artist wanting to feature your handcrafted work in one of Atlanta’s boutique stores, this city is an ideal spot for enthusiast alike!

Types of Materials and Supplies Available

Wicks: Wicks are an essential part of making candles, and there is a wide array of different types available. Cotton wicks, jute wicks, hemp wicks and paper-core wicks are just some examples. They all burn differently and will give your candle its own unique spin.

Waxes: There are also many different types of waxes available to choose from including paraffin, soy, beeswax and gel. Different waxes will affect the scent, texture, color and burning behavior of your candle so its important to know what kind of effect you’re looking for before you begin creating your masterpiece.

Dyes: Dyes are used to give candles the beautiful colors that we all love so much. Powders, blocks and liquid dyes are all options which can be used with almost any kind of wax to achieve a wide array of colors depending on how much dye is used in the process.

Containers: The containers that you choose for your candle are equally as important as the other aspects mentioned above. There is such a wide variety to pick from ” glass jars, wooden boxes, ceramic pots or various specialty items such as teacups or mason jars just to name a few! You have boundless possibilities when it comes to these special vessels.

Major Candle Making Supply Companies In Atlanta Ga

Atlanta Candle Supply – Located in the historic West End district of Atlanta, this one-stop shop for candlemakers has been a fixture in the city for generations. Family-owned and operated, this store stocks a huge range of candle wicks, waxes, oils, molds, dyes and fragrances, as well as all the associated equipment necessary to make unique candles.

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Candles by Clare – A small independent retail store located in Buckhead, Atlanta that specializes in premium supplies for homemade candles. Here you can find hand poured soy candles made with essential oils as well as other jewelry and gifts designed specifically for candlemaking. They also offer a wide range of waxes, additives and dyes to customize your own creation.

Candle Genie – Located in Norcross, Candle Genie is a popular destination for novice and professional candlemakers alike. This comprehensive store has everything needed to create custom scented votives, pillars and tapers using natural waxes and unique ingredients such as beeswax wraps or dried flowers. They also specialize in luxury color combinations guaranteed to impress any customer.

Preston Candles LLC – Situated right next door to Candles by Clare in Buckhead, Preston Candles is an enormous provider of quality materials at affordable prices. With an ever-growing collection of top-grade products (including glass containers), they cater to anyone looking to craft something special with their choice of waxes, scents and embellishments available at great value prices.

How to Choose The Right Company

When looking for candle making supply companies in Atlanta, GA, it’s important to find the right company that best meets your needs. It’s imperative to consider various factors such as customer service, delivery options, prices, and quality assurance.

When evaluating customer service, look for companies that provide prompt and courteous responses when answering inquiries or complaints. They should also have knowledgeable staff who can provide helpful advice about candle making products and supplies.

Delivery options are another crucial factor when choosing a candle making supply company. Research what delivery options the company offers and whether they have Next Day or rush deliveries available for those with last-minute projects. Also inquire about the shipping cost so you know what to expect when checking out.

Comparison shopping is essential when trying to find the best deal on candle making supplies. Investigate pricing structures such as bulk discounts offered or if there are promotions throughout the year that could save you money in the long-term.

Finally, it is important to make sure the candle making supplies being purchased are of excellent quality and will yield desirable results in your finished product. Quality assurance measures should be well documented by the company and customers must be familiar with them before using any of their products.

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Benefits of Shopping For Supplies Locally

When you purchase supplies from candle-making supply companies located in Atlanta Ga, you are helping to not just benefit the business itself but also contribute to the local community. Shopping locally with these small businesses is important as it helps stimulate economic growth and success. This in turn can help create more jobs, build a larger tax base, retain a strong commercial and industrial sector, and even attract talent from bigger cities. Additionally, buying from local businesses can reduce environmental impacts since goods don’t have to be transported long distances to reach you. It also gives your money more spending power within your own community by providing resources to small businesses which tend to invest in the community at higher rates than their larger counterparts. Finally, it’s an excellent way of promoting the thriving creative industry located in Atlanta Ga – supporting these creative entrepreneurs helps keep diverse products and services available locally.


Making a candle requires more than just supplies and materials; there are also tools, resources, and creative ideas you can use to customize your project. Whether you plan to create an ornate centerpiece candle or something simple but stylish, these Atlanta, GA-based candle making supply companies can provide you with all the tools and materials necessary to bring your vision to life. To maximize your creativity ” and the potential of your new candle making supplies ” consider some of the following tips:

• Research different wick size options for a variety of shapes and sizes of candles you may want to make.

• Experiment with different waxes that offer unique textures and scents.

• Test various dye combinations for vibrant colors or try adding natural herbal pigment for pastels.

• Incorporate molds in fun shapes or add layers of color for exquisite pillars or layered jars.
• Try adding decoration from beads that can sparkle with light passing through the liquid wax before it hardens.
• Consider using essential oils to infuse natural aromatherapy into their new candles.

With the help of one of Atlanta’s numerous candle making supply companies, you’ll be able to bring your dream candle project to life!

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