Candle Making Tanger Outlet

## Candle Making at Tanger Outlets

Candle making is an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that has been around for centuries. Whether you are an experienced candle maker or just looking to explore the craft, nothing beats going to Tanger Outlets for all the supplies you need!

At Tanger Outlets, you can find everything from waxes and fragrances to wicks and jars for all your candle making needs. With a little creativity and the right ingredients, you can make unique, beautiful candles that you can gift, sell, or simply keep for yourself.

### The Benefits of Candle Making

Candle making is a fun and fulfilling activity that has many benefits:

– **It’s relaxing:** Candle making is known to be incredibly calming and meditative. Creating candles is a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and clear your mind.

– **It’s economical:** In addition to being a great way to de-stress, candle making can also save you money! You can make candles at home for a fraction of the cost of buying them already made. This can help you save on your holiday and birthday gift shopping.

– **It’s creative:** Candle making is a great craft for people who have a knack for art and design. You can be as creative as you like with your candles, experimenting with color, scents, and decor.

### What You Need From Tanger Outlets

Before you start on your candle making journey, you need to make sure you have the right supplies. Here’s what you’ll find at Tanger Outlets:

Candle Making Urn

– **Candle wax:** You’ll need wax to make your candles. Tanger Outlets has a variety of wax types available, from soy wax to paraffin wax to beeswax.

– **Fragrances:** Choose from a selection of essential oils and fragrance oils for your candle-making projects.

– **Wicks:** You’ll need wicks to keep your candles burning. Tanger Outlets carries a wide range of wicks in different sizes and materials, as well as bases and accessories for attaching your wick to the bottom of your jar.

– **Containers and accessories:** A variety of jars and tins are available at Tanger Outlets to make your candles look as beautiful as they smell. You can also find add-ons, such as labels and decorative touches, to complete the look.

With these supplies, you’ll be ready to start making candles and be well on your way to having a thriving business!

### Tips for Making Candles

Making beautiful candles doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips to keep in mind when starting out:

– **Test your wax:** Before making your first batch of candles, take the time to test the wax for melting and pouring temperature, burn time, and scent throw.

– **Measure twice, pour once:** Accurately measuring your ingredients is key to making successful candles, so double-check your measurements before pouring.

– **Allow them to cool:** After pouring your wax into the containers, allow your candles to cool naturally without being disturbed. This will help ensure a smooth, even surface.

– **Trim the wick:** For best results, trim your wick about one-eighth of an inch above the wax surface right after pouring and again before relighting.

Pittsburgh Candle Making

Ready to start your candle making journey? Stop by your local Tanger Outlets and pick up the supplies you need to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind candles!

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