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Candle making videos online can be a great tool for both novice and experienced crafters alike. Not only do these videos provide detailed instructions for creating an array of different candles, but they also allow people to visualize the process from start to finish in real time. As such, anyone who wishes to create unique candles from home can practice the craft without needing specialized instruction or materials. Experienced candle makers may benefit from the opportunity to share or observe new techniques on video, as well as discover exciting recipes for incorporating fresh ideas into their projects. With its accessible approach, candle making videos online have greatly broadened the crafting possibilities available to both novices and experienced crafters alike.

Where to Find Candle Making Videos

The internet is a great resource for learning candle making, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter. If you’re looking for quality tutorials and helpful advice on how to make your own candles, YouTube is your best source of content. Some great channels to check out include CandleScience Tutorials, The Flaming Candle Co., and Candles & More with Jelaine F

If you’re after specific tutorials for each step in the process then head to articles and videos found on websites such as Crafting Chicks and WikiHow. Crafting Chicks will guide through wicking – what nylon thread is best to use; curing with pouring the wax – different types of waxes that work best; while WikiHow offers detailed instructions on creating both decorative as well as scented candles. And should you need some new scents for your candle creations then sites such as Aroma Boutieque have hundreds of choices available.

Other helpful resources include Michaels Craft Blog which explains things like double-boilers for safe candle melting, Crafty Candlemaker which covers challenging topics like crystallized candle jars, and Crafters Corner Auckland which talks about customizing containers to fit each type of wax used etc. With all these resources available there’s no excuse not to give handmade candles a go!

Products Needed for Candle Making

Candle making is a craft that has stood the test of time and it can be a fun and rewarding experience. To get started, one must gather up the materials needed to create beautiful, customized candles. Common supplies to make candles include wax, containers, wicking material, scenting oils and other decorative accompaniments.

Wax options vary greatly and can be found online from most major craft outlets. Beeswax, soy wax, paraffin wax and coconut wax are the most common types of wax used for candle making. In addition to this, there are also variations within each type (granulated or flaked) as well as blends which combine different types together for additional effects.

The wick is another important component of candle making with several varieties available from natural wicks made from cotton or linen blends to manufactured synthetic varieties such as ceramic-core wicks or zinc/core wicks. Wicking preferences depend on the size of the container being used and the type of wax chosen. The right combination will help ensure safe burning experiences.

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Different accents like glitter, herbs and environmentally conscious topping alternatives such as recycled glass pebbles can also be used when crafting customised creations. Many supplies including these items may also be purchased online through reputable store outlets with delivery straight to your door!

Overall candle making is an enjoyable hobby that allows its users to create unique pieces that represent their own individual styles and personalities – so expand your creativity today!

Essential Candle Making Techniques

In candle making videos online, there are many important techniques to learn and use when creating beautiful candles. Some of the most essential techniques to understand include manipulating wax to shape it into desired shapes, using colorants effectively, adding scent for aromatherapy purposes, molding objects inside the candle, pouring different layers of wax to create textured effects, and working with a diverse array of fragrances.

Using video tutorials can be an effective way to learn the proper ways of creating candles of higher quality. Some basic steps that can be seen in a thorough video tutorial include preparing the wicks and wax, melting down the wax slowly in controlled temperatures, measuring out and slowly stirring in certain additives like dyes or fragrances, accurately filling multiple containers with melted wax at once, and timing the cooling process precisely.

It is also very important that instructions on how to store and condition candles be included in these videos. This should include tips such as wrapping them once cooled, keeping them out of direct sunlight or away from damp conditions for correct preservation, and learning about the expected burning time or shelf life before buying supplies for help with planning projects ahead of time.

Making the Most Out of Candle Making Videos

Troubleshooting: Candle making can require a bit of trial and error to get the right result. To get more out of candle making videos, explore the science behind it. Consider what could be wrong with a recipe or technique if something didn’t quite turn out as expected. Learn how to spot small details like incorrect temperatures or improper mixing, and use the videos to test different solutions until you get the desired results.

Experimenting: Since videos are such great learning tools, they are ideal for experimenting with new ideas. Whether you’re trying a unique scent or technique, watch a few tutorial videos and take notes on what works and what doesn’t – this will help you save time when you try it yourself. Try combining two or more techniques to create something truly original!

Budgeting: Videos also offer practical advice for cutting costs when considering which supplies you should purchase. Look for helpful tips about how to go about purchasing your materials in bulk and where to buy them at cheaper prices, as well as ways to recycle materials that can help save money in the long run.

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Saving Costs: candle makers often find themselves faced with leftovers from previous batches. As tempting as it is to simply throw away unused products, saving these recycled candles or leftovers materials can be beneficial in multiple ways. Use leftover waxes, wicks, and containers by re-purposing them into existing projects or completely new creations – this can help save both time as well as money in the long run! Additionally, seek out free resources online (such as blogs or instructional YouTube channels) that offer free tutorials and recipes to simplify your creative process further.

Special Occasions, Gifts, and Celebrations

Candle making is a great way to celebrate special occasions, give gifts, and mark celebrations. Through online videos, one can find an array of different candle making ideas that are perfect for these occasions. Large pieces such as centerpieces, votives, and pillars can be made with video tutorials for a variety of applications. Candles can make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for friends or family members, or even for decorations at weddings or other special events. Aside from large pieces, some popular seasonal candles include rustic fall scented pillars, winter wonderland drip candles, summertime citrus-scented votives and pastel themed Easter eggs. Furthermore, there are many techniques which can be used in candle making including dipping multiple wicks into a heated wax mixture to create layered candles, using different colorings and fragrances to personalize the candles, pressing herbs and spices into the wax while it’s still warm etc. Ultimately candle making offers unique opportunities to customize and create thoughtful gifts perfect for those special times in our lives!


To conclude, candle making is a great hobby that could provide many hours of enjoyment and gratification. By watching online videos, anyone can get started with their own projects right away. There are many different methods, supplies, and ideas to help customize the process to individual needs. Some tips for getting started include researching the best materials and tools to use, selecting wick sizes or waxes to achieve desired results, and exploring various essential oil scents or candle colors. Lastly, an inspiring quote could be “A candle gives you light while burning itself down” – By Shabana Abdel-Latif. Overall, no matter how complex you choose to make it or how simple you decide to keep it, candle making is a fun activity worth giving a try.

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