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Candle making is an art that dates back thousands of years and continues to be popular with people of all ages today—from sophisticated scented pillars to whimsical child-friendly shapes. In the modern candle selling market, it can be difficult for independent makers to keep up with larger companies. This makes wholesaling incredibly attractive as it provides a far more affordable option than buying bulk supplies straight from manufacturers, saving precious time and money.

Working with candle making wholesalers instead of dealing directly with suppliers has both pros and cons. On the positive side, wholesalers offer discounts on both materials and shipping costs when compared to purchasing from a manufacturer directly, although their inventory may not always be as comprehensive. Furthermore, many wholesalers are experienced in the industry and can offer valuable advice and feedback on increasing sales for individual makers or to help them differentiate their product range.

On the other hand, working with a wholesaler may put additional responsibility in terms of quality control on the maker’s shoulders. If dissatisfaction arises from either end due to wrong orders or defect products, it is up to the maker rather than the manufacturer to sort out issues like refunds or replacements. As such, relying on an established manufacturers’ warrantee can provide more confidence in quality control than dealing through a third party alone. Finally, whilst ordering ahead can save money in the long run, some makers might find themselves stuck if ordering heavily only to find that their customers prefer another type of product entirely!

Popular Candle Making Wholesalers Around the World

Candle makers from around the world are often looking for reliable wholesale suppliers of their wares. Whether you are an innovator creating scented candles or an established retailer looking to buy in bulk for resale, you can find great deals with candle making wholesalers. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular candle making wholesalers around the world:

1. Pacific Aroma – Located in Vancouver, Canada, Pacific Aroma offers quality waxes, fragrances and supplies at wholesale prices. They have everything you need to get started in the candle making industry and they offer friendly customer service with fast delivery worldwide.

2. Continental Candle – Founded in 1991, Continental Candle is based in London and has become well known for its line of scented candles and diffusers. Their products are produced according to iSo 9001 standards and they pride themselves on excellent customer service with prompt delivery throughout Europe and North America.

3. Everlasting Candle Solutions – Operating out of Brisbane, Australia since 2009, Everlasting Candle Solutions has quickly made a name for itself featuring hand-crafted soy candles that carry a subtle fragrance profile with long-lasting burn-time per candle stick. They work closely with their customers to develop customised solutions that cater to any budget or timeframe.

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4. China Scented Candles Supplier – This Chinese company is one of the leading manufacturers of aromatic candles online today providing exquisite product design coupled with reputable customer service worldwide. Their range covers simple paraffin candles right through to premium beeswax columns offering unbeatable value at wholesale prices each time!

5. Fusion Concept Ltd – Consistently rated 2016’s largest manufacturer of unique aroma products, Fusion Concept Ltd is based in India offering customers top quality natural wax formulations made using only pure essential oils and fragrant compounds available within their product range at wholesale prices all year round!

What to Consider When Shopping with Candle Making Wholesalers

When shopping with candle making wholesalers, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account. First and foremost, you want to make sure the candles you purchase from a wholesaler meet or exceed expectations. Doing so will ensure the candles you create will be of the highest quality and add value to your business.

Additionally, you should look for any discounts or special offers for buying in bulk with a wholesaler. Some suppliers may offer discounted shipping rates on large purchases and/or give away free samples as an incentive for doing business with them.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the company’s ordering and return policies upfront before making any purchases. Most wholesalers require all products be ordered in minimum quantities, so it’s best to find out what these requirements are beforehand. You should also inquire about delivery times and any additional costs associated with shipping orders. Finally, make sure the company has a policy in place that allows customers to return items if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase. This can provide peace of mind knowing that you can return something if it doesn’t meet your needs or expectations.

Benefits of Working with Candle Making Wholesalers

Working with candle making wholesalers is a great way to grow your business. Wholesalers provide an extensive selection of candle supplies at discounted prices, which allows you to purchase the necessary items in bulk and save money. Additionally, working with professional candle making wholesalers can also be beneficial in terms of time efficiency; they allow you to have access to all the materials you need delivered right to your door, offering convenience and a streamlined process. Furthermore, since you will be working with experienced professionals who understand the industry, they can provide advice and guidance about trends and products that are best-suited for your specific market needs. Lastly, having a consistent source of high-quality materials from a trusted wholesale supplier is essential for successful production of candles in large quantities; this really helps ensure that your final product is up to standard and meets customer expectations.

Crafting a Successful Relationship with Candle Making Wholesalers

Candle making wholesalers can offer an array of benefits to craft makers looking to expand their business. Establishing a strong relationship with the right candle-making wholesaler can provide maximum profit potential. Craft makers should be aware of some key components in order to make sure they get the best deals and select the right supplier for their needs.

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First, it’s important to do research on different candle making wholesalers and compare their products, services, and prices. It’s also beneficial to read online reviews from customers who have had previous experience with each supplier. This can help give a clear idea of what kind of services one can expect from each company.

Once craft makers have narrowed down their choices, they should contact the wholesaler by phone or email and ask about payment plans and shipping costs. It’s essential to know how fees may affect the final cost per product when purchasing wholesale items. In addition, finding out what resources are available from the supplier regarding production advice, packaging materials, and other extras helps craft makers make more informed buying decisions.

Craft makers should also ask each wholesaler about return policies in case there is any dissatisfaction with a product or service received. Understanding this policy ahead of time will ensure that expectations are met if there are any issues later down the line.

Finally, building trust between a craft maker and a candle-making wholesaler requires communication throughout the entire process. Keeping up with regular correspondence regarding orders, deliveries, feedback and more can help build a successful relationship between both parties involved in this lucrative venture.


When choosing the best candle making wholesaler for your needs, you should take into consideration several important factors. First, you should assess your current needs in order to decide what kinds of candles and supplies are necessary for your craft. Researching different wholesalers and comparing their prices is also a great way to ensure that you are getting the best deal available. Make sure to carefully read through each of the companies’ policies and contracts in order to find the right solution for your project. While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option available, this could end up costing more in lost time and materials down the line if they do not meet the quality standards expected by the consumer. Lastly, reading consumer reviews can help you gain an understanding of other people’s experiences with different wholesalers in order make an informed decision about which company would work best for your particular business needs. With careful planning and research, choosing the right candle making wholesaler will help set up your business for success.

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