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The candle making workshop Montreal offers is second to none. A great way to learn the artistry of creating wax candles, workshops are given in Montreal at numerous locations around the city. From the fun, creative approaches used by beginners’ sessions to the artistic direction of advanced classes, learning how to make your very own candles is an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone.

Workshops can be given on evenings or weekends, depending on an individual’s schedule and what supplier is offering them. Generally, all supplies such as wax, wicks, dyes and scents will be included in any cost that may be associated with the workshop. For those just starting out with candle-making who would like a more ‘hands-on’ introductory lesson to this craft or hobby, many suppliers offer 1 – 3 hour workshops specifically for this purpose.

Led by experienced candle makers, participants are invited to utilize their creativity with dye colors and various fragrances which can first be tested together before being put into their crafted product. The finished work will then be taken home by each participant as a reward for taking part in the class.

For those who already know their way around the craft or have taken some time away from it and need a refresher course; there are also workshops available in 1-day or half day sessions led by experts who can teach everything from molding techniques with beeswax bowls up to methods for layering different fragrances while letting them set between trees etc.

These sorts of workshops could even be used as team building exercises; business organisations in particular that are looking for something new and exciting to get their employees participating together could take advantage of these courses.

At Montreal’s candle making workshops you’re sure to leave equipped with all the information needed aspiring professionals need so that they too can have a go at creating custom candles for themselves – or even start selling them online. Everyone is sure find something rewarding from attending one of these wonderful classes that become popular year after year; anyone interested should definitely give one a try.

History of Candle Making

The origins of candle making workshops in Montreal date back to the 15th century as burning candles not just provided light, but became a symbol of devotion and these workshops started as places for various workshops that used candle-making techniques. By the 16th century, wax-chandlers (from Latin candelarii and French cireurs de chandelettes) were already offering their services to clients and this tradition continued on for centuries.

The demand for quality candles grown over the centuries as more styles of waxes were introduced. These included beeswax, tallow, soy and other vegetable-based waxes. And with it came professional training in producing savonettes (soaps), essences, wicks and other items made to order, all produced within early Montreal workshops.

Beginning in the 1800s until quite recently, many individuals specialized exclusively in varied aspects associated with candle making such as refining waxes and producing decorative layers. Nowadays a combination of modern production methods have replaced most handcrafting procedures although some craftsmen still produce beautiful individual pieces or custom orders. Here is an overview of what is offered during these workshops:

  • Tutorials about the different techniques used when making candles
  • Instructions on how to work with different types of waxes
  • Revision of how the process has changed over time
  • Explanation on the tools needed to produce high-quality finished products
  • Presentation of colors and scents that can be incorporated into readymade products or custom designs
  • Information about molds that are available for shaping your own creations – from traditional pillar shapes to detailed attractive patterns

What to Expect in a Candle Making Workshop

A candle making workshop in Montreal is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning the basics of making their own candles. In this type of hands-on workshop, attendees will learn various engaging techniques from experienced candle makers that will allow them to make a variety of beautiful and unique candles.

At a typical candle making workshop in Montreal, participants can expect to learn several different materials and techniques such as pouring, dipping, and rolling. Pouring involves melting wax and then pouring it into molds to create basic shapes such as stars or hearts while dipping uses pre-made wicks which are dipped into a vat of molten wax and pulled out with the melted wax forming layers around the wick until it cools off becoming hardened wax.

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Rolling, on the other hand, puts melted wax onto a flat table where the wax is shaped with tools and then wrapped around a pre-made cotton wick.

Common candle making projects learned in this type of workshop may include:

  • Making roller candles
  • Creating poured pillar candles
  • Designing scented votives
  • Developing layered tapers

Benefits of Joining a Candle Making Workshop

Attending a candle making workshop in Montreal offers attendees numerous benefits from fun hobbies to professional development. These workshops have many unique advantages for both beginners and seasoned crafters alike, not the least of which is stress relief. The mindful engagement when crafting a beautiful handmade design brings a deep feeling of satisfaction that can last long after the class has ended.

Aside from the emotional catharsis, learning to make original and unique candles provides an avenue to develop valuable life skills such as:

  • Organization
  • Creativity
  • Planning & Execution

Participants are immersed in planning, mathematical calculation and precise execution with each step of their individual projects, building invaluable muscles that transfer to other areas of life. Even though wax needs heat and cooling time before it can be manipulated into its final shape, the process provides ample opportunities for attendees to practice patience. As they get more comfortable with candle making techniques, additional traits such as trial-and-error experimentation become achievable goals.

Furthermore, when properly designed by experienced instructors, these classes also offer participants endless opportunities for artistic exploration and creative liberation. Working on new projects involves free thinking and inspiring ideas that emerge not just during candle making but also when coming up with decorative items that enhance their designs.

Attendees in these classes are able to share experiences such as discoveries on working with certain materials and techniques while gaining invaluable tips that come from the instructor’s years of experience. As they grow more familiar with wax carving, students become capable of creating stunning votives or pillars with intricate patterns which allow them to take home one-of-a-kind creations they can be proud of every time a unit is completed successfully.

Options Available for Participants

The Candle Making Workshop Montreal provides a range of options for participants which suits different levels of experience. All classes and private groups cover the same topics, including the history of candle making, basic techniques and safety considerations. Depending on the chosen option, different levels of time commitment are expected from each participant.


Classes at the Candle Making workshop Montreal are held every Saturday afternoon between 2 pm and 5 pm, and every Sunday morning between 10 am and 12 pm. These classes usually have a maximum number of six participants so that everyone gets to have their own work station and guidance from an instructor. The class runs for about three hours in total, with instruction sections intermixed with hands-on practice sessions.

Private Groups

For those who cannot make it to one of the scheduled classes, or would like a more personalised workshop experience with friends or family members, there is also the option of booking a private group workshop. In this case, the group select their own date and time that they want to attend (subject to availability) as well as topics they want to focus on during class time.

Private groups must comprise at least four people up to a maximum of ten people – depending on space availability – and last approximately three hours just like regular classes.

Special Events

Finally, special events at the Candle Making Workshop Montreal are custom experiences designed for corporate groups or family gatherings who require extra attention from staff members throughout their activity session. Special events are tailored depending on each individual’s preferences making them ideal for team building exercises or celebrations inside or outside of class time, such as birthday parties. Participants should expect anywhere between two hours up to four hours to complete these activities depending on scope.

Cost & Payment Information

The Candle Making Workshop Montreal is offered at an affordable price of $55 per person, which includes everything needed to create a candle (wicks, containers, molds, etc.) and an informative handbook with tips and tricks for making your own attractive candles. Payment for the workshop can be made via online transfer or in cash, with both options requiring a minimum deposit of $20.

For those who would like to pay online, we offer convenient payment plans via PayPal or Stripe, allowing those interested to make smaller payments over time. Online payments can easily be set up in just a few steps:

  1. Visit our website for more information on the workshop.
  2. Register for the workshop and select “Online Payment”.
  3. Complete the online form to provide your payment information.
  4. Submit your payment information.
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For those who would prefer to pay in cash, please send us an email or contact us directly by phone so that we can arrange your payment plan. We accept payments on a weekly or biweekly basis until full payment is received. Cash payments need to be made at our office during regular business hours but we are open to flexible arrangements if necessary.

Finally, regardless of whether you choose to pay online or in cash, all participants must provide Identification when coming in for the workshop as proof of registration and age verification – so don’t forget to bring it along.

Resources Available

The Candle Making Workshop Montreal offers a wealth of resources from detailed instructions to troubleshooting tips. Participants in the workshop can access these resources at any time and use them while making candles of any shape, size or color. Here is a rundown of the different resources available for anyone interested in mastering the candle making craft.

  • Detailed Instructions: The workshop includes step-by-step instructions for every type of candle making project. This includes tutorials on candle dipping, pouring wax into molds, rolling beeswax sheets and more. In addition, each participant will receive an instruction booklet explaining how to make different types of candles and outlining the supplies needed.
  • Troubleshooting Tips: If something doesn’t turn out quite right, there are helpful tip sheets that go over how to fix common problems such as cracked wax or wicks that won’t stay lit. These are invaluable guides to ensure that each participant’s experience is successful.
  • Go-to Resources for Tips and Hints into Candle Making Techniques: There are also online forums with experienced candle makers who share insightful tips and tricks for improving one’s candle making skills. This is a great way to get feedback from those who have done it before.

These resources are invaluable for anyone looking to learn more about candle making or those who need assistance along their journey. By taking advantage of everything that the workshop has to offer, participants can typically come away with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their endeavors.


Making your own candles is a unique and creative way to bring light into your home. Instead of settling for the same boring, store-bought options, you can create beautiful works of art that embody an individual style. Candle making workshops in Montreal offer participants the opportunity to make their very own candles under the guidance of experts who will provide plenty of helpful tips and meaningful advice.

At a Montreal candle making workshop, participants will be provided with all the necessary supplies: wax, wicks, colors, fragrances and more. In no time at all, participants will be inspired to get creative and experiment with different combinations as they craft their personalized pieces.

During the workshop, experienced instructors will provide hands-on demonstrations and instruct on how to get the perfect results. Plus, they’ll also discuss various design ideas and techniques so participants have plenty of inspiration for future projects when they go back home.

If you’re looking for a fun and therapeutic activity that’s both challenging yet relaxing at the same time then a candle making workshop is definitely something worth considering. Not only are these workshops great ways for beginners to learn about basic techniques but even if you have prior knowledge or experience in this field there is still plenty to learn.

By joining one of these workshops you’ll gain valuable insight on using natural ingredients like plant-based waxes or even recreating memorable times by capturing moments scents and turning them into candles that are ready to be gifted or kept as mementos.

So why not come join us at our next Montreal Candle Making Workshop? We guarantee it will be a memorable experience filled with lots of fun activities full of useful tips & tricks that everyone can benefit from; plus inspirational messages encouraging potential entrepreneurs to take action. With these skills every participant is guaranteed new found confidence whether it be creating your own scent line or just having a newfound hobby.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and let your inner-candlemaker shine.

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