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The Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield offers a unique and exciting opportunity to learn the art and craft of candle-making. From scented to plain, from minimalistic to decorative, you will be guided through the entire process of handcrafting candles while learning new techniques. In this workshop you’ll hone your craft and leave with a four signature candles of your very own.

The workshop begins with an introduction about the history of candle making that dates back centuries, providing interesting context about how it has become an essential feature of many cultures across the world. You’ll explore aromatherapy and color theory as well as selecting ideal fragrances and scents for specific types of occasions like holidays or special celebrations. You’ll also gain practical skills in pouring different sizes of wax, wrapping wicks around pre-made molds to form cylindrical candles, and splicing multi-colored wax into unified columns. Your creations can be customized according to the size and shape you prefer along with any additional design elements you would like to incorporate such as textured wax elements or dried botanicals for decoration.

Benefits of Attending

Attending the Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield provides a unique opportunity to explore candle making from a creative and practical perspective. Participants will gain invaluable knowledge on the craft, as well as hands-on experience of making their own candles with an array of materials, tools and techniques to choose from.

Learning the basics of wax and wick selection, how to correctly combine fragrances, how to safety handle liquid waxes and dyes, or even helping design different shapes for the candles are just some of the skills participants can take away from this workshop. Participants will also have access to an experienced instructor who will offer step-by-step guidance through each part of the process.

Having these skill sets can be beneficial in many ways, both professionally and personally. For example, armed with this new knowledge you could launch your own handmade candle business ” making every candle distinctly special and customised to your customers’ needs. Further skills like safety practices, working with hot wax and colouration can be equally useful when crafting bespoke artisan pieces that are highly sought after. Or if personal leisure is more your thing then creating beautiful scented candles for friends or relatives makes a great hobby that pays for itself!

Workshop Content

The Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield will cover a variety of topics related to the art of candle making. During the workshop, participants will be able to learn about types of wax and wicks, how to make a proper blend of wax, and how additives affect the production and quality of a candle.

The first hour of instruction will focus on the basics of working with wax, wicks, and scenting agents. Participants will learn about melting techniques for achieving different types of wax textures for molding candles. They will also learn about the different types of wicks that are appropriate for certain sizes and shapes of candles as well as how these work together with when scented appropriately.

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In the second hour, participants will put their newfound knowledge into practice while they create their own unique candles. They’ll learn more advanced techniques, such as blocking and rolling a candle so that it remains straight, adding colorants to enhance its visual appeal, or using hot-toward drips or scrollwork to become a designer artist. Additionally, techniques for scent blending specific fragrances to achieve desired aromas will also be covered.

The last hour is reserved for free exploration and questions about any topics covered during the workshop such as room temperature storage tips, tips on preparing candles for sale or gifting purposes – from packaging through to pricing strategies ” as well as re-touching any technical aspects they may have missed or need further clarification on during class time.


The candle making workshop in Sheffield will provide all the materials needed to create beautiful candles at home. The materials include soy wax, fragrance oils, melt and pour wax, dyes, and wicks. Participants should also bring their own double boiler, thermometer, containers for the candles (such as mason jars), wick holders, and scissors to aid in the candle-making process. For extra tools and supplies that may be helpful but not essential are measuring cups, stirring sticks, and cookie or tart tins (for creating unique designs with the candles). Additionally, an oven mit or gloves would be wise to protect your hands during the heating of waxes. Lastly, a complete list of materials that will be available on site can be given upon request.

Experienced Instructors

The Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield is taught by experienced candle making instructors. The instructors have years of experience and skill under their belts, having taught hundreds of students how to make beautiful custom-scented candles. Customers past and present have been impressed with the instruction given at the workshop, raving about the quality of the teaching, the knowledge gained, and the overall enjoyable atmosphere that kept them engaged in the process. Previous customers have expressed that they loved learning a new craft in an intimate setting with knowledgeable teachers. Instructors are passionate about sharing their work and patiently guiding others during their creative journey. They’ve created an inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed regardless of skill level or craft experience. Customers who attend the Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield come away with a set of valuable skills and a high-quality handmade candle that will last them for years to come!

Cost and Registration

The Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to start hand-making their own candles. The cost of the workshop is £50 per person and a 10% discount is available when you book two or more tickets in advance. To register for the workshop, simply send your payment through PayPal on the website listed on the event page, and include an email address so your ticket can be sent to you. Payment plans are also available on request. All materials required for the workshop are included in the cost of the ticket. There will be plenty of guidance from our tutors throughout so you learn everything there is to know about candle making at this exciting 3-hour session!

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Why Choose Sheffield

Sheffield is the perfect destination for those wishing to attend a Candle Making Workshop! Located in South Yorkshire, England and often referred to as the “Outdoor City,” Sheffield will give attendees the perfect chance to explore all that the city has to offer. The city offers many historical and cultural attractions situated amongst lush green spaces, meaning there is plenty of relaxation time after spending time learning and making candles.

With its vibrant art culture, Sheffield has some excellent places worth exploring while attending a candle making workshop. There are plenty of galleries, theatre venues and music venues in which creatives can find inspiration. For nature lovers, the Peak District National Park ” just a short drive away ” is ideal for those seeking a breath-fresh countryside escape.

For accommodation, Sheffield’s hotels are known for their excellent quality and reasonable prices, meaning attendees of the candle making workshop won’t be worrying about costs when it comes to resting their heads each night! Popular nearby towns such as Barnsley “where you’ll find many beautiful national parks”or Worksop -which boasts an ancient market town- provide additional options if you’re looking for something a little different.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity by booking your place at one of Sheffield’s great candle making workshops today!

Concluding Call to Action

Are you looking for a way to express yourself creatively? Join us at the Candle Making Workshop in Sheffield and explore your creative potential. In this workshop, we will teach you the basics of candle making, plus the unique methods we use that you won’t find elsewhere. We will provide all the necessary materials to jumpstart your creative capabilities with no prior knowledge required. You’ll even get to take home all of your unique creations! Plus, this workshop offers exclusive discounts on waxes, molds and other supplies that you won’t find anywhere else. Register now before space runs out!

Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow #CandleMakingWorkshopSheffield on Instagram and Twitter for updates about specials and giveaways! Come share in an unforgettable experience – sign up for the Candle Making Workshop today!

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