Candle Making & Yoga


Candle making and yoga are two hotly trending activities that many people are discovering as pathways to improved mental and physical wellbeing. Candle making is often seen as a form of self-care and spirituality, while yoga is widely known for its healing benefits on the body. In combination, they can serve as a powerful duo in providing both physical and emotional relief.

Candle making provides an immersive creative experience by allowing individuals to explore their inner world through art and design. Symbolic scents, colors, materials, and shapes can be used to invoke specific feelings or memories. This allows practitioners to express personal emotions in a tangible, visually captivating way. This creative outlet also helps reduce stress levels, as it requires staying present in the moment with intense focus placed on the activity at hand.

Yoga is an ancient practice which combines physical exercises with mindful breathing techniques. The poses help strengthen muscle tone and improve posture, but more importantly give users an opportunity to engage with their breathwork and relax after (or even during) intense periods of stress or exhaustion. The relaxation response attained from yoga helps promote greater clarity in thinking coupled with improved emotional health by helping those who practice it process what they’re feeling and react more thoughtfully in difficult situations.

By combining candle making with yoga into one’s daily routine, it creates a holistic approach towards personal wellness while allowing practitioners to tune into their bodies on an entirely new level ” the perfect remedy for both mind and soul! Further research is needed on this combination of crafts combined with mindfulness techniques to understand its potential therapeutic effects further.

Physiological Benefits of Combining Candle Making & Yoga

There are numerous physical benefits to combining candle making and yoga. Firstly, both activities involve focusing on the moment at hand, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. They also encourage self-reflection and mindfulness through requiring practitioners to be acutely attuned to their body and emotions.

Participating in candle making incorporates many calming actions such as pouring wax, measuring out scents, coloring dyes, and arranging wicks that all give participants an opportunity to slow down and deeply relax after a stressful day. Similarly, yoga has been shown in research studies to significantly reduce levels of cortisol in the body which is an important hormone associated with stress reduction. Additionally these same studies indicated that regular practice of yoga increases production of serotonin which can improve feelings of wellbeing while reducing feelings of depression.

Given the combined elements of mindful practices found in both candle making & yoga such as breathing exercises, meditative states and increased attentional focus it is clear why engaging in these activities together has so many beneficial effects on the body. Not only are both activities proven to reduce stress but engaging them together allows for deep relaxation that can last for hours afterwards due its cumulative effect. The combination of candle making & yoga provides a holistic approach to achieving total physical and mental well-being.

Essential Candle Making Supplies You Need to Get Started

A candle making starter kit is important to ensure that you have all the supplies needed to create beautiful candles. Here are some of the essential items a beginner should have:

• Wax melting pot ” This is an important piece of equipment used to melt the wax beads and wicks needed for your project.

• Wicks ” You’ll need either pre-tabbed wicks or wick sustainers with cotton or pure wood fibers going up through the middle.

• Wax ” There is a variety of waxes you can use such as soy, paraffin and beeswax. Each has their own benefits so it’s best to read up about them before selecting one for your project.

• Fragrance oils ” Adding an aroma to your candles helps make them extra special and those scents will naturally fill the air when lit.

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• Mold ” For container candles you’ll need something like a mason jar and for pillar candle molds there are many shapes and sizes available depending on what you prefer.

• Dye blocks or liquid colorants ” Dye blocks are made specifically for wax and liquid colorants can also be found for various shades such as pink, blue or black.

In addition to all these essentials, there are other helpful items you may want to add like safety glasses, heat resistant gloves, thermometers and parchment paper. Candle making can be relaxing just like doing yoga so why not combine the two activities? After melting your wax start some calming yoga poses in between each step of pouring wax into molds so that your desired finished product achieves its own sense of balance.

Different Candle Making Techniques

Candle making can involve a wide variety of techniques. Depending on the type of candle being made, different techniques may be necessary. For example, creating beeswax candles requires special molds and double boiler settings; whereas, for making paraffin wax candles only clippers are needed. Additionally, some candle makers like to take things to the next level by incorporating decorations such as ribbons and beads. Moreover, special scents and colored dyes can also be added to make the candles even more creative.


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice designed to promote balance, flexibility, strength and overall wellness both physically and mentally. Traditional yoga classes often begin with several poses that focus on breathing deeply to center one’s energy and bring about relaxation before progressing into other postures that help enhance strength and flexibility in the body. Depending on the style of yoga being practiced there may also be chanting or meditation involved. Regardless of the approach, regular practice can offer many benefits such as improved posture, better sleep quality, stress relief and just generally feeling energized and healthier in general.

Relaxing Yoga Poses to De-Stress During Candle Making

Candle making is a creative and fulfilling hobby that can be both calming and rewarding. Creating candles by scent, size, or color encourages moments of mindfulness while also providing much-needed time to de-stress. However, in order to maximize the soothing effects of candle making, it’s important to combine the activity with proper relaxation techniques. Yoga is an ideal form of movement to pair with your candle-making because it helps bring focus, balance, and relaxation to your craft. Here are a few yoga poses you can practice while making candles:

Child’s Pose: This pose is an excellent starting point when beginning your candle-making session. Take a minute to sit up tall on your mat with legs crossed before slowly slipping into this calming posture. Embrace the stretch as you fold forward from your hips with arms stretched out along the floor beneath you and head resting between them. Use this opportunity for reflection and deep breaths as you prepare for the rest of your session.

Cat/Cow Pose: To generate more energy for candle-making tasks like dipping wicks in waxes or pouring wax into containers, take a few gentle cycles of Cat/Cow pose during a break in production. Move through these posture opposites mindfully by inhaling deeply (into Cow) and then exhaling completely (into Cat). This motion helps promote spinal strength while increasing flexibility throughout the entire body – perfect for those days when sitting at the table gets uncomfortable!

Savasana: End your work day in Savasana, otherwise known as Corpse pose. Lie flat on your back with feet slightly apart and allow yourself to become fully relaxed until every muscle feels heavy and soft. Feel the stresses from the day melt away as all of your senses rest here without distraction or judgment – leaving behind only peace within yourself.

Quick & Easy Candle Making Ideas for Yoga Sessions

Candle making is a great way to set the mood for a yoga session. Candles offer a calming effect and provide a sense of peace during your practice. Here are some quick and easy ideas for making candles for your yoga sessions:

1) Buy pre-made aromatherapy candles in different scents that you enjoy. These candles come in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily find something that fits your needs and preferences. You can also opt to buy unscented candles if preferred.

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2) Create unique candle holders out of empty tin cans or glass jars. Add paints and decorations such as ribbons, beads, fabric, or dried flowers to give them a personal touch. If using tin cans then make sure to remove the labels before use to prevent any dangerous fumes from burning off too quickly during practice.

3) To take it another step further try your hand at DIY soy or beeswax candles. Everything you need (candle wax, wicks, melting pot, molds etc.) can be purchased online or at a craft store near you to make beautiful customized designs that will bring warmth and light into your session.

4) Incorporate essential oils into the mix by adding drops of any particular blend onto the wax once it has melted. This will ensure that fragrance being released is appropriate for the atmosphere of serenity desired for practice time.

5) Finally have fun with experimenting with colors! Go wild with whatever color palette speaks to you when creating candles for yoga use; be it pastel shades like lavender blue or vibrant hues such as yellow sunshine Orange

DIY Tutorials for Integrating Candle Making & Yoga

Candle making and yoga provide a unique combination of artistry, mindfulness, and relaxation. By combining the two, they can be used to create a creative and calming experience. Here are some suggestions for integrating candle making and yoga:

1. Start with an energizing yoga practice: Try combining traditional postures and breathwork with more physical flows to get your energy flowing before embarking on your candle-making journey.

2. Intentional Candle Making: Connect your new creation to something special by setting an intention as you make your candles. Whether it’s promoting peace or celebrating a special occasion, express it as you create each element of the candle.

3. Meditation: As part of the candle-making journey, take time out for a few minutes of meditation to connect with the aromatherapy from all the ingredients you will use ” such as essential oils or herbs ” and let your thoughts freely flow for a few moments of stillness.

4. Final Restorative Yoga Practice: After completing your candles, use restorative postures to relax fully into the experience of breathing in their calming scent as well as celebrate your accomplishments!


Candle making and yoga are two activities that can promote peace and balance in an individual’s life. Candle making requires mindfulness, focus, and attention to detail. Choosing the right colors, scents, and materials allows one to create individualized candles with unique expressions of beauty. The act of candle making itself creates a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to clear away thoughts of stress and worry.

Yoga is another activity that can bring about awareness of one’s physical and mental well-being in order to foster peace and balance. Through various poses, breath work, meditation techniques, or even light chanting or mantras, a person can gain insight into their own mind-body connection so they can make positive changes in their lives thus creating inner harmony.

When combined together , candle making & yoga provide opportunities for individuals to become conscious of their environment while encouraging them to take control over their emotions and mindset through self-reflection. The repetitive action inherent in both activities helps coax difficult emotions out into the open as well as increase productivity in daily tasks. It allows people to tap into their inner strength while learning how to better utilize any negative experiences by shifting their perspectives towards finding new more productive solutions for overcoming obstacles. Overall, practical ways like candle making & yoga can be used in order to help create peace & balance within our lives.

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