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Candlefish Candle Making in Atlanta began more than 10 years ago as a small home-based business. Its founders wanted to provide their customers with high quality, sustainable, and eco-friendly candles. They spent the next decade diligently perfecting their recipes for handcrafted candles and expanding their selection of fragrances. Over the years, the team at Candlefish have become experts in candle making and inspired creativity within Atlanta’s vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

Nowadays, Candlefish is seen as a leader in the candle industry and its products are some of the best that can be found anywhere. Their collection includes an array of unique scented candles using natural plant extracts and nontoxic ingredients. From lovely lavender to zesty lemongrass, each candle is expertly crafted to bring warmth, ambiance, and comfort into your home. Additionally, all of their candles are made with cruelty-free sustainable sourcing practices and lifetime customer satisfaction guarantees. Furthermore, they offer classes in candle making so that you can learn how to create your own works of art!

Understanding Candlefish Techniques and Design Choices

Candlefish Atlanta, part of the larger Candlefish organization, is a candle making enterprise located in Georgia. The team at Candlefish specializes in hand-poured, scented candles and fragrances inspired by nature. They strive to use only the finest quality ingredients and rely on their expertise in aromatherapy to craft beautiful candles that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also offer an enchanting ambience to any home or office space.

The knowledgeable team at Candlefish has developed techniques for creating beautiful, high quality candles using carefully selected materials including beeswax blends, premium fragrance oils and natural cotton wicks. These materials allow for an optimal burn rate and provide an enhanced aromatic experience. The candles are carefully crafted and monitored during each step of the production process to ensure consistent quality throughout each batch. In addition, Candlefish offers specialty custom designs and prides itself on paying close attention to detail when it comes to designing unique pieces. This includes selecting complementary color schemes, textures and shapes to bring the finished product up to par with even the most meticulous buyer’s standards. Additionally, they offer special specific scent collections inspired by famous figures in pop culture such as Deva Curry’s Toes Line or Johnny Depp’s 17 Tattoos Range. As a testament to their commitment to excellent service, they have been featured in numerous magazines such as Vogue and Elle which further highlights their skill when it comes to both design techniques as well as fragrances.

Exploring the Varieties of Candlefish Candles

Candlefish Candle Making Atlanta is known for its wide array of candle options. They offer a variety of candles with all kinds of scents and colors. Their most popular candle type is the soy wax candle, which is known for its long burn time and lack of toxins during burning. This makes them one of the safest types of candles on the market.

All of their candles are 100% handmade as each layer of wax is individually poured and mixed with custom scents and colors. Additionally, every candle also has unique characteristics that make it stand out from the rest such as a wooden wick, different shapes or unique holder designs.

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Candlefish also offers special occasion candles such as the anniversary or memorial candles, which have special color combinations to remember loved ones or commemorate particular occasions. Moreover, their ‘Design a Candle’ feature allows clients to customize a candle with an image, text or art they provide in order to create that perfect personalized gift. Their range also extends to reed diffusers which are perfect for refreshing any space in the home and using as an alternative to candles when needed.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Candlefish Candles Into Everyday Life

Candlefish Candle Making Atlanta can offer creative ways to incorporate their candles into everyday life. Candles are a great way to add atmosphere and ambiance to any space. There are many ways one can use Candlefish candles in the home, from creating a romantic dinner setting, using them as part of a spa experience or simply adding fragrance to the air throughout your house. For extra fun, use the all-natural wax colors to create stunning candle sculptures for nature-inspired decorations. Candlefish also offers unique and exclusive scents, such as lavender-sage and lemongrass, so you can customize your own signature scent and enjoy it often! Around the holiday season, handmade soy candles make thoughtful gifts that leave lasting impressions with your friends and family. Lastly, experimenting with different scents while meditating or relaxing can be another great way to burn away stress or support creativity!

Learning About the Candlefish Crafting Process

Candlefish Candle Making in Atlanta offers an opportunity to learn the candle making process. From crafting a basic beeswax candle to pouring and designing unique vessels, participants can explore various techniques and materials used in the creative candle-making process. The instructors have years of experience and guide participants through each step with helpful tips that they can build upon. During the class, participants will have access to all necessary supplies such as wicks, waxes, molds and fragrances to craft their own creations. After completion, they will be able to bring home several beautifully crafted candles that are uniquely theirs. Along with supplies, the Candlefish provides experienced guidance along the way; allowing participants to grow creative confidence and expand their skills in the area of handmade candle making.

Benefits of Buying Local Candlefish Candles

There are numerous benefits of purchasing candles from local candlemaker, Candlefish Candle Making Atlanta. First and foremost, when you buy from a local supplier, you support the local economy. Shopping locally helps the small business owner to make a living and helps to create jobs for people in the local community.

In addition, buying handcrafted candles from Candlefish ensures that you get truly unique products with artisanal touches you won’t find anywhere else. Every candle is made with premium materials and production techniques that provide unmatched scent throw and lasting burn time. All ingredients used are responsibly sourced, free of toxins and synthetic fragrances so you can trust that your purchase won’t have any negative environmental impacts. Furthermore, Candlefish provides customer service directly through the store or online, so if there are any problems with your purchase they can be solved quickly and efficiently. Finally, buying from a local source like Candlefish gives you an opportunity to connect with artisans who bring passion and commitment to their craft; this elevates any gift-giving experience or home decor design project in unique ways.

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Customer Experiences With Candlefish

Shopping at Candlefish is an enjoyable experience for customers. With a wide selection of candle varieties, from classic scents like Lavender and Vanilla to more unique flavors like Orange Hibiscus and Coconut Lime Verbena, everyone can find the perfect candle for their homes. The expert staff help customers choose the smells that best suit their needs and make sure each customer leaves with a quality product. In addition to purchasing candles, customers can participate in classes that teach them how to make their own fragrant creations. With step-by-step instructions and premium materials, participants of these exciting classes are able to craft amazing candles with confidence. Customers also appreciate being able to enjoy complimentary samples while they shop so they can get an idea of what each scent will smell like in their home before making their purchase. Finally, club members have access to exclusive deals that allow them to save money on all of the store’s products. All in all, Candlefish provides a fun and customized shopping experience that leaves customers happy and satisfied!

Where to Purchase Candlefish Candles

Candlefish has conveniently made purchasing candles even easier by having multiple stores throughout the United States, including in Atlanta. Through their retail locations, you can find a variety of Candlefish Candles which range from traditional to unique scents like Cashmere Vanilla or Fig Wood. In addition to candles, these stores feature a cozy atmosphere with home decor and lifestyle items inspired by their signature scents. Inside the stores, you can enjoy fragrance samples and free candle-making classes for adults and children! Aspiring candle-makers can purchase supplies such as soy wax, wicks and other tools and materials needed to craft one-of-a-kind candle creations. If you don’t feel like going into the store but still want to try out one of the many Candlefish offerings, online shopping is always an option for your convenience.


Candlefish Candle Making Studios in Atlanta is a unique and enjoyable way for customers to craft their own beautiful memories. With a wide range of high-quality soy wax and scents, customers can create custom scented candles that will fill any home with exquisite aromas. Candlefish offers an interactive and inviting setting where customers can express their creativity and be guided step by step through the candle making process. Whether crafting a special gift or simply creating something to brighten up your home, the experience at Candlefish can be customised to meet every customer’s individual needs. With attention to detail and passion for quality, each customer’s candle is sure to be one-of-a-kind and easily unmatched by store-bought varieties. For the perfect hands-on activity, Candlefish Candle Making Studios offer an unforgettable experience that will bring beautiful memories for years to come.

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