Candygirlz Candle Making Kit


The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit is a great way to express your creative side! With the kit, you can customize and design fragrance-packed homemade candles. Developed by master crafter Ms. Bethany Rogers, the Candygirlz brand was born in 1983 with wooden candlestick kits for sale at local craft fairs. Over the years, as her knowledge of soy wax and flower petal crafting grew, she developed the original Candygirlz Candle Making Kits which provides all the tools necessary to create beautiful handmade candles. These kits have been chosen by individuals looking to add unique pieces to their spaces: restaurants, spa centers, and more!


The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit is an excellent choice for those looking to get involved in eco-friendly craft activities. The kit contains all the necessary items to create homemade candles of any shape or size, offering an enjoyable hobby and a great source of environmental awareness at the same time. Non-toxic alternative ingredients such as vegetable wax, hemp wicks and scented raw essential oils are used in the kits, which are sourced from sustainable sources. These are biodegradable and carbon neutral products that help to reduce the dependence on petroleum-based products.

By partaking in a candle making project with this kit, not only do you have the satisfaction of producing handmade goods with your own two hands – but you are directly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and toxicity due the use of eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, by using biodegradable ingredients such as soy or vegetable wax instead of paraffin or petroleum-based materials, one can help fight global warming by significantly reducing greenhouse emissions and other toxins released into the environment.

Beyond its contribution to helping reduce pollution and greenhouse emissions, purchasing a Candygirlz Candle Making Kit helps support local artisans in developing countries who produce these sustainable materials. This helps grow their business as well as cultivate support within their local communities through job creation opportunities. By doing so, individuals can actively contribute towards creating a more sustainable future for all – one candle at a time!

Step-by-Step Instructions

The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit comes with everything you need to make your own personal candles. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll provide close-up visuals of each step to help you get the best results possible when making your own unique and custom candles.

Step 1: Gather Your Candle Supplies – Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, tools, and materials ready so that you can move quickly between steps without having to search for something or delay your progress in the candle-making process. These items include wicks, wax flakes, decorative additives like glitter or herbs, containers or molds, double boiler (or microwave), thermometer, stirring spoon or skewer stick.

Step 2: Create Your Scent – Mix together the base ingredients such as essential oils of your choice and alcohol inside a bowl and stir them until they form a consistent liquid mixture. Then add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Remember to use essential oils only in their diluted form in order to avoid any sensitization when burning candles for extended periods of time.

Step 3: Melt Wax Flakes – Heat up double boiler and melt wax flakes until it reaches a temperature between 120°F – 140°F (you can measure it with a thermometer). If using microwave do heat the wax in 30 seconds intervals and ensure that it doesn’t get too hot by sticking a spoon inside to test its depth before pouring it into your container or mold.

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Step 4: Add Scent & Color – Before pouring melted wax into the container or mold, add a few drops of pre-mixed essential oil blend and food coloring if desired. Then stir them together for about 20 seconds until fully incorporated within the wax mixture before poured into mold/container.

Step 5: Wicking – Measure out wick(s) prior to pouring heated wax into container/mold; attach securely at base before wax is poured with some weights like clothespins and allow room for expand as necessary once hot melted wax is poured on top of it. Retain additional weight on top while cooling so that these parts completely dry properly without shifting positions when solidifying again over time later.


The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit allows customers to explore their creative side and create unique, one-of-a-kind candles. With a variety of scented waxes and colorful dyes, the possibilities are endless! Customers can even make their own custom molds and wicks using the kit’s supplies. To really unlock the creativity of this kit, there are plenty of ways to customize your candle making experience!

You could experiment with different layering techniques or try combining multiple colors and scents together. By mixing a few drops of essential oils with our specialized waxes you could even create your own signature scent! Different wick sizes give you more control over the intensity of your flame too. Want to make something special for a friend or family member? Personalize it by adding an item such as shell fragments, poppies, or rose petals for added visual interest.

Another great way to customize your candles is with decoupage or glitter techniques on the outside. Try using a stencil technique with colored wax on top for a truly unique design. For beautiful candles that shimmer without lots of additional mess, try using diamond dust powder mixed in with regular glitters to achieve amazing results in minutes!

With all these customization options, the Candygirlz Candle Making Kit is more than just candles – it’s a chance for you to express yourself artistically with individualized creations. Start exploring today and see what kind of masterpiece you can create!


1. Wooden Wick Strips – This is an essential accessory that’s included in Candygirlz Candle Making Kit to help you make beautiful and even candles. Wooden wick strips allow your wax to stay attached longer so that the flame burns more evenly and safely.

2. Candle Molds – Candle molds are an important item in any candle-making kit, as they shape and form your candles into whatever design you like. With the included molds in Candygirlz Kit, you can create a variety of shapes for any aesthetic or occasion!

3. Melting Pot – Melting pots help quickly heat and melt candle wax so that it’s easy to pour into your desired containers or molds. The melting pot included in this kit comes with a lid to keep it clean when not in use and has a pouring spout for more precise application of the melted wax on your candles!

4. Measuring Beaker – A measurement beaker ensures that you won’t use too much or too little wax while making your candles. Accurately measure out the amount of wax needed using the beaker with lines indicating the amounts! This helps get rid of guesswork when adding ingredients to your mix, ensuring consistency when producing multiple batches of candles.

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5. Screw Threader – This threader helps insert wooden wicks securely and smoothly into either premade or homemade candle containers without damaging them or breaking apart easily! With its sharpened point, it threads up through difficult openings with ease while allowing you to tie tight, secure knots at the end before lighting them up!

6. Heat Gun & Glue Sticks – The heat gun will help speed up the cooling process once you’ve poured melted wax into a mold by quickly hardening it from all sides until fully cooled down. The glue sticks are there for helping seal together parts that would otherwise take longer if done manually like attaching wicks to jars for example!


The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit has been receiving generally positive reviews from customers. Most customers are happy with the quality of the materials and instructions. They report that the kit is easy to use, even for those who have never made candles before. The majority of customers have also commented on the delightful fragrances included in the kit and have praised them as being strong and long-lasting. On average, the product has a 4 out of 5 stars rating on many online shopping sites. Overall, this seems to be a great kit with which customers are satisfied with.


When using the Candygirlz Candle Making Kit, it is important to pay close attention to aftercare and maintenance in order for each candle to last as long as possible. Each Candle Making Kit includes directions on how best to care for them. After you make each candle, it is recommended that you keep them away from heat sources or direct sunlight; doing this helps prevent the wax from melting or becoming discolored over time.

For any questions that may arise during or after making the candles, ensure that you have additional resources available for troubleshooting. Consider offering an expert advice line related to prolonged use, if needed. Understanding how to properly take care of your Candle Making Kit items can help keep them looking and smelling great for longer periods of time.


The Candygirlz Candle Making Kit is the perfect choice for candle-lovers of all ages. With plenty of scents and waxes to choose from, this kit offers something for every taste. Plus, with detailed instructions and helpful tips included in each set, beginners can easily create beautiful candles in no time at all. We are confident that once you try our kit, you will be pleased with not only its contents but also the end results of your own handmade candles. To help sweeten the deal even further, we offer exclusive discounts and promotional offers for readers who purchase the Candygirlz Candle Making Kit. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable and unique way to get into candle-making, then look no further – you won’t regret it!

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