Charlotte Candle Making Shop

Introduction to the Charlotte Candle Making Shop

The Charlotte Candle Making Shop is a charming little store that has been in operation for over 25 years. Located in the heart of the city, it offers an appealing selection of high quality hand-crafted candles and other candle-related accessories to customers throughout the metro area. The shop began as a dream and was founded by a passionate candlemaker, Sarah Edison. After months of experimentation, she developed her signature recipe and established the store. Since then, Charlotte Candle Making Shop has become extremely popular with customers who appreciate its dedication to quality craftsmanship and superior customer service.

Over the years, the shop has been recognized by many independent organizations that have awarded it recognition for its exemplary service and excellent products. It has also been featured in various local news outlets as well as prominent magazines including People Magazine and Southern Living, praising it for its perfect presentation of candles on shelves and warm atmosphere inside the store.

Photos of the shop’s interior often remark upon its cozy layout with stunning visuals that create an inviting setting for the patrons visiting their favorite destination store!

Advantages of Shopping at the Charlotte Candle Making Shop

The Charlotte Candle Making Shop offers numerous advantages that require little time and effort when you shop with them. Customers can choose from a variety of specialty candles crafted by the shop’s talented artisans. Each purchase comes with a special gift, meaning your money goes further when you buy at the Charlotte Candle Making Shop!

Shipping and delivery services are available for customers who opt for convenience. The shop offers tracked shipments so customers can track the progress of their orders. All payments made through the Charlotte Candle Making Shop are securely handled through encryption technology to ensure customer privacy and safety.

Finally, customers have access to exclusive discounts and promotions. Subscribing to their email list will get customers on their way to enjoying these fantastic savings opportunities! They also offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount and loyalty rewards for repeat shoppers.

The Selection at the Charlotte Candle Making Shop

The Charlotte Candle Making Shop has an extensive selection of candles in various sizes, types, and materials. Their sizes range from small votive candles to large pillar-style candles, and the types of wax they use include natural soy wax, beeswax, paraffin, or even a combination of these. They also have different wicks available to create a special burning effect”from flatwood wicks that give off an even glow to larger wicks that burn with a stronger flame. To ensure every candle looks unique and stands out, the shop offers limitless customization options for packaging. The choices for design includes cute printed wrapping paper to scents infused with essential oils with hand-stamped designs”allowing you to make your perfect candle!

Oil Candle Making Kit

Elaborate on the Shopping Experience

The Charlotte Candle Making Shop offers an exceptional shopping experience for candle enthusiasts! Customers can enjoy the convenience of browsing and buying online with helpful live chat customer service representatives online to assist should any questions arise. We also offer currency conversion for customers from outside the U.S. so everyone can find a competitive price that works for them.

At the Charlotte Candle Making Shop, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. We offer materials recycling services so you can bring in used containers or wrappings and have them recycled without ever leaving your home. Plus we always have special offers for our loyal returning customers to show our appreciation for their commitment to us! Every shopping experience is an excellent one at the Charlotte Candle Making Shop where quality and value come standard!

Uniqueness of the Charlotte Candle Making Shop

The Charlotte Candle Making Shop is a family run business that has been crafting quality candles for over 20 years. Their unique products are crafted using only the finest of ingredients, such as beeswax, soy wax, and essential oils. One of the special gimmicks they offer online shoppers is customizing their own candle scents, allowing customers to create their own perfect Bougie in minutes. Not only does Charlotte Candle help their local economy by providing job opportunities for its residents, but also by utilizing locally sourced materials and sustainable packaging options when functional. As far as environmental sustainability practices go, Charlotte Candle makes efforts to reduce energy consumption in production processes with the use of efficient equipment while taking into account the reuse of materials. They have also joined several nationwide initiatives that contribute towards protecting natural resources.

Scented Candle Making Kit By Lunar Oceans


Charlotte Candle Making Shop has a comprehensive approach to building customer loyalty and personal relationships. Through testimonials, customers are encouraged to discuss the quality of their purchases and experiences in detail. Video interviews featuring customers can be used to showcase their fondness for the store’s unique products and services. Additionally, Charlotte Candle Making Shop may offer a rewards program that incentivizes customers with discounts or special offers when they purchase items. This will both encourage repeat visits and demonstrate an appreciation of consumer loyalty. The shop may also feature reviews of popular products on its website in order to draw in potential new clients who are interested in what other customers have to say about the store’s items. Through these tactics, Charlotte Candle Making Shop will have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with its customers.


“Charlotte’s Candle Making Shop offers the highest-quality, most amazing smelling candles I’ve ever encountered! Plus, their customer service is top-notch. I’m so happy that I found them!” -Happy Customer

For those of you looking to create your own candles in Charlotte, NC, Charlotte’s Candle Making Shop is the place for you! Their knowledgeable staff will help you to step-by-step through designing and creating your very own custom candles. Whether you’re a candle expert or just a beginner, this is the best place for candle making in the area.

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To show our appreciation for you supporting us, we’re offering a special discount code and a free gift with any purchase over $50 at Charlotte’s Candle Making Shop! Enter promo code ‘CANDLELOVE’ at checkout and enjoy our special offer. Thanks for being part of this amazing journey with us!

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