Chick Making Candles

Chick Making Candles:

There’s something so special about a handmade, unique candle. Not all candles are created equal, but when you purchase a handmade candle from a local artist, you know it has been crafted for its own special purpose. Chick Making Candles is one such artisan, crafting beautiful, high quality, scented candles since 2016.

Creating them by combining 100% eco-friendly, US-made natural soy wax and using cotton wicks, Chick Making Candles provides an amazing product that not only looks beautiful, but is also earth conscious. They also use only the highest quality phthalate-free fragrances – perfect for the pickiest of noses!

Why Choose Chick Making Candles?

At Chick Making Candles, the options are abundant and varied.

  • Scent Selection: They offer a selection of many different delightful scents for any mood. Whether one chooses aromatic lavender and rosemary, fresh apples, or cinnamon, you’ll never be short of options!
  • For Every Occasion:They offer stylish candles for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special occasions.
  • Manageable Prices: All Chick candles are hand-poured and of high quality, but offered at an affordable price.

Types of Candles

Chick Making Candles offers different types that are perfect for all needs. Here are just a few of the types:

  • Single-wick Jar Candles: These are their most popular type of candle. Available in sizes ranging from 8 oz. to 20 oz., each jar is generously filled with natural soybean wax and has a cotton wick.
  • Votives: These are available in two sizes and can offer anywhere from 16-30 hours of delicious scent.
  • Tea Lights: These miniature candles provide a sweet, subtle scent and come in boxes of 12.
What Are Root Candles Made Of?

Purchasing from Chick Making Candles

Chick Making Candles offers a variety of scented products including but not limited to candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and room sprays. All products are available for purchase online.

So go ahead, explore the different scents and find the one that’s perfect for you. With Chick Making Candles you know you’re getting the highest quality, most unique candle that looks beautiful in any space.

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