Cincinnati Candle Making

Historical Origins of Cincinnati Candle Making

Cincinnati’s candle-making scene has been a part of the culture since shortly after Ohio became a state in 1803. One of the first shops to offer candle making was on Court Street, dating back to around 1800. After it closed, other candle makers began appearing throughout the city and Cincinnati earned its nickname- “The Candle Capital.” During the nineteenth century Cincinnati hosted 11 factories ,including some of America’s largest known brands.. These candles were predominantly made of beeswax and tallow which eventually changed to paraffin due to increasing popularity and affordability of this material.

By 1900, demand for production had skyrocketed, with over forty-five hundred jobs being created in the city. In response, this lead to larger factories being built and custom outlet locations allowing customers from all backgrounds to easily access their favorite candles. Furthermore, it was during this time that local entrepreneurs and innovators began experimenting with different styles such as tapers, pillars and votives which further diversified the market.

Despite having remained relatively steady since World War II, there is still a strong presence of Cincinnati’s traditional practices when creating high quality candles today. From purifying raw waxes by handcrafted methods to using herbal essences for specialized scent production ,the majority of businesses remain devoted to localized craftsmanship in artistry as opposed industrialized processes seen elsewhere across the nation. This enables them to maintain their principle purpose: keeping alive the centuries-old tradition while continuing its growth through existing markets while also blazing a trail into new opportunities.

Different Types of Candle Waxes

Paraffin is a traditional wax that has been used to make candles since the 1800s. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other waxes and its melting point can be easily adjusted; making it ideal for warmer climates. The downside of paraffin is that it produces significant amounts of soot, which can be damaging to one’s health. Additionally, it does not emanate any pleasant scents unless aromatic additives are included in the mix.

Soy wax is a more recent candle-making option and does not produce as much soot as paraffin does. It also has a longer burn time and creates a nicer aesthetic than paraffin due to its creamier hue. Unfortunately, soy wax is much more expensive than paraffin and its melting point must remain constant; making it difficult to use in areas with varying temperatures.

Aside from these two popular types of waxes, other options such as beeswax, bayberry wax and palm wax can also be used in Cincinnati candle-making. Each type of wax has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, beeswax burns longer than average but produces an unpleasant smell when burned without scented additives; while palm oil creates unique patterns on the candle surface but many consider this kind of product less eco-friendly than other types of candles because palm oil farming requires deforestation in some regions.

Customizing Your Candles

When it comes to customizing your candles with Cincinnati Candle Making, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Furthermore, the specialized team at Cincinnati Candle Making has been trained to work with all types of customers, from beginners to experienced candle makers.

You can choose from a seemingly limitless variety of colors for each candle you purchase. With this array of options, you can express your unique style or customize something special for a gift. Additionally, Cincinnati Candle Making offers a diverse selection of shapes and sizes in their candles ” from traditional tapers and pillars to fun animals and shapes ” there is something that appeals to everyone.

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Finally, when looking for the perfect scent for your custom candle” be sure not to overlook the ample selection of aromatherapy oils on offer that are made right in-house. Create a calming environment with essential oil fragrances such as lavender, or set the mood with patchouli or even sandalwood! Take time to smell every single scent they have available and get as creative as you’d like!

At Cincinnati Candle Making, customer satisfaction is paramount. The staff is liable and eager to help answer questions or provide advice when necessary so that you can linger around joyfully and discover your ideal product!

Candle Making Supplies & Resources

Whether you are an experienced candle-maker or new to the craft, there are plenty of reliable and affordable suppliers in Cincinnati to acquire the equipment and resources needed for your project. Many local stores carry a range of supplies, including wicks, waxes, dyes, fragrances, molds, melting pots, containers, and more. It also pays to take advantage of online shopping resources such as Amazon or eBay as they often have competitive prices. For those wanting professional advice on supplies and techniques for candle-making in Cincinnati, many universities offer helpful seminars and classes with guest lecturers from the industry. Also worth considering is membership in a local club or association dedicated to promoting the tradition of candle-making. These meetings provide avid makers with a platform to engage with each other and share tips or seek advice on problems related to their projects. Additionally many craft stores organize workshops wherein members get hands-on instruction in crafting candles of different shapes and sizes. Workshops like these can be invaluable for promoting creative expression through this timeless practice. With so many outlets available for connecting with the art form of candle making one can easily find quality supplies at competitive prices throughout Cincinnati ” making it easy and enjoyable to start your own handmade creations!

Candle Making for a Living

Cincinnati has a vibrant candle making industry, with plenty of opportunities for hobbyists to get involved. Those with an eye towards entrepreneurship should consider turning their passion into their profession. There are several avenues they can explore in order to make money from candle making, such as selling at local markets, craft fairs, farmer’s markets or through an online store. To get started, individuals will first need to decide the type of candles they plan to produce and determine how much time and money they want to invest.

Once a plan is in place, prospective businesses owners will need to create a product line and obtain the necessary materials such as wax, molds, wick and fragrance. For those who don’t have enough resources to buy supplies in bulk and require startup capital, there are several financing options available including microloans, crowdfunding campaigns and bootstrapping (investing personal savings). Additionally there are numerous classes available in the Cincinnati area that can teach these aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of candle making and help them develop their own unique products or even start their own business. All in all, Cincinnati provides numerous possibilities for hobbyists looking to turn their art form into this lucrative endeavor.

Tools of the Trade

Candle making is a fun and popular hobby, especially in Cincinnati! Crafting custom candles can involve many tools, processes, and techniques. To start off, wax is melted down until it’s hot enough to be poured into the desired mold. Candle makers may use double boilers or heating systems specially designed for candle making. A thermometer is also used to monitor the wax temperature since too hot of wax can cause problems with finished products later on. After the wax cools in the mold, a wick is inserted with some type of tabbing system that holds it securely in place. Many experienced candle makers will use an automated pneumatic wicking system to precisely insert each wick at the same depth so that burning occurs evenly within all of their finished candles. Once these basics are complete, custom ingredients such as essential oils and color dyes may be added before pouring a second layer of melted wax overtop to fully encapsulate them and make sure they are evenly distributed throughout the candle shape. Finally, after allowing enough time for cooling and hardening, the candle may be removed from its mold to yield a beautiful result!

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Making Candles with Kids

Cincinnati candle making can be an incredibly fun, educational, and meaningful activity to share with the younger generations. Start by gathering materials – wax, wicks, containers or molds ” and your favorite scents or colors. Talk to the kids about why they want to make candles and what they will do with them when they are finished. If the kids are very young, help them create shapes in a clamshell mold and then pour together using safe microwavable wax. To add special touches and allow for more intricate designs, use colored silhouette wax paper cutouts or embed wooden wicks for layered designs. For an exciting twist on traditional fashion candles, try embedding threading and beads into a clay base before pouring in softened wax. Make sure to explain the process step-by-step from start to finish, so kids feel informed and empowered throughout their creative journey! After letting their candles cool down it’s time to decorate! Glitter, ribbon, shells or even herbs are great additions that make each candle one-of-a kind! Then light up your creation by adding a glimmering votive before presenting it proudly! Cincinnati candle making is a great opportunity for family members of all ages to connect while exploring tools that open up to new possibilities.


Cincinnati candle making has immense potential to bring people together, foster creativity, and promote eco-friendly lifestyles. Here in Cincinnati, we have a unique opportunity to build a community of passionate individuals from all walks of life who care deeply about the local environment and culture. From small backyard soap-making classes to large scale citywide workshops, the collective energy generated by candle makers here can rally community spirit for developing sustainable practices around collective consumption and wise use of resources. Those involved with the craft of making candles have a special chance to use this medium as an outlet for their creative desire while educating others on living in harmony with their environment. Through utilizing natural or recycled materials, using renewable energy sources such as solar lamps or beeswax powered burners, and committing to reducing waste wherever possible, we can show some solidarity in working towards our common goal of sustainability. Furthermore, through networking within and across the city’s many talented candle makers it is possible to gain new inspiration for furthering our skills as well as expand our knowledge base and understanding of how to live more responsibly within our global context. In conclusion, candle making in Cincinnati offers an incredible opportunity couldn’t find elsewhere; one that truly celebrates nature and brings people together in their pursuit of a resilient future that works for everyone.

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