Citronella Candle Making Kits

Citronella candle making kits are perfect for anyone looking to create beautiful outdoor candles quickly and easily. These kits contain all the materials one needs, including a wick, citronella wax, containers, and dye, allowing you to create your own decorative and functional objects at home. With these kits, no prior experience is required in order to get great results from your candlemaking project.

Some of the great features of purchasing a citronella candle making kit include everything that comes with it. In addition to the ingredients mentioned before – wick, wax, containers, and dye – you can also find additional items such as fragrances and wick holder clips.

The best part is that you can mix these extra ingredients in whatever way you like to customize and personalize your candles. Just make sure you follow any safety instructions that come along with the set to get the perfect scent and appearance for your candles without compromising on quality or fire safety.

Purchasing a citronella candle making kit is a cost-effective way to begin making your own candles at home without investing in expensive supplies or tools upfront. They come with everything you need all in one package so even if you’ve never tried DIY candlemaking before it will still be easy as they also provide comprehensive instructions on how best to use the kit too.

Plus by using citronella wax it means there’s no mess involved either so you don’t have to worry about having another cause for chaos around the house.

Overall, if you are looking for a creative hobby or just want some greenery around your home while eliminating pesky insects quickly and easily then investing in citronella candle making kits is definitely something worth considering. The end result can be beautiful decorative pieces that give off pleasant scents while fulfilling their main purpose at the same time.

History of Citronella Candles

Citronella candles, made with an essential oil derived from the lemongrass plant, have been used for centuries as a natural insect repellent. In fact, they are believed to have originated in the late 19th century when an Indian chemist first isolated the essential oil from lemongrass plants and began to experiment with its chemical composition.

The popularity of the candle-making endeavor became more widespread in modern times by U.S. soldiers fighting bugs while stationed in Southeast Asia during World War II. This is where we get the name “Citronella”, a modified version of an Italian word meaning “citrus” that was used to describe a genus of the lemon-scented lemongrass plant.

Today, many people choose to purchase Citronella candle making kits as a way to make their own candles at home or as part of outdoor recreation activities such as camping and picnics. As well as providing protection against pesky insects, citronella candles can also add aesthetic appeal to any outdoor gathering due to their natural colors and fragrances.

Additionally, the production process is relatively easy and does not require a significant amount of knowledge or specialized equipment compared to other methods of candle making – plus it allows individuals lots of room for experimentation by adding new ingredients such as herbs and spices for interesting aromas and colors.

Apart from having properties that make them effective insect deterrents, citronella candles can also be used for their calming aroma which helps create an atmosphere conducive for relaxation or meditation. Not only are they great additions indoors during yoga or mediation sessions but they are perfect companions for outdoor activities such like camping trips too.

The soothing scent helps reduce stress levels after hours spent hunched over campfires or exhausting hikes in nature; creating a perfect atmosphere for decompression before bedtime routine actions begin.

How to Make a Citronella Candle

Making your own citronella candle is an easy task when you have the right supplies. We’ve gathered the most essential items you’ll need to get started in one convenient kit. Here’s what it comes with:

  • Wax
  • Container
  • Scented oil
  • Wick
  • Clips

Paragraph 1: With these basic supplies, anyone can make a safe and effective citronella candle to help keep pesky insects away. This guide will walk you through the entire process, from gathering the materials to constructing the final product. We recommend having all necessary materials before starting the project so that there are no surprises along the way.

Paragraph 2: The first step in making a citronella candle is melting down wax in a double boiler or crock pot on low heat. Once melted, you can add food-grade scenting oil to achieve a pleasant fragrance as well as add citronella oil for insect repelling properties.

This is filled into the chosen container after ensuring that it has been properly sanitized and wiped clean. Wait until wax has cooled slightly before placing wick in the center of chosen container and affixing with clips so that it stays erect throughout pouring process.

Paragraph 3: Pour previously prepared wax mixture gently and evenly into container until full, then allow time for cooling off undisturbed on level surface where it won’t be bumped or knocked over while hardening.

Once finished, remove clips from wicks if needed so they’re not submerged in wax and stand up straight again after skipping initial hardening stages of candles setting time depending on size varies from several hours to overnight before fully dried out can be used without dripping but occasionally trimming short (about ¼ inch above surface) may extend life of finished product even further.

Benefits of Citronella Candle Making Kits

Creating your own candles is a great way to make the most of natural ingredients that have amazing scent and insect-repelling properties. Citronella candle making kits are an excellent way to get started with this popular form of natural craft making.

Citronella candle making kits enable individuals to create beautiful and aromatic candles that are both tailored to their individual preferences and tastes, as well as super effective at keeping pesky mosquitoes away. Citronella oil has been used for centuries in various cultures and is highly valued for its insect-repelling abilities. The wonderful scent can also help to create an inviting atmosphere indoors or outdoors, which needless to say, cannot be achieved through store purchased insect repellent sprays.

Not only do citronella candles offer exceptional aid in preventing pests from entering your home or picnic area but they also provide a pleasant environment with captivating scents inspired by nature’s fresh herbs, flowers and other delightful fragrances such as lemon grass and eucalyptus. Depending on the type of wax melts, you can even enjoy a subtle theme of colors to match any decorative style or preference you might have for your outdoor décor project.

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With citronella candle making kits, all these elements can be combined quite easily.

For sturdiness, durability, flexibility and aesthetic value all rolled into one – citronella candle making kits come highly recommended for anyone looking to completely transform their outdoor experience into something truly unique without sacrificing comfort nor protection from insects. Such benefits should never be undervalued and can go a very long way towards having some truly remarkable summer nights.

Shopping for Quality Kits

Citronella candle making kits are popular due to their ability to naturally repel mosquitoes and other insects. They make a great addition to any outdoor get-together, such as a barbeque or camping trip. When shopping for quality kits, there are several key considerations for buyers to be aware of.

Research the Ingredients

When purchasing citronella candle making kits, it’s important to take the time to research the ingredients that are included in the kit. Citronella oil is a natural insect repellent, so it should be listed as one of the ingredients in any good quality kit.

But beyond that, it’s also important to pay attention to what else is included in the kit – some may contain artificial fragrances or other unnecessary additives that can have an adverse effect on its effectiveness or safety. In addition, it’s best to go with a reputable manufacturer so that you know you’re getting a product made with high-quality components.

Read Reviews

Most suppliers of citronella candle making kits will have reviews available online from customers who have purchased them before. Take some time to read through these reviews so you can get an idea if users were satisfied with what they received and whether or not they felt the candles burned for an adequate amount of time without going out quickly or producing significant smoke.

This will help give you peace of mind when purchasing your own kit and ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your money spent on this product.

Consider Price

The price of citronella candle making kits can vary greatly depending on where they’re purchased and what type or size is needed for your project. Before buying anything, do comparison shopping amongst different stores online and local shops nearby and compare prices.

It should go without saying but always make sure price doesn’t come ahead of quality when looking at cheaper offers; after all, if the supplied candles aren’t effective then there’s no point saving money at all. Also keep in mind that larger sizes tend to be more cost effective than smaller packages, so if you plan on using multiple candles then opting for bigger sizes could turn out being cheaper in the long run.

Recommended Candle Making Supplies and Equipment

Making your own citronella candles can be a fun and rewarding experience. But before you start, there are some recommended supplies and equipment that you’ll need in order to make your first successful batch of candles. Let’s take a look at what’s needed:

  • Candle Wax: The most popular type of candle wax for making your own citronella candles is either beeswax or soy wax. Both waxes have low melting points and provide a good scent throw.
  • Citronella Essential Oil: Citronella oil not only adds scent but also helps keep away mosquitos, so make sure to pick the right amount when choosing your supplies.
  • Wick Tabs: When purchasing wick tabs, select tabs that are sized appropriately for the container size that you plan on using
  • Wicks: Wicks should be made from cotton thread because it won’t smoke while burning. Select a wick of the appropriate size based on the diameter of the candle you’re making.
  • Containers: Picking out containers can be one of the most fun parts of candlemaking. Look for something that coordinates with the decor in your home, or pick out decorative jars for gifting purposes.
  • Melting Pot: A double boiler or melting pot is necessary to melt down the wax. Make sure to only use it just for candlemaking as it may contaminate other meals if used otherwise.
  • Thermometer: A wax thermometer is highly recommended to ensure that the proper temperature for pouring into molds is achieved.
  • < Strong >Molds: Pick out molds that are sized appropriately for your containers or jars. It is important they fit properly.
  • < Strong >Finishing Touches: Finally, add any finishing touches such as labels, ribbons, paper flowers, or anything else you wish. This step adds personality to your handmade citronella candles.

Now that we know what items are needed for citronella candle making kits let’s take a look at how to use them – In order to make citronella candles successfully, following these steps will help lead to great results.

1. Place wax into a double boiler or melting pot. Heat until melted and stir occasionally using a wooden spoon (avoid plastic or metal).

2. Measure out and add essential oil to desired fragrance level (using 1-3 ounces per pound of wax) then mix in well with wood spatula.

3. Once wax has melted, use cake tester thermometer or digital thermometer measurement device to check temperature and make sure it’s between 135-145 degrees Fahrenheit before adding pre-tabbed wick (dipped in melted paraffin) into pour jug/pitcher filled with fragrances oils and beeswax blend mixture combined with additional carrier oils if needed. 4. Pour mixture into desired mold, being careful not touch the bottom of blender blade as hot wax can burn skin upon contact.

Allow pieces settle overnight in cool area away from direct sunlight/heat sources until hardened completely before removing them gently from mold by hand or using rubber gloves if necessary. 5. Finally, trim away excess wick before burning each piece within 3 days after initial pouring session so as not lose any scent throw over time due to continuous evaporation process associated with curing phases pretrained prior usage period begins.

Essential Oils for Crafting Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a great way to add ambiance and mood lighting to your home or garden, while also being a perfect solution for keeping pesky insects at bay. Making citronella candles at home is becoming an increasingly popular craft idea, as ready-made kits make the job of candle making surprisingly easy.

Although there are plenty of pre-made scented candles you can buy, the majority contain artificial fragrances and chemicals that may not be so healthy for you or your family. Crafting your own natural citronella candle means getting creative with essential oil combinations to unlock unique and delightful aromas.

When it comes to selecting the right essential oils for crafting your citronella candle, each oil is designed differently in terms of aroma, potency and longevity. Choosing the right essential oils for a citronella candle requires careful consideration, but can actually be quite exciting once you understand what works best in terms of scent combination. The top five essential oils well suited for use in making citronella candles include lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, basil and lemongrass.

Each of these essential oils has its own distinct properties when used together in combination or just by themselves – allowing you to tailor the aromatherapy experience perfectly to suit your needs with incredible results. For example, if you’re looking to create an energising blend then it’s recommended that you opt for lemon eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils when creating your citronella candle.

These two oils have been found to have specific properties which work together in harmony providing a subtle yet invigorating fragrance – perfect during hot summer days when working out or gathering around the fire pit after dark.

On the other hand if relaxation is what you wish to achieve then lavender alongside basil will usually do the trick as both of these invigorating yet calming scents come together beautifully – helping reduce stress levels and inducing sleep naturally without any artificial chemicals needed. Finally if general insect control is all that is required from your citronella candle then some classic pure lemongrass oil should do the job.

The refreshing citrus smell will keep those pesky critters away while also smelling almost sweet – perfect for outdoor venues like picnics or barbecues.

Recipes for Crafting Simple Citronella Candles

Paragraph 1: Crafting great scented citronella candles can be an enjoyable and rewarding task. To help make things easier, there are now several different kits to choose from, allowing one to get started with their new hobby right away. These kits come with all of the necessary ingredients, including waxes, oils, wicks, dyes and fragrances; giving you a perfect base for creating some truly exceptional candles.

Paragraph 2: Once you’ve chosen your kit and gathered your supplies it’s time to begin working on those recipes. Many sites across the web provide creative inspiration for making citronella candles with a personal touch. By playing around it is easy to put together combinations of colors and scents that work well with each other in order to create something unique.

Paragraph 3: Here are just some examples of what can be done using a citronella candle making kit:

  • Vanilla & Sandalwood Citronella Candle – Fragrance combination perfect for summer nights
  • Citrusy Spa Citronella Candle – A subtle mixture of lemon, mint & thyme
  • Rosemary & Lavender Citronella Candle – Light floral aroma perfect for relaxation
  • Coconut Lime Citronella Candle – Refreshing citrus scent blended with coconut.

Safety Tips for Making Homemade Citronella Candles

Citronella candles offer an effective way to keep mosquitoes and flies away during patio season. Many people are making their own candles for the first time, which is very exciting. It’s important that those new to this craft take safety precautions while doing so.

Avoiding Injury

It is important to never attempt candle-making without having adult supervision, especially when there are children present in the household. All processes involving wax should strictly be done by adults so that no burns or spills occur in unpleasant places. When handling hot materials (such as wax), any exposed skin should be covered with protective clothing such as oven mitts and long sleeves.

Wearing safety goggles or glasses is also a good idea when dealing with flammable material as they provide extra protection during the process. Working with open flames can also put one at risk of fire accidents so having a fire extinguisher nearby is recommended.

Keeping Children Away

One common mistake many new candle makers make when working from home is overlooking the realm of possibilities for children to hurt themselves while making their candles. A child could become curious about the melting wax, heat source, and containers used during the production process and potentially harm themselves if not supervised properly.

Simple tools such as scissors and knives required in the candle making process could prove dangerous in small hands if left unsupervised. As such, it might be beneficial to store these items out of reach of kids until needed for use.

Properly Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to cleaning up after making a citronella candle, it’s essential to follow all necessary safety tips so as to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals from detergent or other solutions used in this process. Before starting any type of cleaning process, it’s key that gloves are worn in order to protect your skin from exposure and irritation caused by these chemicals while avoiding contact with your eyes.

To avoid further damage after cleaning newly purchased pieces you should always rinse off with distilled/purified water before use. This will ensure that no additional chemicals will come into contact with your body or face when using them later on.


When you invest in a citronella candle making kit, you reap many benefits. First, owning a citronella candle making kit provides you with endless possibilities and creativity.

From mixing various scents to creating different shaped candles or combining colors to create stunning patterns, the possibiliies for candle makers from all experience levels are virtually endless. In addition, being able to make custom candles with your own designs allows limitless options for adding personal touches to gifts or creating decorations for special occasions.

Another benefit of owning citronella candle making kits is that these kits are a great way to save money. With high-quality wax, wicks, and other required items included in a single package, it can be significantly cheaper than purchasing individual components when starting out as a candle maker. Additionally, having the convenience of everything necessary in one place helps ensure that little waste is created while still achieving beautiful results each time.

Finally, by owning a citronella candle making kit you have the opportunity to practice at home until perfecting your craft and eventually selling them as a business venture (either online or at local markets). For passionate DIYers who have the drive to start their own home based business can create candles using their own ideas and purpose-built products that offer far better choice than what is available on the market.

This not only creates exciting new businesses but also provides customers with access to unique handmade pieces they wouldn’t otherwise find elsewhere.

In conclusion, owning a citronella candle making kit puts you on the fast track towards creating stunning homemade candles; however, an emphasis on investing in good quality equipment will help ensure successful outcomes each time. The supplies included also provide an excellent platform for exploring and experimenting new techniques while allowing unlimited creativity with scent pairings and intricate designs so that every outcome can be customized according to preference – further increasing its appeal from both customer and creator perspectives.

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