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Candle making has been an integral part of the history of Columbus, Georgia since its founding. While candles have been used for centuries to light homes and churches, in the early 19th century, candles were widely used throughout the city. As new manufacturing techniques became available, candle making industries began to take off in the yet-to-be-named city. Soon enough, numerous candle factories began to spring up across Columbus, utilizing local resources like bees’ wax from nearby farms and wealthy people’s homegrown cotton ‘wax.’

The candle industry was extremely important in Columbus’ early development and continued to be through the end of World War II and beyond. During this time period, many craftspeople in and around Columbus competed with larger firms like the National Candle Company, who had a factory located right in town. This competition gave smaller local businesses more clout, allowing them to stand out against bigger companies by producing unique products. Unfortunately, this industry eventually declined due to changing consumer habits such as moving away from home-made goods and towards mass-produced items.

Today there are still a few candle makers in Columbus who remember making their own candles when they were younger or passed down recipes from their parents that create beautiful handcrafted candles from locally sourced materials. By signing up for one of these classes you can learn about traditional methods of candle making that are rooted in the shared heritage of Columbus residents for generations prior! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get creative by learning how to melt, dip and pour wax into a variety of shapes while using fragrances and decorations that will adorn your homemade creations! Learning your way around old fashioned candle craft will give you an appreciation for the history behind it while also taking part in an increasingly popular hobby making perfect gifts for friends or something special for yourself!

Learning the Basics

The Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class provides patrons the opportunity to learn the necessary steps to create beautiful candles at home. The class is led by an experienced instructor with a deep understanding of the craft, and provides hands-on experiences that help you understand the techniques needed to make candles.

At the beginning of class, participants will be looked through the basics of candle making, discussing safety first and then going into detail about wax types, wick selection, and therapeutic essential oils used in scented candles. You will understand how each ingredient works together to create unique pieces you can be proud of.

Next, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to create your own candle in varying sizes and styles, such as mason jars and votive glasses – all using supplies that are provided for use during the class. Throughout this time, your instructor will offer helpful guidance as well as any tips and tricks they know from their years of experience as a candlemaker.

Finally, once you’re done crafting your own candles with expert advice from a professional, you’ll get tips on proper storage & care for candles so that your creations last longer – giving them even greater value over time! Not only will you walk away with beautifully crafted objects for yourself or gifts for friends & family members, but also confidence that comes from mastering new skills.

Supplies and Tools

At the Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class, attendees will receive a variety of supplies and tools to help them create their own handmade candles. First of all, they will learn about various types of waxes and how each type supports different methods of candle crafting. Some common wax related materials include: paraffin-based waxes, soy waxes, beeswax and palm wax blends. Each type of wax has its benefits when it comes to making candles ranging from melting points to fragrance throw.

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In addition to using different kinds of waxes for candle making, attendees will also learn about the various wick sizes available, as well as the proper wicking techniques that are utilized depending on the candle jar size or type of scent used in their creations. Along with the selection of quality wicks, they will be able to choose among several types of scents such as essential oils, nature’s fragrances or synthetic fragrances/aromatherapy oils. Additionally, participants can take advantage of decorative adornments such as glitter mica powder and fabric rolls for decorating their crafts and adding unique styling options to each candle. Finally, after learning all the necessary steps in constructing high-quality candles at home safely and efficiently, they can experiment with both traditional and contemporary approaches to sculpt truly beautiful creations.

Candle Crafting Techniques

The Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class introduces attendees to various candle crafting techniques that are used in the creation of candles. Participants will learn a variety of strategies and methods for creating beautiful, long-lasting candles from start to finish. Students get an opportunity to explore various candle making methods such as dipping, rolling, molding and layering, so that each candle is unique in its appearance and style. Attendees also develop an understanding of using wicks efficiently, finding or creating inspiring fragrances, coloring the wax correctly with dyes, and troubleshooting common problems. Special attention is given to safety protocols when melting waxes and working with flammable materials. Utilizing the knowledge attained throughout this class, students will leave feeling confident craft beautiful personal creations, professional-looking products or even starting your own business!

Finishing Touches

The Colombus Georgia Candle Making Class offers the unique opportunity to learn how to make beautiful and modern candles from scratch. Participants will be instructed in the basics of candle making, such as choosing the right wax, wick selection, melting techniques, safety tips and more. In addition, participants will learn to use aromatherapy-grade essential oils for adding natural fragrances to their creations. They will also discover various methods of adding color to their candles, such as liquid or dry dyes and pigments. Lastly, the class covers basic customizing techniques such as molding and stamping shapes into the wax. This class provides an excellent introduction to both beginner-level hobbyists and those looking to develop a business in candle making.

Bring a Friend

Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class offers an experience that is fun, creative and therapeutic. Attendees will come away with a knowledge of the basics of candle making, a take-home project, and develop friendships that may last much longer than their class day.

The Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class is not just for individual attendees – it welcomes groups as well! Group rates make it easy to enjoy classes with family or friends. Participants can gather in one of the comfortable classroom spaces located around the area and create special gifts for each other or loved ones.

The Columbus Georgia Candle Making Class also has a commitment to creating community-based bonds among students. Experienced instructors ensure each student has the opportunity to learn proper technique while sharing stories and experiences related to making candles and becoming engaged in the hobby itself. Students often continue these conversations at social events in local restaurants after the class ends, strengthening the bond between students even more.

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Making Contacts and Staying Connected

Many people who decide to attend the Colombus Georgia candle making class are eager to further their passions, learn new skills and explore the art of candle crafting. Through the duration of the course, experts will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of how to create a variety of different types of candles that range from layered and airbrushed paraffin wax, to scented and colored candles.

Further to attending this course, one of the wonderful benefits has been the ability for future professional hobbyists or budding entrepreneurs alike to be able to stay connected within a network of candlesmiths after graduation. Long-term networking provides assurance for continued support between past students, educators and industry professionals who possess an interest in candle making. As well as access to any new tools and techniques that have emerged in the craft since they began their journey. This also extends into educational collaborations which involve discussion points and debates on current trends within the field while also providing advice with potential business set ups in this area.


Completing a candle making class in Columbus Georgia is the perfect way to jumpstart your creative journey. In just a few hours, participants have the opportunity to learn essential techniques like layering fragrance and color, creating decorative etchings in wax, and utilizing essential safety handling procedures. Not only do they get an introduction to working with molten wax, but they are also taught how to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that will add charm and personality to any home or office. The versatility of the medium allows for endless possibilities when it comes to inventing designs and artistic expression.

The Columbus Georgia candle making class is ideal for those looking for ways to express themselves through creativity or who want to turn their hobby into a career. Whether you’re interested in selling candles or using them as decorations for special occasions, there’s no limit on how far your talents can take you! For instance, many candle makers offer custom orders for candles tailored specifically for special events such as weddings or graduations. With hard work and dedication, this craft can become not only enjoyable, but glamorous too! Of course all aspiring makers should be mindful of safety practices while producing these works of art; staying aware of material hazard warnings is essential when handling hot paraffin wax.

When taking part in the Columbus Georgia candle making class students have the chance not only brush up on their skills but develop confidence in their own capabilities as a maker. Creativity flows best when allowed room to breathe so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild! The instructors will provide helpful insight into markets available so that potential sellers can make informed decisions based on consumer needs and trends in the industry. Learning more about business related details such as pricing models and marketing tips also makes budding entrepreneurs more ready than ever before to jump into the artisan venture fully prepared with practical considerations. With an artistically focused attitude and proper mentoring from experienced crafters found at workshops like these; almost anyone can build a fruitful career from exploring this timeless art form.

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