Decorating With Candles

Candles have always been decorative objects but their uses and purposes have changed dramatically over the years. The first candles were used to light the dinner table during a festive meal. However, now they are more decorative than ever and even used in many interior design styles.

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They can be used as centerpieces. Nowadays, there are so many candles on the market that they can be used as an element of your room. You don’t have to buy them. You can simply melt some paraffin inside a glass jar and place it on the center of your couch or other furniture. This will give it the appearance of being an elegant decorative element.

Candles can be used as centerpieces on the mantelpiece. Just take some wax and wrap it around some inexpensive figurines. Make sure the candles are even throughout. Then just add a ribbon and hang it from the top of your mantelpiece. You will instantly have a beautiful centerpiece.

Another great thing about candles is that they can be used as table centerpieces. You can buy candles that match any color you want. For example, if you have a Tiffany lamp you could actually get one in a Tiffany pattern. These candles look wonderful when lit up during a romantic evening. Not only do they create an atmosphere for romance but they look very elegant.

Candles can be used as decoration at any holiday. During Valentines Day, you can put a cluster of these candles on your mantle. During Halloween, many people place these candles in their chimneys to make them look more realistic. Holiday candles can even be used as the centerpiece for a bar mitzvah party.

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Candles can even be used as table decor at a baby shower. Instead of using flowers, you can purchase small plastic figurines that look like babies. Place these on top of a glass or plastic tray that is covered in sand. Cover the candles with the sand and have a guest pass the candles around. This is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for the occasion.

Candles can be used in a way similar to how flowers are placed in a room. They can be displayed above a fireplace. Place one on each side of the mantelpiece. Even throughout the house, you can find candles in various areas. Place one on the door that leads to your bedroom, a bathroom, and even in the kitchen.

If you decide to give a Christmas tree to a friend or family member as a gift, you can easily make your own candles for them. Purchase an evergreen artificial tree from a craft store and then purchase some Christmas candles. Cut off some of the lights on the artificial tree and place them in the wicks of the candles. This is a unique and unusual idea that can be a lot of fun for a Christmas tree!

Candles can be decorated in a number of different ways. One of the most popular ways is to put them in a bowl with water and allow them to sit overnight. The following morning, remove the candles and place them into the bowl with the water. Allow them to sit for about six hours before removing them.

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You can even create a candle holder by placing a candle on the base and then wrapping a piece of ribbon around it. Place the candles over the holder and then tie the ribbon around your arm so that it forms a cord. Take this cord and hang it from the door frame. Make sure that there are no holes in the door where the candle could fall out.

To make a gift, place some rice cereal in a small clear jar and add some simple Christmas decorations. Pour some red or green food coloring into the jar along with some dried flowers. Once the color has been fixed, put some rice cereal into the bottom of a small bag and add some Christmas sprinkles. Add a sachet and you have an excellent gift for any Christmas celebration.

Candles can even be placed inside of other items. For instance, you can make a little place for your candles in a family picture frame. Cut a hole for the candle and then tack some dried flowers into the hole. Decorate the frame and you have an inexpensive gift that will last for years to come.

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