Diy Crayon Candle Making


Creating your own unique candles from recycled crayon wax is a fulfilling and rewarding way to get creative! Hand-pouring colorful layers of melted wax into clear glass containers will yield stunning, paperless candles that generate their own special illumination. The combinations of color, texture and wax can be as varied as your imagination, so no two candles will ever be alike. With the right tools, supplies and instructions you can create beautiful glow that will make a gorgeous display in any room or become thoughtful gifts for family and friends!


You will need the following supplies to make diy crayon candles:

-Crayons. For this project, you can use any type of crayon – regular crayons, oil pastel crayons, metallic or neon crayons, even multipacks of kids’ crayons. Simply pick the colors and shades you’d like to use for your candles.

-Candle wax. Choose either paraffin or soy wax flakes (for easier melting). It is recommended to purchase enough wax flakes to equal one cup per candle you are making.

-Pouring pot/double boiler setup. If you don’t want to use an open flame for melting wax, create a makeshift double boiler (using two pots on your stovetop) or try out an electric hot pot that can keep the wax at a constant temperature as it melts.

-Wicks and wick holders/clips. Once your wax is ready for pouring, you’ll need these items in order to set up each candle for burning safely and properly. Make sure the wicks are long enough and wide enough for your containers ” large jars may require thick wicks!

-Container(s). Clear glass jars work great with this project since they allow you to see beautiful layers of colorful melted crayon once they’re used up! Most sizes and shapes will work here too ” just make sure there’s enough room in each container for all your color layers before getting started.


1. Gather the materials: Candle wax, a wax melting pot, crayons, paraffin wax, and a metal mold or cup.

Step 1: Gather Materials
Photo 1 – Showing candle wax, melting pot, crayons, paraffin wax and metal mold/cup.

2. Place 2 parts of candle wax into the melting pot and melt it over low heat.

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Step 2: Melt Wax
Photo 2 – Showing the melting pot with two parts of candle wax placed inside it heating at low heat over the stove top or burner.

3. Once fully melted add some paraffin in small pieces until you achieve your desired color.

Step 3: Add Paraffin For Color
Photo 3 – Showing paraffin added to the melted wax in small pieces until desired color is achieved.

4. Meanwhile take one end of a crayon off using any sharp object then cut them into small parts and place them on a tray or sturdy plate which can withstand high temperature easily.

Step 4: Cut Crayon Pieces
Photo 4 – Showing a sharp object being used to take one end off of a crayon followed by cutting the crayon into smaller pieces which will be placed onto a tray or plate that can withstand high temperatures easily.

5. Once melted completely pour this mix over the attached tray containing cut off pieces of crayons on low heat stirring continuously so it doesn’t stick together while making sure every piece is coated equally with melted wax mixture.
Step 5: Pour Mixture Over Crayon Pieces
Photo 5 – Showing the melted mixture being poured over the attached tray containing cut off pieces of crayons on low heat while stirring continuously to ensure each piece is coated evenly with wax mixture.

Lighting Tips

Safety is important when producing DIY crayon candles. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. When melting crayons, always use a wax melter with a double boiler system and have appropriate protective gear when handling hot wax, such as an oven mitt or heat resistant gloves.

2. Never leave the area unattended while working with the melting crayons and candle-making supplies.

3. Always work in a well-ventilated room and never allow the vapors from the melted wax to accumulate in an enclosed space.

4. Never attempt to move your finished candles until they are completely cooled and solidified.

5. Keep all flammable materials away from the burning wick of your candles, including books, curtains, paper or even clothing articles, as these objects may ignite easily and cause a fire hazard if not monitored carefully or extinguished properly.

6. Ensure that you have enough water nearby should a fire start; having an ABC-type fire extinguisher on hand is also recommended in case of any sudden fires due to melted wax sparks or wicks that aren’t extinguished properly after use.

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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

• Put the candle in a tagged gift box with colorful ribbon or twine.
• Wrap the candle with tissue paper for a delicate effect and tie it up with twine or ribbon.
• Package the candle in a pretty and colorful mason jar tied off with an area of burlap.
• Make up small cute muslin bags, add some festive trimmings and fill them with crayon candles for gift-giving.
• Create personalized notes to go along with the candle. Add inside jokes, well wishes, thoughtful sentiments, etc. to make it even more special.
• Create gift tags that match the colors used in making your candles and attach them to the packages.

Additional Ideas

Some resources to explore for further inspiring ideas are:

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1. “Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse
2. “Making things is what bringing dreams to life is all about.” – Unknown
3. “Taking time for handmade crafts can be a great form of self-care.” – Rachel Macy Stafford
4. “Create with your heart; it will bring joy both to you, and those around you.” – Unknown
5. “Handcrafted gifts are the kindest, most cherished gifts to give and receive.” – Anonymous
6. “Happiness radiates from handmade crafts that are kept alive with creativity and ambition.” – Unknown

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