Crayon Candle Making


Crayon candle making is a fun and easy way to make colorful candles. It is a great craft project for people of all ages and can be enjoyed as a relaxing hobby or used to create decorative items that can be given away as gifts.

When getting started with crayon candle making there are a few pieces of equipment and supplies needed. They include: wax, an appropriate heated container to melt the wax, wicks, crayons, fragrance oil (optional), thermometer, essential tools such as contouring molds, sticks and other items.

Before melting any wax it is important to make sure the work area is well-ventilated. Melting wax often produces fumes so using an exhaust fan or opening windows in the room may be necessary for safety reasons. Once an appropriate working environment has been established it is time to start melting the wax. The wax should never be heated above 140°F so monitoring it with a thermometer will help ensure this temperature limit is not exceeded.

When melting their first batch of wax some people find it helpful and more enjoyable if they add colorant or fragrances to make their candles unique and distinguished from others that may have been produced around the same time by someone else. Colored dyes can also be added in combination with various colored crayons to get different shades of light and dark hues when melted down inside of containers or molds. Adding scents is another great way to personalize each individual batch being made; these may range anywhere from floral scents to baking smells – whichever one you prefer!

With all of these components prepped and ready before hand, anyone interested can go on creating unique homemade candle creations at any time for friends and family alike! Enjoy your amazing artwork!

Safety Considerations for Candle Making

Safety is of paramount importance when making crayon candles. When melting the crayons and wax, it is vital to take precautionary measures to prevent burns or fire hazards. It is recommended that adults engaging in this activity wear safety glasses, protective clothing such as aprons, and heat-resistant oven mitts or gloves when handling the melted wax. Also, make sure that all tools used for pouring, stirring and cutting are clean and do not have any jagged edges that could cause injury. In addition to these measures taken against burns and fires, it is important to maintain good ventilation in any area where a crayon candle project takes place due to the emission of potentially harmful fumes from the burning wax. Moreover, children should always be supervised by an adult while working on this type of project.

Materials Needed for Crafts

Crayon Candle Making is a creative and simple way to add color and light to any room. This craft requires the following materials to get started: wax crayons, wax paper, wicks, an old pot or metal can with a handle for melting the wax, glass containers for the candles, fragrance oil of your choice (optional), and an old spoon for stirring. Depending on the look you are going for, you may also want to purchase colorful glitter, dye blocks, or mica powders to customize your candle creations further. Additionally, if you do not already have a wick holder and container sticker on hand to secure the wick in place inside of the glass container while pouring in melted wax, those will be needed. Table covering such as newspaper or butcher paper should also be used when working with hot melted wax! With all these items ready at hand your crayon candle making adventure can begin!

Preparing the Crayons for Melting

Before you can begin making crayon candles, you’ll need to prepare the crayons for melting. To do so, start by removing all the paper wrappers from your crayons. This step is essential because it will help ensure that a smooth and even finish is achieved in the candle. If you have larger crayon pieces that won’t fit in the mold, break them up into smaller pieces until they fit. Once all of the wrappers are off and any larger pieces are broken apart, place your crayons into a heat-safe mixing bowl or container. It’s important to note that this should be done on a heat-proof surface as wax can splatter during the melting process. Now that your crayons are prepared and ready to go, it’s time to get started!

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Melting the Crayons

Creating a crayon candle is fun and simple. To begin, gather all the supplies you’ll need. These include wax chips, wick tabs, wick, candle containers or molds and crayons of various colors. Once you have everything you need in front of you, begin by melting the crayons. This can be done in a double boiler which will melt them down evenly without burning them. Alternatively, they can also be melted in an old pan on low heat with a thermometer monitoring the temperature to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. Once they are melted, pour the mixture into the candle molds and let cool until it reaches room temperature. After it has cooledAttach the wick tabs and wicks to the bottom of each container or mold so that they stand upright when placed in them. Then carefully pour your melted wax chips and crayon combination into each container or mold and let cool for about 12-24 hours before removing the candles from their molds for use or storage. When your candles have completely cooled, trim any excess threads on the top with scissors if needed. Now enjoy your handmade creations!

Adding the Wick and Scent

Once you’ve carefully melted your crayons into liquid wax, it’s time to add the wick and scent of your choice. Before inserting the wick, you need to make sure that it’s properly aligned with the bottom of the container for a good burn. If necessary, use a weight to ensure it has no room for movement. As for the scent, essential oils work best! After allocating the desired amount into the melted wax, stir carefully and pour your mixture into the containier(s). Allow them to cool completely before handling any further. Once dry, enjoy your colorful and scented candles!

Pouring the Mixture Into the Mold

Crayon candle making is a fun and creative activity anyone can do at home. Once you gather all the necessary materials, it’s time to begin. The first step is to melt your wax—either beeswax or paraffin—in a double boiler or electric melting pot. While the wax is melting, break up the crayons into small pieces and mix them together until you create the desired color. Once the melted wax reaches a liquid consistency, stir in the wick and crayon pieces until they are fully incorporated. Then, carefully pour the mixture into your molds — whether it’s a glass jar, metal mold, or custom-made shape – until it reaches your desired thickness. If needed, hold the wick in place while still hot or use glue dots after cooling to make sure it stays upright upon removal from the mold. Allow your candles to cool completely before removing and enjoying!

Finishing Touches

Once the crayon candle has been created and cooled, there are several finishing touches that can be added to personalize it. One way to customize a crayon candle is by wrapping a ribbon or twine around the jar and securing it with glue. To further spruce up the design, add flowers, dried leaves, pinecones, or other craft materials to the outside of the jar to create a unique display. For an extra special touch, use decal stickers or stencils to etch designs onto the glass jar. Have fun experimenting with different colors and patterns for your candles! Lastly, for safety reasons make sure to place your finished creation on a non-flammable surface such as ceramic tile or an ornamental tray before lighting the wick for burning.

Decorating Ideas

Crayon candle making can be a fun and easy way to create unique and colorful candles for your home décor. Start by purchasing wax crayons in a variety of colors, about one fourth of a pound per candle. You can use either pure beeswax crayons or a soy wax blend. Begin by placing the crayons into an old pot on the stove, melting them very slowly while stirring gently. Once melted, you can use molds to form them into custom shapes such as plant holders, cubes or even miniature teacups! Be sure to have wicks on hand – these are available at most craft stores – as they help to keep the shape of your candles when setting them aside to harden. Once hardened and ready for display, consider using ribbon or paint around your wax figures for added embellishments. With a little creativity and patience, you’ll soon be enjoying beautiful crayon candles in no time!

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Recommended Tools and Resources

Crayon candle making is a great way to put old crayons to good use. Some of the essential tools and resources you will need include a hot glue gun, wicks, wax chips, candle containers, and a microwave-safe bowl or double boiler. The hot glue gun is used to secure the wick at the bottom of your container before you pour in your melted wax which can be obtained by melting the wax chips in either a microwave-safe bowl or double boiler until they are completely liquid. Once melted, you can add any food colouring or other desired additives to your wax before pouring it into your chosen candle container. Finally, allow your crayon candle to cool and harden overnight or until solidity before lighting!

Tips and Tricks for Crafting a Beautiful Crayon Candle

Crayon candle-making is a unique way to craft your own special candles from a range of colors and fragrances. With the right tools, supplies and a bit of practice, you can make perfect crayon candles for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or just the pleasure of creating something new! Here are some useful tips and tricks for getting optimum results:

1. Be sure to use only high-grade, unscented wax or beeswax for crafting crayon candles. This will help ensure that each candle you produce has a favorable melt point and burns evenly without leaving blemishes on the wick.

2. When selecting colors for your crayon candles, choose colors that are complementary to avoid an overly busy look when lit up in its final form. Mixing colors is also great way to create an interesting visual effect with your candles.

3. Make sure all wicks are securely stuck on the base of the candle holder before pouring in the wax – this will help prevent them from moving or floating off when it melts completely. Also be sure that its length is correctly measured and not too short so that it burns hot enough to fully consume all the material within its surface area yet still safe* enough not to cause fires in unchecked areas where heat may linger near combustible items such as carpets or curtains!

4. After the wax has been melted down in readiness for pouring into moulds or wicks holders, take time out to test its temperature – if it’s too hot it might arrive at your destination damaged; alternatively if it’s too cold then it might fail to set properly and produce inconsistent color distribution throughout* the candle’s shape during necessary cooling time(s). Adjusting cooking times accordingly will help ensure consistent results each time you craft one of these lovely creation(s).

5. Always use heat resistant containers suited for melting waxes when preparing through a double boiler setup – this will not only make things easier but also safer as there wont be any fear of accidental spillage or over heating amidst craft preparation sessions involving young children (eagerly partaking in** such activities).

6.* Last but certainly not least, always enjoy yourself while crafting – having fun through every step leading up to eventual success plays a great part in learning wholeheartedly with **your thorough appreciation involved as much***as possible!

*Practicing caution would be advised here
**if allowed/possible under guidance
*** Well done!


Creating a unique crayon candle is an excellent way to show off your inner artist. Not only is it simple and relatively mess-free, but the result can be extremely impressive. Start by picking out the colors you want in your candle, melting them down individually and pouring them carefully into the prepared container. Then arrange and layer the crayons however you like to create a stunning design. Once the wax has cooled and hardened, light up the wick and enjoy the beautiful candle you crafted yourself! With a little effort, you can make something that everyone else will admire for its originality. Crayon candles are sure to stand out from other decorations – why not try crafting one today?

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