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Annapolis candle making is an art form that has been practiced for centuries. It involves carefully crafting each candle with a combination of creative design and careful attention to detail, resulting in beautiful creations that can be used as decorative pieces or useful lights. The craft originated in Annapolis, Maryland and has become popular throughout the world. This introduction will provide a history of this local craft, the steps required to create a candle, types of candles available and the tools and materials necessary to make perfect Annapolis candles.

History: Annapolis candle making began in the early 1800s with immigrants from Germany who brought their craftsmanship with them. Initially, candles were made using raw animal fat which were melted, poured into molds and dyed. Animals that were commonly used included pigs, goats and sheep and these rudimentary candles provided light within homes when electric lighting was not available. Later on wax from bees became more popular due to its affordability; however tallow remained commonplace until mass-produced paraffin wax entered into production in the mid-1800s.

The practice of Annapolis Candle Making was further refined over the years by skilled artisans who developed intricately designed molds that allowed for elaborate shapes such as stars or butterflies being formed within the wax. As time progressed different styles of wickcutting, scented oils, dyes and safety measures to protect against fires also came into play as well as improved pouring techniques resulting in smoother surfaces on finished goods. Today people still handcraft beautiful candles of all shapes, sizes and fragrances that have come to embody a part of Maryland’s cultural heritage..

Steps : To begin creating an Annapolis candle, typically one needs to prepare the wick material which involved cutting either cotton or linen strings into short segments according to desired length of finished product before being passed through wick guides then dipped in molten wax for reinforcement before finally attaching it onto a mold along with any necessary weights whereupon it is secured . In addition melted wax must be carefully poured via ladle or dipping device so as not to disturb positions of additional decorations such as dried flowers or herbs . Once dry , poured container is inverted and cooled before any dyeing , scenting , beeswax topping etc can take place . Lastly , use sharp blade after completely cooled down for clean removal before finishing touches are completed .

History of Candle Making in Annapolis

Annapolis is a city with a long and proud candle-making history, stretching back hundreds of years. In the early days, beeswax was collected in order to craft the candles which were used by people for both religious ceremonies and everyday work. Over time, Annapolis candle makers began to experiment with new techniques and materials, such as using tallow or bayberry wax to produce special types of candles that would burn longer than beeswax.

By the mid-1800’s candle making in Annapolis had gained enough momentum to give birth to its own local industry, with wax chandlers setting up workshops across the area complete with large vats of boiling wax for submerging wicks into. As time progressed steam-powered machines allowed factories to produce mass quantities and more efficient varieties of candles. These machines produced an array of shapes from tapers, plates and novelty candles along with small votive offerings that fit nicely into the hands.

Today Annapolis still enjoys a thriving candle making culture; small independent chandlers continue to operate their shops while larger corporate companies supply bulk orders at competitive prices. The demand for high quality materials remains strong here as evidenced by shops like The Candlemakers Shop where they offer premium supplies such as natural waxes colored dyes fragrance oils wicking and molds along with classes teaching how it all comes together. Visitors can also explore numerous artisan markets in town, enriched with creative stalls full of handcrafted light works just waiting to be discovered!

How to Make Candles in Annapolis

Annapolis Candle Making is an educational workshop for anyone interested in learning the craft of candle-making. The workshop will provide a hands-on experience and empower participants with the ability to start their own projects at home.

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The three-hour course begins by introducing basic materials needed to make candles, along with variations of available wax, dyes, fragrances, and wick types. Participants will then move to a demonstration area where each person will be able to create his or her own soy blend container candle. As the candles set up, participants will learn the fundamentals of achieving desirable layers, decorative techniques, labels and packaging options. Along the way, discussions regarding soy blends, natural dyes and safe burning practices are held.

At the end of the workshop each participant will have created one custom scented container candle that’s ready for gifting or personal enjoyment! Participants will also take home comprehensive handouts outlining important safety considerations as well as best practices for candle-making success as well as additional resources for ingredients and informational blogs. Those looking for even more specialized instruction can book private lessons tailored to individual level and candle making goals.

Types of Candles Crafted in Annapolis

Annapolis is home to some of the most unique and creative candle makers in the country. Each artisan has their own distinct style, from beeswax pillar candles to scented votive candles made with essential oils and herbs. The city also boasts a variety of single-scented soy candles in glass containers, wax melts produced using paraffin and vegetable waxes, as well as beeswax and soy tea-light tarts.

In addition to producing wonderfully fragrant handcrafted candles, Annapolis candle makers can custom design pieces based on customer specifications. From floating vessels filled with decorative botanicals to vessels incorporated with intricate designs, clients can choose colors and textures to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for any occasion. Specialty waxes and wicking add that extra personal touch so each candle is truly unique. Candle makers can also arrange specialized scent blends such as floral notes, oriental accents or fruit combinations, adding sparkle and depth that enliven each piece. Furthermore craftspeople are able to use specific molds to make expressive geometric shapes often used in aromatherapy practices so customers have the flexibility when making their choices.

Educational Opportunities for Annapolis Candle Making

Annapolis Candle Making offers a variety of educational opportunities to those interested in learning more about the process of candle making. These experiences are suitable for all levels from beginner to expert and can be tailored to individuals or groups.

One popular option is attending a candle making workshop. These workshops typically involve hands-on instruction, allowing participants to develop their understanding of the fundamentals of candle making while having plenty of fun too. Workshops may also cover topics such as scent and color blending, wick selection, proper pouring techniques, and troubleshooting common issues. They can be held in person at the Annapolis Candle Making facility or even virtually via video conferencing.

Additionally, Annapolis Candle Making offers month-long classes that go into greater detail on the wax art form than what is covered during workshops. During these classes, participants will explore topics like different types of waxes and molds, scents and oils, pouring methods, decorations, marketing strategies for products, as well as safety procedures for working with waxes and wicks. As with workshops, Annapolis Candle Making has options for both in-person classes at their location or virtual courses that include live demonstrations with an instructor.

Events and Activities Related to Candle Making in Annapolis

Annapolis is a city rich in history, and candle making is one of the many wonderful activities that has been celebrated throughout the centuries. To help capture this piece of Annapolis’s story, many events and activities related to candle making are held in the city.

These events often begin with a presentation about the history of candle making in Annapolis and its connection to American society as it evolved. Attendees learn about the process of wax preparation, dipping and mixing colors, aging, decoration and packaging—all while crafting candles they can keep. Other activities may include learning how to infuse essential oils into the candles or how to develop creative designs on their handmade products.

In addition to showcasing the skills necessary for candle making, these events also offer opportunities for participants to learn about historical sites and tourist attractions related to candle making across different parts of Annapolis. By attending such activities, participants gain an appreciation for this part of Annapolis’s past and understand how important it was then—and continues to be now–in influencing our daily lives. Equally as important are opportunities for individuals to connect with other like-minded people around one common passion: creating unique pieces guided by our sense of smell and sight.

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There have also been many efforts in Annapolis dedicated towards raising awareness and appreciation of candle makers; from supporting small businesses through financial resources devoted to preserving historic buildings where traditional candle makers operate their workshops, travel tours highlighting local black artisans who have given so much, as well as special edition pieces designed by esteemed curators all around the world. Ultimately these initiatives have inspired more people not only to practice candle making but also give them a chance to share stories drawing inspiration from many places on this earth!

Places to Buy Candle Making Supplies in Annapolis

Finding the right supplies for your candle making projects in Annapolis can be a challenge. Luckily, there are numerous shops around the city that offer a variety of candle-making necessities. Most craft stores will offer basic elements for your candle making venture such as wax and wicks, but if you want to get more specialized items and often local brands, there are some great places to explore. Here are few top destinations you should consider:

Candle Barn: This popular spot specializes in pure soy candles and everything else related to making wax products. You can find fragrances, wicks, colorants, dyes, containers, molds and more. The shop also carries some eco-friendly products like bee’s wax and lead-free wicks.

Sea Scents Candles: This family owned business offers all types of accessories that would benefit any type of candle making project. From containers to colors, scent additives to wick holders – they have everything you need! It’s even possible to sign up for special classes on how to make candles so that you can learn from experienced makers in a workshop setting.

The Candle Spot: Located in downtown Annapolis this store has an amazing selection of materials required to make three different kinds of candle; beeswax candles using hemp wick (which is perfect for allergy sufferers), natural vegan paraffin votive lights with crackling wooden wicks that perform differently than the traditional cotton ones (no chemicals used) and finally hand poured gel pillars with scented oils added directly into the gel mixture. They do run occasional workshops as well where experienced makers teach beginners the ins and outs of working with gel candle wax along with new tricks every time!


At the end of the day, candle making in Annapolis has stood the test of time as a beautiful craft and art form. With its rich history, colorful waxes and array of fragrances, it continues to enchant those wishing to add a little magic to their home. Although the process of hand-dipping fabric wicks into paraffin wax may seem strenuous to some people, most candle makers find immense joy behind the act itself. Between pouring scented wax into molds, for decorative pieces; or just melting colorful wax beads for multi-scents featured candles, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the artistry that is involved with this age-old practice. Those who appreciate the hard work and dedication put forth by candle makers are rewarded with functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces that can be appreciated far beyond their flame burning usefulness. As Annapolis celebrates its candle-making heritage through traditional street decorations, historical demonstrations at local events, as well as providing instruction to local artisans; we honor its humble beginnings as an innovative way to light up rooms and brighten spirits in dark times. Today’s modern inhabitants strive to carry on this storied tradition by combining old methods with contemporary technologies; leading us through the present day renaissance of candle making design and marveling onlookers with stunning lighting displays wherever they are lit. Each creation shines ever so brightly from not only within but from without – thereby illuminating the spectacular art of Annapolis Candle Making for generations..

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