Do It Yourself Candle Making Set


The Do It Yourself Candle Making Set from the renowned candle making company, Dandelion Candles, is a must-have for aspiring and experienced candle makers. Dating back to 1784, Dandelion Candles has been a trusted provider of premium and long-lasting candles for over two centuries. Their mission is to provide candle makers with all the necessary tools and knowledge to craft beautiful, unique candles that imbue living spaces with warmth and life.

Customers have found success with Dandelion Candles products in many creative ways. Some have become full time candle makers, creating small businesses based around these remarkable candles. Others are hobbyists who enjoy the process of doing it themselves – experimenting and coming up with new ideas involving scent combinations and different wick styles. Regardless of your way of going about it, crafting these personalised work-of-arts can spread bright light into this world!

This specific kit by DandelionCandles contains all essential supplies to ensure splendid success in your candle making journey – It comes complete with natural soy wax flakes to get started right away on making amazing scented candles with its accompanying range of highly concentrated essential oils; including jasmine, lavender, lemon grass and more! The kit also includes prewicked cotton candle cores so that you are confident that your creation will light up completely without worry or hassle not forgetting a handy measuring cup for precise measurements when preparing for each of your delightful scents.

Benefits of DIY Candle Making Sets

DIY candle making is a great way to bring relaxation and enjoyment into your home. Studies have shown that engaging in creative activities such as making candles can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and increase creativity. Essential oils can also be used in your candle creations to provide additional benefits. Research has found that aromatherapy with essential oils can produce calming effects, boost energy levels, improve cognitive function, support immune health, reduce pain levels, and promote overall wellbeing. With DIY candle making sets you can make custom scented candles with your own special blend of essential oil or fragrance oil to suit your preferences and bring all these beneficial effects into your home.

Unboxing and Review

When unboxing the Do It Yourself Candle Making Set, users will find a variety of items that will easily and safely help them create their own candles. Inside the box, they’ll uncover an instruction booklet detailing all the steps necessary to create some amazing handmade candles. Along with it they’ll find a package of wicks, wick stickers, a melt pot (which works in tandem with the supplied thermometer to ensure you don’t melt your wax too quickly), wax pellets, a stirring stick and several molds in interesting shapes such as stars and hearts.

Not only is this whole set great value for money, but those who take up candle making are sure to have great fun trying out different combinations when it comes to fragrances (supplied separately) and designs. With this set creating scented soy candles from home is quick and easy – perfect for home decor or as gifts for loved ones!

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In addition to the items listed above, included in the package is also a useful bonus item – an eBook about how to make make candles complete with recipes for making different types of candles such as poured pillar or container candles). The eBook even includes tips on how to add colouring dyes and other elements which can be used to enhance the presentation of your creations. The eBook takes away any guesswork from the creative process so success is more likely than ever before!

Safety & Tips

Step 1:
Set up your work space in a well ventilated area that is free of any potential fire hazards and ensure you have enough workspace so that the melted wax won’t touch any other objects.

Step 2:
Read all the safety instructions provided with your DIY candle making set before embarking on the project and make sure to wear protective eye-wear and heat resistant gloves.

Step 3:
Start by melting the wax. Make sure to use low heat settings when melting wax, as it can ignite if heated too quickly or at extreme temperatures. Ensure to use a heat-safe container or double boiler, and avoid using open heat sources like stove top burners. Also be sure to stir frequently while heating to prevent hotspots from forming.

Step 4:
If desired, add scent by using essential oils or scented wax chips/shavings; but ensure not to exceed 10% maximum fragrance load as adding too much oil can cause your candles to smoke when burning.

Step 5:
Once the wax is melted, pour into prepared containers leaving some space at the top for additional layers that you may want to add later on (depending on desired results). Allow some time for cooling before proceeding with additional layers, if applicable. *Never try to move or touch hot wax : always wait for it cool off!

Step 6:
Insert wicks into each candle container and center them prior to pouring more layers of melted wax; this will help maintain proper burning conditions once lit – centering & securing wick with a wick bar also helps keep it in place. Let harden after each layer has been poured in before proceeding with next layer(s).


1. Lavender Vanilla Soy Wax Candle: This recipe creates a long-lasting and luxurious lavender scented masterpiece to add to any space.

2. Orange Spice Pillar Candle: A wonderful blend of bold citrus scents along with delicate spices, this candle is perfect for adding warmth and an inviting ambiance.

3. Rosemary Citrus Jar Candle: An uplifting mix of zesty rosemary and tart oranges, this candle imparts a light freshness wherever it’s displayed.

4. Apple Cider Donut Jar Candle: Fill your home with the delicious aroma of warm baked apples, cinnamon and nutmeg, just like you’d get at a fresh apple cider donut stand!

5. Birchwood & Eucalyptus Tin Container Candle: Creating an enchanting scent reminiscent of the forest, this candle brings the outdoors inside with woodsy notes plus menthol eucalyptus essential oil accents.

What Is Ct In Candle Making?


Q: Will the items in this Do It Yourself Candle Making Set be enough to make a full-sized candle?

A: Yes, the items provided in this Do It Yourself Candle Making Set are intended to be sufficient for making one full-sized aromatic candle. The wax, wick, containers, fragrances and other supplies are recommended for creating approximately 10 oz of liquid wax. We suggest that you purchase additional supplies if your project requires larger amounts of wax or other materials.

Q: Are there instructions included with this set?

A: Yes, an instructional guide is included in the set which provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, heat and mix all materials as well as any safety precautions to consider while using the kit.

Q: Is it easy to work with this kit?

A: Yes! All necessary ingredients and supplies come pre-packaged and clearly marked for use so you can simply follow along with the included instructions when mixing each item separately. We have also supplied a straightforward timeline from start to finish which can help guide you throughout the entire process of making your own candle.

Q: Can I customize my own scent with these fragrances?
A: Absolutely! You can easily mix several individual scents together by adding different quantities of each essential oil to create your own unique scent combination. For example, you might combine vanilla, coconut and lemon together for a tropical scented candle or add lavender and cedarwood for a calming aroma.


Do you want to make scented candles with ease in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than the DIY Candle Making Set. With easy-to-follow instructions, premium wax and wicks, this kit is ideal for anyone who wants to make beautiful homemade candles. Plus, the kit includes scent oils so your house smells delightfully inviting!

To help you get started on your candle-making journey, we’re offering a 15% discount code when you buy the DIY Candle Making Set. So hurry up before supplies run out!

Don’t just take our word for it – customers all over the world have found success using our DIY Candle Making Set. From a beginner who managed to create gorgeous aesthetic candles on her first try, or a passioned enthusiast taking her craft to the next level with custom molds and swirls – we’ve seen it all! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative and start exploring this exciting new hobby while creating meaningful memories along the way.

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