Does Hobby Lobby Sell Candle Making Kits

Delve into the enticing art of candle making and the growing popularity of DIY projects in this introductory section. Discover the convenience of having all the necessary supplies in a candle making kit and explore Hobby Lobby as a potential provider for these kits.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the world of do-it-yourself projects, with people finding joy and satisfaction in creating their own unique items. One such craft that has captured the attention of many is candle making. Whether it is for personal use or as thoughtful gifts for loved ones, crafting your own candles allows you to unleash your creativity while also reaping therapeutic benefits.

Candle making kits have become increasingly popular as they offer a convenient way to dive into this fulfilling hobby. These kits come complete with all the essential supplies needed to create beautifully scented candles from the comfort of your own home. From wax and fragrance oils to wicks and containers, everything is included, saving you time and effort in sourcing individual components.

Hobby Lobby, a well-known arts and crafts retailer, stands out as one potential provider for candle making kits. With their wide range of craft supplies, including an extensive selection of DIY kits, Hobby Lobby may just be the perfect place to fuel your newfound passion for candle making. In this article, we will explore not only their offerings but also delve into everything you need to know about pursuing this rewarding hobby.

The Thrill of Candle Making

Candle making is more than just a craft; it is a rewarding hobby that brings joy and satisfaction to many. There is something special about creating your own candles, from selecting the perfect fragrance to pouring the melted wax into containers. The process not only allows for creativity but also provides therapeutic benefits.

Many individuals who have embraced candle making as a hobby have experienced a sense of relaxation and mindfulness while engaging in this activity. The act of focusing on the task at hand, melting and pouring wax, allows one to escape the stressors of daily life and enter a calm state of mind. Furthermore, the repetitive nature of candle making can be both soothing and meditative.

Not only does candle making offer mental well-being, but it also satisfies one’s creative spirit. With endless possibilities for customization, candle makers can experiment with different wax blends, fragrances, colors, and container options. Each batch of candles becomes a unique creation that reflects the maker’s personal preferences and style.

For those interested in trying their hand at candle making, Hobby Lobby offers a range of supplies and kits to suit every level of expertise. Whether you are a beginner looking for an all-inclusive starter kit or an experienced candle maker seeking new fragrance oils or molds, Hobby Lobby has you covered. Their extensive selection ensures that every candle enthusiast can find what they need to embark on their own journey into the world of candle making.

Table: Common Supplies for Candle Making

WaxThe main component used to make candles.
Fragrance OilsAdds scent to candles.
WicksThe wick provides the fuel for the flame and determines how quickly the candle burns.
ContainersHolds the wax and provides a decorative element to the finished candle.

Candle making is not only a practical skill but also an engaging and fulfilling hobby. It offers individuals an opportunity to express their creativity, relax their minds, and create unique, personalized candles. The availability of candle making supplies and kits at Hobby Lobby makes it easier than ever for anyone to start their own candle-making journey. So why not unleash your inner candle maker and experience the thrill of this rewarding hobby?

The Essentials

Exploring the Crucial Components

When it comes to candle making, having the right supplies is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. Understanding the necessary components will not only ensure that your candles turn out beautifully but also allow you to customize them according to your preferences. There are several key supplies that every candle maker should have in their arsenal.

Types of Wax

One of the crucial components of candle making is wax, which serves as the main ingredient. Hobby Lobby provides a range of options when it comes to selecting wax for your candles. Some popular choices include soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax. Each type of wax offers different characteristics and benefits, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your desired outcomes.

Fragrance Oils

Adding fragrance oils to your candles can elevate the sensory experience and create a pleasing aroma when they are lit. Hobby Lobby offers a wide selection of fragrance oils, including floral, fruity, and even seasonal scents. It’s important to consider the intensity and compatibility of fragrances with specific waxes when making your selection.

Wicks and Containers

Another essential supply for candle making is wicks. These are responsible for creating a steady flame and ensuring proper burning throughout the life of the candle. Hobby Lobby offers various types and sizes of wicks suitable for different types of candles. Additionally, selecting the right container is crucial for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Hobby Lobby provides an array of containers, from glass jars to tin cans, allowing you to choose based on personal preference.

Tips and Advice on Selecting Supplies

With such a vast array of supplies available at Hobby Lobby for candle making, it can be overwhelming to choose what is best for you. Here are some tips and advice on selecting supplies based on personal preferences and desired outcomes.

Consider Your Goals

Before purchasing supplies, it’s important to consider your goals for candle making. Are you looking to create decorative candles or scented ones? Determine your main objective to narrow down the choices available.

Start with a Kit

For beginners, starting with a candle making kit is a great option. Hobby Lobby offers various starter kits that come with all the essential supplies, making it easier for newcomers to get started without the hassle of searching for individual components.

Experiment and Customize

Candle making allows for creativity and experimentation. Don’t be afraid to mix fragrances or combine different types of wax to create unique scents and textures. Hobby Lobby’s wide range of supplies makes it easy to experiment and tailor your candles according to your preferences.

By understanding the essential supplies needed for candle making and following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to crafting beautiful and personalized candles that not only serve as decorative pieces but also provide relaxation and enjoyment through their soothing glow and enchanting scents.

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The Convenience of Candle Making Kits

Candle making is a satisfying and fulfilling hobby that allows individuals to unleash their creativity and indulge in a therapeutic art form. However, gathering all the necessary supplies individually can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for beginners. This is where candle making kits come to the rescue. Hobby Lobby, a renowned arts and crafts retailer, offers a wide range of candle making kits that provide convenience and simplicity for enthusiasts of all levels.

One of the key advantages of using a candle making kit is the elimination of the need to search for individual supplies. Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits come with everything you need to get started on your candle-making journey. From various types of wax, fragrance oils, wicks, containers, and even instructions, these kits provide a comprehensive package that saves you time and effort.

Moreover, candle making kits also offer flexibility in terms of customization and experimentation. While these kits come with all the essentials needed to create beautiful candles, they also allow room for personalization. Whether you want to try different fragrances or experiment with unique container shapes and sizes, Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits give you the freedom to explore your creativity while still providing the convenience of having all the necessary supplies readily available.

Comparing Hobby Lobby’s Candle Making Kits

Hobby Lobby is a well-known retailer that offers a variety of arts and crafts supplies, making it an excellent place to explore when looking for candle making kits. When comparing Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits, there are several factors to consider: the variety of kits available, the quality and affordability of the supplies included, and the potential for customization and experimentation.

Hobby Lobby offers a range of candle making kits to suit different skill levels and preferences. For beginners, they have starter kits that provide everything needed to get started on the candle making journey. These kits typically include wax, fragrance oils, wicks, containers, and instructions. For more experienced candle makers or those seeking specific types of candles, Hobby Lobby also offers advanced kits that cater to different styles such as soy candles or beeswax candles.

In terms of quality and affordability, Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits are often praised by customers. The supplies included in these kits are generally of good quality, ensuring that users can create beautiful and long-lasting candles. Additionally, these kits are competitively priced, making them accessible to a wide range of budgets.

For those who value customization and experimentation in their candle making process, Hobby Lobby’s kits offer flexibility. While the basic supplies needed for candle making are provided in the kit, users have the freedom to add their own unique touches such as coloring or additional fragrances. This allows individuals to explore their creativity while still having the convenience of having all the essential supplies in one kit.

Overall, when comparing Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits, it becomes clear that they offer a reliable option for both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. With their variety of kits catering to different skill levels and preferences, quality supplies at affordable prices, and opportunities for customization and experimentation; Hobby Lobby is certainly worth considering when embarking on a candle-making journey.

Variety of kitsHobby Lobby offers starter kits for beginners and advanced kits for experienced candle makers.
Quality and affordabilityHobby Lobby’s candle making kits are praised for their good quality supplies at competitive prices.
Customization and experimentationThe kits provide the essential supplies while allowing users to add their own unique touches to their candles.

Step-by-Step Guide

Candle making can be a fun and rewarding hobby that allows individuals to create unique and personalized candles. If you’re new to candle making or simply looking for convenience, using a candle making kit can be an excellent choice. Hobby Lobby offers a variety of candle making kits that are perfect for beginners or those seeking a hassle-free experience.

Using a Hobby Lobby Candle Making Kit is simple and straightforward. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create beautiful homemade candles:

  1. Prepare your workspace: Before starting, make sure you have a clean and well-ventilated area to work in. Cover your surface with newspaper or wax paper to protect it from any spills or drips.
  2. Gather your supplies: Your Hobby Lobby Candle Making Kit will come with all the essential supplies you need, such as wax, fragrance oils, wicks, containers, and a melting pot. Make sure you have everything laid out and ready to use.
  3. Melt the wax: Fill the melting pot provided in the kit with the desired amount of wax flakes. Place the melting pot in a boiling water bath on your stovetop until the wax fully melts. Stir occasionally for even melting.
  4. Add fragrance: Once the wax is completely melted, remove it from heat and add your favorite fragrance oil from the kit. Stir gently but thoroughly to ensure proper distribution of the scent throughout the wax.
  5. Prep your containers: While waiting for your scented wax to cool slightly, prepare your candle containers by attaching wicks at their centers using adhesive dots or hot glue provided in the kit.
  6. Pour the wax: Carefully pour the scented wax into each container, allowing it to fill up about three-fourths of the way full. Make sure not to overflow or spill any wax during this step.
  7. Let it set: Allow your candles to cool and harden completely for several hours or overnight before trimming excess wick length.
  8. Enjoy your homemade candles: Once fully set, trim the wick to about ΒΌ inch and light up your beautiful homemade candle. Sit back, relax, and bask in the warm glow and inviting aroma of your creation.

By following this step-by-step guide with a Hobby Lobby Candle Making Kit, you can easily create stunning candles without any prior experience. The kits provide all the necessary supplies in one convenient package, making it a perfect choice for beginners or individuals looking for a hassle-free experience. So why wait? Unleash your creativity and start your candle making journey with Hobby Lobby today.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to purchasing candle making kits, hearing about the experiences of other customers can be incredibly helpful in making an informed decision. Here, we will delve into the real experiences and feedback from customers who have used Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits. From personal anecdotes to recommendations, these reviews offer valuable insight into the quality and usability of these kits.

1. “Easy to Use and Great Results” – Sarah P.

One customer, Sarah P., shared her positive experience with Hobby Lobby’s candle making kit. According to Sarah, the kit was easy to use, even for a beginner like herself. She mentioned that the instructions provided were clear and concise, guiding her through each step of the candle-making process.

Sarah was impressed with the quality of the supplies included in the kit, particularly pointing out that the wax melted smoothly and evenly without any issues. In the end, she was thrilled with the results – beautifully crafted candles that exceeded her expectations.

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2. “A Variety of Options for Customization” – Alex M.

Another customer named Alex M. praised Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits for their wide range of options for customization. He mentioned that he appreciated being able to choose from various fragrance oils and different types of containers included in the kit.

According to Alex, this allowed him to create personalized candles tailored to his own preferences or as unique gifts for loved ones. He also emphasized that despite having multiple choices available, everything was neatly organized and clearly labeled within the kit.

3. “Affordable and Great for Beginners” – Emily R.

Emily R., a novice crafter looking to try her hand at candle making, found that Hobby Lobby’s candle making kit was perfect for beginners on a budget. She noted that compared to other brands, this particular kit offered great value for money without compromising on quality.

According to Emily, the kit contained all the essential supplies she needed, allowing her to start her candle making journey without any additional purchases. She appreciated that the instructions provided by Hobby Lobby were beginner-friendly and easy to understand, making the entire process enjoyable and stress-free.

These customer reviews provide a glimpse into the experiences of individuals who have tried Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits. From easy usability and customization options to affordability and suitability for beginners, these kits seem to have left a positive impression on customers. Hearing directly from those who have had hands-on experience with these kits can certainly help potential buyers in determining whether Hobby Lobby’s offerings are the right fit for their candle-making aspirations.

Alternative Options

Exploring Other Providers for Candle Making Kits

While Hobby Lobby is a popular choice for candle making kits, there are also other providers that offer a wide range of options. If you’re looking to explore alternative options for your candle making journey, here are some other brands and retailers worth considering.


Michaels is a well-known arts and crafts retailer that offers an extensive selection of candle making kits. They have kits suitable for both beginners and advanced candle makers, with various sizes and types of wax available. Michaels also provides a wide range of fragrance oils and wicks to choose from, allowing for customization based on personal preferences.


For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, Amazon is an excellent option to explore. They have a vast array of candle making kits available from different brands and sellers. From starter kits to more specialized options, you can find something to suit your needs and budget on Amazon. Additionally, reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality and functionality of each kit.


Joann is another popular craft retailer that offers a variety of candle making kits. They carry kits suitable for beginners as well as more experienced candle makers. Joann also has a wide selection of molds, dyes, and accessories to enhance your candle making experience.


If you’re looking for unique or artisanal candle making kits, Etsy is the perfect place to explore. Many independent sellers on Etsy create their own handcrafted kits using high-quality materials and often include detailed instructions or additional add-ons like essential oils or botanicals.

When considering alternative options, it’s important to compare prices, availability, and customer reviews before making a decision. Each provider may offer different advantages or features that cater to specific preferences or needs. Ultimately, the goal is to find a candle making kit that suits your style and allows you to unleash your creativity.


In conclusion, candle making is a captivating and rewarding hobby that allows individuals to unleash their creativity and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of crafting their own candles. The convenience of having all the essential supplies in a candle making kit makes this hobby even more accessible and enjoyable. Hobby Lobby stands out as a trusted provider of high-quality candle making kits, offering a variety of options suitable for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

With Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits, individuals can easily embark on their own candle-making journey. These kits provide everything needed to create beautiful candles, eliminating the need to spend time searching for individual supplies. From different types of wax to fragrance oils, wicks, and containers, Hobby Lobby offers a wide range of supplies to cater to personal preferences and desired outcomes.

Moreover, Hobby Lobby’s candle making kits offer flexibility in terms of customization and experimentation. Whether you prefer simple designs or want to explore more intricate techniques, these kits provide the foundation for creativity. With detailed instructions and pro tips provided by Hobby Lobby, users can confidently navigate through each step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are candle kits worth it?

Whether candle kits are worth it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and level of experience with candle making. Candle kits can be a great option for beginners or those who want a simple and hassle-free way to start making candles at home. They usually contain all the necessary materials and instructions, saving you the time and effort of sourcing individual supplies.

Additionally, candle kits often come in various scents or styles, allowing you to explore different options without committing to large quantities. However, if you already have experience in candle making or prefer to customize every aspect of your candles, buying individual supplies may be more cost-effective and offer greater creative freedom.

What do I need to buy to make candles at home?

To make candles at home, there are a few essential items that you will need to purchase. The first is wax, which serves as the main ingredient for your candles. Common types include soy wax, beeswax, or paraffin wax, each with its own characteristics and benefits.

You will also need wicks that are suitable for the type of wax you are using; these can be found in various sizes and materials such as cotton or wood. Additionally, you will need containers or molds to pour your melted wax into and create the desired shape of your candles. Other supplies like fragrance oils or essential oils for scenting, dyes or colorants for coloring, and tools like a pouring pitcher and thermometer may also be necessary depending on your preferred candle-making method.

What kit do I need to make candles?

The specific kit needed to make candles can vary depending on the type of candles you want to create or your skill level. Generally, a basic candle-making kit should include essentials such as wax (either pre-measured or in block form), wicks, containers (such as jars), fragrance oils or essential oils for scenting purposes, colorants (either liquid dyes or dye chips) if desired, and instructions on how to assemble everything together.

Some kits may also include additional accessories like a pouring pitcher, wick stickers or holders, and a thermometer to ensure proper temperature control. It’s important to carefully read the product description or reviews of different kits to ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences in terms of candle type, materials, and overall value for money.

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