Does Spotlight Sell Candle Making Kits

Candle making has become an incredibly popular hobby in recent years. Whether people are creating one-of-a-kind custom candles for gifts or simply using the process of candlemaking to relax, this activity is growing in popularity. While there are a number of materials that need to be procured before beginning the process, most can find everything they need with relative ease from stores such as Spotlight.

Spotlight’s Candle Making Kits Spotlight offers several great kits specifically designed for free-standing or moulded candles. Each kit contains a variety of essential components needed for successful candle making, including wicks and melted wax sure to meet all specifications necessary to producing a high quality finished product. Spotlight also sells other items essential for candle making like colours, scents, and moulds along with specific tools required for customising a unique composition.

Advice For New Candlestick Makers Those with little experience making candles should start off slowly and focus on what type of style they would like measure out their materials accordingly before attempting to reheat and pour wax, so as not to waste precious resources. It is always best practice to begin with small batches until one can get comfortable with the process while still leaving enough room for creativity during production.

Beginner-level kits may often be more pertinent in teaching the ‘basics’ of candle making than advanced measuring guides may suggest; experienced producers will know these terms do not apply when crafting intricate designs.

Reasons to Invest in a Candle Making Kit

Making a scented candle can be fun and rewarding. Not only are you able to create something unique to you, but with your own candle making kit you can make a candle that is environmentally friendly and natural. And if you’re looking for an easy way to get started, Spotlight may just have the answer.

Spotlight offers a great selection of candle making kits that help take the guesswork out of creating your own candles. In each kit, most basic materials necessary to make homemade candles from scratch are included. This includes wax, melting pots, pre-waxed wicks, scents and fragrances all in one box. The instructions included will guide you through the steps needed to make beautiful scented candles in no time whilst eliminating errors or frustrations.

Of course when it comes to selecting a candle making kit from Spotlight there is plenty choice available as well as accessories that could be added on such as detailed mold patterns which come with full instructions on casting techniques. Whether you’re starting off or already know what you’re doing, purchasing from Spotlight gives you an advantage thanks to their range of materials and bulk options where appropriate such as fragrances and wax additives.

Plus experienced hobbyists will love the range of modern pour-free molds they offer which allow them to skip the process of getting into molds altogether – saving both time and effort.

Spotlight has built up their reputation over the years thanks to providing customers with everything they need for a project at value prices so it’s no surprise why hobby enthusiasts often go there when looking for creative supplies or craft related products like candle sets. So what are you waiting for – why not grab one of these convenient kits today?

What Kinds of Candle Making Kits Does Spotlight Sell?

Spotlight is an Australian-owned retail store chain that specializes in crafting materials. As a part of their product range, they sell various kits to make different kinds of candles.

Each set contains everything necessary for people to create beautiful and functional home decorations or gifts: candle wax, wicks, dyes, molds, and fragrances. Depending on the type and complexity of the candle-making project in mind, beginners may be better off getting an all-inclusive kit with standard supplies while more experienced makers might gravitate towards kits tailored to specific styles.

The following are some examples of candle making kits that Spotlight carries:

  • Essential Candle Starter Kit
  • Diy Floating Candle kit
  • Scentsational Spa Candles
  • Sparkle Pillar Candle Kit
  • Baylis & Harding Bath Time Gift Set
  • Multi Colored Spiral Votive Sets

The Essential Candle Starter Kit is ideal for beginners who want to try their hand at creating basic candles like jar candles or tea lights. This set includes 5lbs of paraffin wax, 100 wick pins and binders, forty 2″ pre-tabbed wicks, five colors for dyeing wax, fragrance oil for adding scent to their creations, thermometers, 10 metal tart cans and 20 votive cups.

It also comes with detailed instructions on how to craft your own candles from start to finish.

The Diy Floating Candle kit is perfect for more advanced users. The package comes complete with natural soy wax flakes, two metal floating pans, 2 scented oils – tropical island breeze and fresh sea mist – twenty 4″x4″ pre-tabbed wicks and one bag of 4 flame retardant diamonds. The instructions included explain the exact process required to successfully make your very own do it yourself aquarium style floating candles.

Finally, the Sparkle Pillar Candle Kit provides everything needed – scentsations melt pellets, two pillar molds, glitter powder, essential oil samples as well as wicks and tools like glue gun, tealight holders, tray mats etc.-to make decorative multi sparkle pillar candles which can be used as decorations or centerpieces around events such as weddings parties etc.

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What Materials are Included in the Kits?

Spotlight, a leading supplier of craft materials in Australia, does offer candle making kits for sale. Whether you are just starting out or have some experience in the area of candle making, these kits offer a great way of creating your own candles with specialised tools and supplies included that make the process easier and more enjoyable. Each kit contains a variety of materials and products to help you succeed with your project.

The core components of any candle making kit from Spotlight include wicks, wax, dyes, fragrances as well as moulds, thermometers and pots for melting the wax as well as an armoire or pitcher if needed. Different kits may contain different items as they may specialise in a particular type of candle such as soy candles or scented candles.

In each case however, all the equipment is provided so you won’t need to buy extra materials or tools when purchasing these kits.


The most important element of any candle making kit is the wick which comes in both natural fibre and metal core varieties depending on what type of candle you want to create. The natural fibre wicks are best suited for larger candles as they burn slower while the metal core wicks are well-suited for votive or container style candles due to their ability to stay lit even when submerged in liquid wax.

Though metal core wicks may be tempting when first beginning it is important to use appropriate sized wicks for each project regardless of type so that burning time is consistent throughout all your creations.

Moulds & Armouires

Though not essential, investing in moulds will add an interesting dimension to your finished product by offering creative shapes such as stars and hearts instead of just cylinders like normal pillar candles. If working with pillar style moulds then adding an armoire can also be helpful by keeping a consistent shape as you continue down your project path.

All this being said if working with votive styles then containers provide an easy alternative without needing external molds which makes them ideal for quick projects at home.

Fragrances & Dyes

When browsing Spotligh’s range available online a number fragrances can also be found providing additional aromas other than those naturally present within the wax itself. Fragrances come in plant based oils and synthetics allowing room for experimentation no matter what your preference is. Alongside this many kits also come with dye chips or tablets which can be used give colour to plain white wax adding further visibility to your projects overall aesthetic appeal should you desire it.

Finding the Right Kit to Meet Your Needs

Spotlight is one of the largest online stores for craft supplies in Australia. Over the last few years, they have expanded their reach to include candle making kits for customers looking to create their own unique creations at home.

Shoppers can find everything they need to make all kinds of candles, from basic tea light candles to more intricate, lavish scented candles that reflect individual creativity and style. Some of the items included in Spotlight’s candle making kits are:

  • Beeswax
  • Paraffin wax
  • Cotton wicks
  • Soy wax flakes
  • Fragrance oils and aroma chips

The kits provide shoppers with all the tools and materials needed to make the perfect candle. They also include instructions on how to mix the different elements together to create beautiful and fragrant candles suited for any occasion.

With a wide range of accessories available, like moulds, glue guns and pre-made candle containers, shoppers are able to customize their creation in whatever way they desire. Plus, these kits come complete with scents like lavender or sandalwood so shoppers have even more choices when crafting their special handmade candles.

In addition, most of the products in Spotlight’s candle-making kits are made from natural materials such as plant-based waxes like soy or beeswax. This goodness helps homeowners lead a healthier lifestyle without compromising on quality and fragrance. Homeowners get an affordable deal while at the same time being eco-friendly as well.

Shopping for Candle Making Kits at Spotlight

Adding a new hobby or crafting project to your life can be exciting. Many people often want to start something with a kit, so they have all of the materials they need and end up with an attractive result. One craft that continues to be popular is candle making. So does Spotlight sell candle making kits?

  • Spotlight Does Sell Candle Making Kits

The answer is yes. Spotlight has a great range of kits and essential supplies for candle makers, as well as experts in the field. All you need for making candles from scratch is available at one place.

Of course, if you are just starting out you can find all of the introductory supplies and basic equipment needed for making simple candles on your first trip to the store. If you’re looking for more challenging projects involving different types of wicks, dyes, molds, etc., you will also find those at Spotlight too.

  • A Variety of Candle Making Kits Are Available
  • Different Materials Available For Different Projects
  • Helpful Resources & Tutorials Also Available

Aside from the kits themselves, customers have access to a variety of materials – from melting pots to artistry dyes – depending on which type of project they choose. Plus there’s a selection of helpful resources such as tutorials and videos that could assist aspiring candle makers in their journey. With these tools and products at your fingertips, creating beautiful and unique handmade candles shouldn’t be difficult at all.

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Tips for Beginners on Choosing the Right Kit

Yes, Spotlight does sell candle making kits. These kits can be found in the home d├ęcor section of their website and include everything a beginner will need to get started, including wax and wicks. They also offer additional supplies and tools, such as molds, fragrance oil, essential oils, and candle dyes which allow for more advanced experimentation.

Choosing the right type of kit for your needs is important to make sure that it has all of the necessary items you need to get started. The most basic kits are best suited to those just starting out due to their simplicity, while more advanced kits provide more materials and allow you to make a wider variety of candles.

If you’re not sure which kit is right for you, it is recommended that beginners look at both options before settling on one.

When choosing a kit from Spotlight, it is important to note that some may come with instructions only in English. This should not put off new candle makers as there are many online tutorials available in various languages which can help those who don’t understand the instructions written in English There are also communities of experienced candle makers who can lend support and advice when needed.

Overall choosing a kit from Spotlight is an ideal choice for start-up candle makers as they offer high quality materials at competitive prices. Stocking up on extra supplies after purchase means beginners will have everything they need on hand as they explore more complex techniques like blending fragrances or adding dyes over time.

As long as they have done research beforehand into what types of kits suit their needs best, anyone embarking on this hobby should be set to create beautiful scented candles in no time.

Creative Alternatives for Buying Candle Making Materials

Spotlight does not currently sell complete candle making kits. However, there are some creative alternatives for getting the materials you need for your own unique creations.

  • Candle wax can be purchased at local craft stores or online.
  • Buy wicks and tins separately and make custom combinations.
  • Look online for reviews of companies that sell pre-packaged scented waxes.

Making your own candles requires three main materials – wax, a container to hold it in, and wick to keep it alight. While Spotlight doesn’t package them as one item, there are other places where you can find what you need.

First and foremost, local craft stores often carry supplies in bulk or individual pieces like luxury candle tins and wicks made with natural fibers. Buying your supplies this way gives you more control over the overall outcome, while still allowing for experimentation with different patterns for your candles.

If craft stores aren’t readily available near you or would prefer the convenience of shopping online, there are plenty of websites to choose from including global suppliers such as AliExpress and Amazon. Searching through multiple websites can aid comparison shopping and finding the best deal on all of your passive ingredients in bulk discounts.

Lastly, if you don’t want to make your own blends of fragrance oils but instead look for pre-packaged scents, always read customer reviews before committing to an order – even forhighly rated manufacturers. That way you can avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to scent quality or ability to stay lit using a particular type of wick.


Spotlight is an Australian company that is well known for its wide range of craft and hobby materials, sewing items, and even products for the home. However, Spotlight does not offer any candle making kits.

This conclusion has been reached after researching the company website as well as customer reviews and feedback from employees. While there are many other materials offered by Spotlight that could be used to create the ultimate candle-making experience, it appears that they do not currently offer any specific sets or kits targeted specifically towards the task of candle making.

Research into the company’s online store provides further evidence of this conclusion. The website lists a range of hobby supplies such as waxes and dyes, wicks, potpourri perfumes, bottles and jars, containers et cetera but never explicitly mentions purchasing a full set dedicated to creating candles in particular.

Additionally, speaking with customers reveals that while they are familiar with the vast range of stocking options available at Spotlight for all kinds of crafts and hobbies, they have never come across anything related to combining basic items together into a single kit specifically made for candle making purposes.

Further evidence can be found in conversations with employees at various stores in Australia. These workers provide an insight into what products Spotlight does sell and which items could potentially be used for creating homemade candles.

They also confirm that while wicks and wax are both available to purchase separately from each other along with all manner of vessels which could be used to contain them (jars etc. ), there is no official kit sold by them designed for aspiring candle makers or confident crafters who want to design their own aromatherapy creations at home.

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