Dried Flowers Candle Making

## The Wonders of Dried Flowers Candle Making
Creating a personal and incredibly beautiful way to bring fragrant, warm light into your home is easy when you make candles with dried flowers. Candle making with dried flowers brings out the best of craft time creativity in a unique and beautiful way.

### Choosing the Right Flowers
It’s important to select flowers that retain their color and shape once dried, so here are a few that are ideal for candle making:

* Roses
* Snapdragons
* Lisianthus
* Daisy

Alternatively, you can use herbs like lavender, sage, and rosemary.

### What You’ll Need
To make your dried flower candle, you’ll need:

* Beeswax
* Poured Soy Wax (or any other wax of your choice)
* Wick
* Dried Flowers
* Candle Mold

### Preparing Your Flowers
Once you have chosen your dried flowers, it’s time to prepare them for their candle-making adventure. All you need to do is break off any large flower petals and grind them into a fine powder. This will ensure that the flowers mix with the wax during the candle making process.

### Making Your Candle
Making your candle is a simple, DIY process that yields a unique and beautiful result:

1. Start by preparing your candle mold by dusting it with a small amount of cornstarch. This will ensure that your candle will remove easily from the mold after cooling.

2. Cut your wick to the appropriate length and attach it to the bottom of the mold. Make sure to leave enough wick on the top of the candle to hold it in place while pouring your wax.

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3. Add the dried flowers to the wax according to your desired design. For example, you can spread the flowers across the top of the wax or mix them in with the wax.

4. Pour the wax into the candle mold and let it cool for at least 30 minutes before adding more wax.

5. Once your candle has cooled and been removed from the mold, it’s time to wrap the finished product in a stylish ribbon or fabric of your choice.

### Lighting Your Candle
Now that you have made your dried flower candle, it’s time to light it and enjoy its unique beauty and fragrance. It’s recommended that you light the candle for no more than 4 hours at a time to make sure it lasts longer.

Making a dried flower candle is an easy and creative craft that yields a unique and beautiful result. All you need is the right supplies, a little bit of patience, and you can enjoy the wonders of candle making at home.

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