Earl Of East London Candle Making Review


Earl Of East London is a premium candle making company with a mission to create beautiful and sustainable candles from ethically sourced ingredients. The company prides itself on using natural soy wax and a selection of high-quality signature fragrances to craft each candle. Since their founding, Earl of East London has produced some of the most exquisite scented candles on the market, offering up tantalizing aromas for all manner of occasions.

To illustrate their commitment to quality, the Earl Of East London repurposes old whiskey barrels into new vessels for their candles. Each barrel is reclaimed and renewed with an intricate engraving of their brand insignia. This makes their product both unique and special in its own right.

Aside from the one-of-a-kind nature of their product, Earl Of East London are equally dedicated to sustainability. They use recycled glass jars in place of single-use plastics to ensure all materials used in production are recyclable or reusable. Furthermore, they partner with environmentally conscious farmers who grow organic crops throughout the UK and Europe in order to source soy wax for use in every candle produced.

Behind the scenes of the business, Earl Of East London employs several skilled artisans whose craftsmanship infuses these products with elegance and class that stands out among competing brands. From blending exquisite scents together to pouring molten wax into each vessel by hand, this small team works diligently around the clock to create exceptional design pieces that will brighten any home or office space.

So if you’re looking for an ethical candle that delivers delightful aroma at great value, Earl Of East London’s line of products should definitely be your first choice! Watch this video below or scroll through the photo gallery to learn more about what makes these candles so special!

Overview of their Candle Making Process

The Earl of East London creates beautiful handmade scented candles using soy wax. Soy wax is produced from the oil of soybeans, and it gives the Earl of East London’s candles a clean burn and a longer burn time than other types of candles. Their range of fragrances include western-inspired scents such as tobacco & sandalwood, warm spices like cardamom & cinnamon, centred notes like clove & frankincense, and fresh florals such as geranium & ylang-ylang.

Their candle making process starts by carefully selecting the right ingredients to complement their fragrance blends. From natural plant extracts, essential oils and absolutes to sustainably sourced botanicals and fine fragrance blends – these are all carefully selected and blended together to create an amazing aroma in each candle design. After mixing the ingredients together they are carefully poured into their signature reusable glass jars before being hand finished with powder embossed labels for that special touch. The unique wax blend for each scent is then melted down individually, before pouring it gently into their jars creating one homogeneous piece – no more broken wicks! After cooling and setting occurs it’s time for finishing touches on what turns into a downright beautiful artisanal creation; writing out descriptions onto tags which then accompany each jar along with postcards demonstrating how to get the most out of your new favorite addition. Finally they centre the wick ready for burning!

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Featured Candles

English Rose:

The English Rose candle has a warm, inviting fragrance that fills the entire space with its floral scent. It brings to mind memories of summer nights in an English garden. The man-made wax is colored in a beautiful pale pink and delicately adorned with pieces of dried lavender and rosemary. When lit, the flame gently dances and illuminates the room like a flickering snow globe. The aroma is sweet yet relaxing, making it perfect for creating moments of calm.

Vanilla & Sandalwood:

This candle is a blend of both fruity intertwined with woody notes. It strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tranquil aromas. Made from natural soy wax and infused with essential oils, this candle burns clean without any added toxins to the air. It emits a subtle but hypnotic fragrance that helps create calming energy throughout the room. The design features a hand-poured milk white wax with speckles of glitter scattered across like stars in the night sky when lit, adding an enchanting allure to any home interior.

Benefits of Earl Of East London Candles

Earl Of East London candles have become popular for their range of fragrances and natural, eco-friendly ingredients. They offer a unique selection of vegan, soy and coconut wax candles that are free-from parabens and phtalates, in addition to being completely cruelty-free. These all contribute to the long-lasting burn time, which creates an enjoyable atmosphere in any space.

The brand offers an impressive selection of fragrances, including classic scents like lavender and vanilla, as well as more adventurous options such as lemon grass or sage & cedarwood. Every candle is handcrafted with high quality wax and scented with essential oils. Therefore, customers don’t need to worry about buying artificial fragrances that can pose certain health risks.

Unlike other candle brands on the market today, Earl Of East London also offers good value for money. All of their candles are priced relatively low when compared to other companies’ offerings – usually around $30 per large candle – making them a great choice for those looking for quality without breaking their budget.

Overall Earl Of East London candles provide high quality natural products at a fair price point. Their range of product variants makes them stand out from other candle brands when considering usability and novelty factor, making it an excellent choice both for personal use or gifting specifically tailored to one’s taste – be it classic aromas or truly unique ones!

Consumers Reaction & Reviews

Customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for Earl of East London’s candles. Many customers have remarked on the unique scent of the candles, citing scents like almond, bergamot, rose and grapefruit as some of their favorites. Customers have also raved about the quality of the products; many report that their candles burn cleanly and evenly, that they’re long burning, and that they’re packaged attractively and well. Customers have appreciated the sophisticated fragrances available in different candle sizes, such as a small tumbler or a larger jar candle. Social media posts from customers using the hashtag #eolelondon showcase customers enjoying their Earl Of East London candles in any number of ways.

Wholesale Candle Making Pots

Not only do customers value the quality and variety of product offerings at Earl Of East London, their customer service is also highly praised. A dedicated Q&A section on their website allows customers to ask questions and make comments about various aspects of Earl Of East London’s products including pricing, delivery times and how to use items properly. Their staff has generally received positive praise for responding quickly and courteously to inquiries as well as providing helpful advice.

Final Thoughts

The Earl Of East London candles are an ideal choice for anyone who loves high-quality, unique scents. The candle range includes a wide variety of fragrances that will appeal to any taste. The smells are strong, but not overpowering and provide a pleasant aroma in any room. Additionally, the wax used is eco-friendly and burns cleanly without leaving soot or smoke stains on walls or furniture. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the candles come in several different sizes – giving you plenty of options when it comes to placement.

Overall, I highly recommend the Earl Of East London candle range. They offer good value for money, have fantastic fragrances and come in many different sizes to suit any size room or preference. They also contain no artificial dyes and the wax used is eco friendly giving peace of mind that they won’t be harmful to your health or the environment. If you’re looking for a unique candle with great lasting quality and scent – then look no further than this range.


The Earl Of East London Candle Making Review showcases the brand’s unique ability to craft luxury candles that evoke heartfelt emotion and positive energy. All the candles from Earl of East London are 100% vegan, palm-free and use sustainable soy wax for a scent that lasts longer. Their variety of fragrances, boasting scents such as minty eucalyptus, geranium and sandalwood, and smokey myrrh will transport your mind to different cultures and countries. They also offer bespoke candle services for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

We highly recommend that readers purchase the Earl Of East London candles! For a limited time, they are offering a special discount of 10% off using the code “EOL10”. Visit their website to get your personalized candle today and experience the luxuriousness of their small batch creations!

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