Essential Oils For Making Soy Candles


Making your own candles at home can be hugely rewarding. Not only are you able to control the quality of the product that you’re making, but you can also infuse your candle with whatever special fragrance you’d like. Many people opt to use essential oils for adding a fragrant aroma to their soy candles. Essential oils are not just pleasant smelling; they also carry therapeutic benefits that may help reduce stress and promote relaxation of the body and mind.

When used in combination with soy wax, essential oils can make a wonderfully scented candle. Combining the natural therapeutic effects of these plant extracts with the beauty and design capabilities provided by soy wax is truly a special experience. Soy wax has the added benefit of being 100% natural, so whatever you craft from it won’t contain any potentially hazardous materials such as toxic paraffin or lead wicks. As an added bonus there’s no need to worry about black smoke or soot particles coming from burning.

When using essential oils for making soy candles its best to start off small, as too much oil might cause uneven burning and molten wax spilling over plastic containers. A few drops of oil per pound of melted wax should be enough fragrance, more than 10 drops/pound will likely have adverse affects when used in smaller containers due to wind tunnels created inside each container which prevents even burning. Additionally most scent types evaporate after two-three days unless sealed well in glass jars or synthetic tins (lids must be tight fitting). Therefore experimentation is needed until desirable results are achieved, keeping in mind that the aroma won’t necessarily fill entire room depending on size for air circulation available for diffusion process.

Investigating the Scent Profile and Benefits of Essential Oils

Soy candles are becoming increasingly popular for their luxurious fragrances and long-lasting burn. They are made from all natural ingredients that are safer for both you and the environment. However, many people don’t realize that with just a few simple drops of essential oils, you can create a beautiful, custom soy candle experience full of amazing aromatherapy benefits.

There is an abundance of essential oil scents available to create unique combinations in your soy candles. From floral scents such as lavender and chamomile to spicy varieties like clove and cinnamon, there is something for everyone – even those hard to please connoisseurs! Depending on what type of atmosphere you are looking to create, each blend has its own special benefits that cannot be found in any artificial scent.

Each oil will have its own unique scent profile that can promote deep relaxation, enhance focus and attention or calm emotions – all while providing your home or office with a refreshingly inviting aroma. For example, lavender is often used to reduce stress and headaches due to its calming effects; grapefruit oil can help boost energy levels; ylang-ylang relieves anxiety; peppermint aids concentration; and eucalyptus stimulates air circulation in an enclosed space. No matter the scent you choose, essential oils can provide an extra layer of mood boosting enjoyment for your average soy candle.

Considering How to Choose the Ideal Essential Oil Blend

When it comes to essential oils, the only limit is your imagination. There are so many fragrances available that you might struggle to decide which one works best for your soy candles. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect essential oil blend:

1. Think about the fragrance you want to achieve. Do you want anything floral, woody, fruity, citrusy or herbaceous? Start narrowing down the type of scent you’re looking for by considering these categories and then try out some individual oils and combinations of oils until you find something that suits your needs perfectly.

2. Remember that different essential oils have varying intensities of smell when melted in wax, generally speaking; the lighter scents like Lavender, Chamomile and Geranium won’t be as intense but will still smell beautiful when combined with other fragrances correctly.

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3. Consider adding some texture to your candles by blending an exfoliating scrub such as Coffee grounds into your wax before pouring it over your wicks; this will create a luxurious, spa-like experience when burning them.

4. If you’re unsure what combinations work well together or which would be most suitable for soy candles then consult an aromatherapy expert or reference a scent chart online that includes popular candle scents with compatible notes listed next to them like ‘Lime & Peppermint’ or ‘Frankincense & Bergamot’ for instance!

5. Finally, remember that if all else fails then trial-and-error is always an option – mix up different combos until you’ve mastered what works best for your handmade creations (just make sure not to waste too much wax in the process). Who knows – maybe even an unlikely addition could end up being your signature scent!

Mixing Essential Oils with Soy Wax to Create the Perfect Candle

Adding essential oils to soy wax is the perfect way to create a unique and inviting aroma for your candle. Essential oils can be blended together to create various scents that work with the soy wax and make it unique. For example, you could mix lavender with vanilla for a calming scent or citrus with mint for an energizing blend. To get started, simply warm up your candle wax until it reaches 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, add desired essential oils drop by drop, according to the number of ounces of wax in your candle container, making sure not to exceed 15 drops per ounce. Stir thoroughly, allowing the essential oils to completely absorb in the wax. Carefully pour your wax into each pre-prepared container before allowing it to cool and harden over a period of 24 hours. Finally, trim your wicks and carefully burn your candles where they will remain safe from drafts or flammable materials. With this method, you can easily make customized aromatic candles out of soy wax and essential oil blends!

Adding Essential Oils to Soy Wax

Essential Oils can be added to soy wax in a variety of ways and can improve the quality of the candle, enhance its fragrance and add natural therapeutic properties. Essential oils are potent by nature, so it’s important to evaluate your candle ingredients before choosing which type of essential oil to use. It’s also important to determine the best way for adding essential oils to soy wax candles.

One option is to mix the essential oil with water at a 10:1 ratio, then dip the wick into the liquid prior to dipping it into the melted wax. Another option is to combine an essential oil blend directly into melted wax at a temperature between 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring well while pouring into molds or tins. Lastly, you can add some essential oils after pouring the melted wax if you want a higher concentration of scent. Be sure not to use too much oil due to flashpoint temperatures that could be dangerous when burning a candle with small amounts of essential oil in it. After testing what amount works best in your soy wax blend, write down your measurements and burn tests in case you ever decide to replicate the same scent later on.

Experimenting to Create the Optimal Aroma Combination

Using essential oils to scent soy candles can be an incredibly rewarding hobby. The combinations of smells that you can create are seemingly endless, and the process of experimenting to craft the perfect aroma combination is a pleasurable activity! It’s important to begin by understanding the basics of oil blending and carefully selecting the suppliers of your oils – quality will have a big impact on the outcome of your aromatic creations. Once you’ve attained a basic understanding of blending, you can start having some fun. To formulate essential oil scented soy candles, it is best to use only pure essential oils as synthetic fragrance oils are known for dissipating quickly and may not give your candles staying power. Additionally, when using multiple oil blends, do not use more than 25% total dilution in carrier oil or wax solution if attempting strong aromas. Experimenting with mixing will teach you what kind of blend works best for your goals, letting you customize your candle’s scent exactly according to your tastes. Furthermore, different individual oils have unique properties so research each one before attempting certain blends! When creating irresistible herbal combinations such as lavender jasmine or rosemary eucalyptus make sure to use equal amounts so that no singleoil dominates the blend. Through experimentation and dedication to this craft, you too can make breathtakingly aromatic soy candles.

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Environmental and Safety Considerations for Soy Candle Making

When utilizing essential oils to make soy candles, it is important to be mindful of certain environmental and safety considerations. Soy candles are generally favored over traditional wax candles for their lower melting points and clean burning properties. However, when essential oils are included in the formulation of a soy candle, additional attention must be applied when considering environmental impacts as well as various levels of safe handling.

On an environmental level, consideration should be taken with regards to sourcing sustainable and responsibly harvested ingredients; utilizing supplies made from recycled materials whenever possible; and being aware of how emissions are affected by the utilization of scent. Candle production can also affect air quality through increased fragranced-air pollutants released during burning. Therefore, it is important to practice using careful application rates of essential oils and other fragrances when crafting a soy candle for optimal emission performance.

From a safe handling perspective, soy is typically recognized as a natural product that performs well without the need for added preservatives or stabilizing agents. However, if essential oils are used in combination with different heat sources (hot-pour wax or double boiler), it is recommended that you work in a well ventilated area and exercise caution when pouring hot liquid wax into containers – never leave containers unattended or out of reach from children during the cooling process! Additionally, many cold press blended oil formulas may require additional dilution prior to incorporating into heated wax formulations to avoid potential burn risk associated with higher concentrations of volatile compounds found within some concentrated essential oil blends.

To further expand on environmental and safety considerations for making soy candles with essential oils, recycling should be encouraged after use of the candle is finished to reduce waste impact. As well, it’s important to consider the eco-friendly effects of your choice in packaging materials: look for environmentally responsible manufacturers who offer sustainable packaging options such as paper or glass containers sealed with cork stoppers rather than plastic containers – this will help promote waste reduction initiatives. Furthermore, if special equipment such as immersion hand blenders will be used for mixing purposes in production operations then proper disposal techniques should be established to prevent pollution from occurring due to hazardous chemicals contained within used blades from those mechanical devices


Essential oils for making soy candles offer a unique experience for those who craft with them. The natural and botanical ingredients found in essential oils open up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating your own unique candle scents. From invigorating smells like peppermint or citrus, to grounding aromas like lavender or sandalwood, there’s something to suit every taste — and to bring out the best of your creations. As you experiment with different oils, different combinations and recipes, you’ll find that adding essential oils gives that extra touch of creativity to your work.

When used correctly, essential oils can produce some truly amazing results when making soy candles. You’ll enjoy the power they have to create an atmosphere of calmness and well-being. Diffusing the uniquely designed scent into the air leaves a lasting impression on those around you – one that stands far above any artificially created fragrance. It is no wonder many crafters choose essential oil as their number one choice for candle making! Additionally, given the fact that these botanicals are all-natural from Mother Nature herself, every time you light one of your unique creations made with some special combination of fragrances, it is sure to fill any room full of magic.

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