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Gold Coast Candle Making is a premier, full-service candle making studio located in the heart of the Gold Coast. We specialize in custom-made, high-quality soy, beeswax and paraffin candles that add light and beauty to homes and businesses. Our experienced artisans create stunning creations for any occasion, from simple tapers and tealights to elegant votives and floating designs. Every product is handcrafted using only premium quality materials such as natural waxes derived from soybeans and beeswax as well as a variety of fragrances to provide long lasting scents for any atmosphere. Whether you want to make a single special piece or create bulk orders for gifts or events, our team of passionate professionals can help bring your candle visions to life!

Discuss Types of Wax

Candle making is a creative and unique hobby that allows you to make beautiful candles from the comfort of your home. To make great-looking candles, it’s important to understand the different types of wax and wicks available for candle making. The choice of wax and wick will have a significant effect on the outcome of the candles you create.

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin, also known as mineral waxes, is one of the most popular types of candle waxes. It has been around since 1850 and can be used in container or pillar candles. This type of wax comes with many color additives specifically designed for candle making, so it’s worth exploring this option if you are looking to produce vibrant colors in your creations.

Soy Wax: Soy wax is becoming increasingly popular because it is considered a renewable resource resource, unlike paraffin which is derived from petroleum products. Soy has a reputation for producing clean burning, longer lasting candles with added scent throw due to its low melting point temperature; however soy can vary dramatically in quality depending on sources used during manufacture.

Beeswax: Beeswax candles are very popular and tend to be more expensive than synthetic varieties due to their lower availability. Our beeswax provides an extraordinary aged honey fragrance which only increases with age! Additionally, compared to other varieties – beeswax does not require any additional colourants or additives so those with allergies needn’t worry about being exposed to unknown ingredients.

Wicks: Wicks are made from cotton and help draw fuel up from the molten wax helping it combust once lit. There are several kinds of wicks ranging from flat braid zinc core style all the way up to more specialist sizes such as square braid woodcored that possess greater burn times such as dinnercandles where long hours of illumination are required in one sitting. It’s very essential that correct size is always chosen according to size/formula of candle or else there may be issues around pooling, smoking etc after burning commenced due over saturation either too much combustion materials supplied continuously.

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Include DIY Candle Making Guides

DIY candle making guides from Gold Coast Candle Making are the perfect way to hone your craft as an enthusiastic home candle maker. Our step-by-step instructions guide you through every aspect of the process, from beginning to end. We provide practical troubleshooting tips and expert advice in case you run into any roadblocks along the way. We even give you access to our own special instructor videos that cover more complex techniques relevant to experts and beginners alike. Whether you’re a casual crafter or a dedicated hobbyist, our DIY guides deliver the tools and techniques needed for creating candles like any professional. Whatever your skill level, we have something suitable for everyone so you can make beautiful and unique candles that express your individual style – right down to the aroma! Trust us; when it comes to making scented masterpieces, Gold Coast has got you covered!

Feature Gold Coast-based Candle Making Artists

Gold Coast is home to some amazing candle making artists. Their work reflects the beautiful and diverse culture of the region. Here’s a look at some of these talented artisans and their unique creations!

Nestor Harofan is an up-and-coming candle maker who has quickly become a favorite among locals. He uses natural ingredients sourced from local farms to make his high-quality candles. His signature design is a combination of white wax, jasmine flower petals, and beeswax fragrance. His work has been featured in several art shows around the city.

Dalia Fuentes is another well-known name among Gold Coast candle making artists. Her designs feature bold colors and intricate beadwork along with various fragrances like sandalwood, rosemary, and citronella. She also makes special soy wax candles as well as traditional lightbulbs for more modern styling. Dalia’s twist on classic techniques has earned her recognition from businesses all over the area.

Amy Gospodinova has made a name for herself by combining elements from her own Slavic background into her artwork. With colors inspired by nature, Amy creates original pieces with essential oils and herbs available only in Gold Coast markets. Her delicate craftsmanship gives each piece its own unique character which she strives to capture in photos that accompany every sale on her website.

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Include Important Safety Advice

When making candles, it is important to ensure safety in order to avoid any accidents. Be sure to use heat-safe surfaces and protective gear such as oven mitts or gloves when handling molten wax. It can also be helpful to use a double boiler setup to reduce the amount of direct exposure to heat. Additionally, proper ventilation should be used so that unpleasant fumes can be dispersed safely away. Finally, always make sure not to leave the room while any candles are left burning!

Share Examples of Creative Gold Coast-based Projects

One of the most creative Gold Coast-based candle making projects is Gaea Studio. Based in Mount Tamborine, they specialize in hand poured soy wax candles with natural botanicals embedded inside. They have come up with a unique way to create layered scents, where the candles have different levels of fragrances from Tasmanian Pepperberry and Lime, to Coconut and Verbena. The result is a beautiful centerpiece for any room full of unique aromas.

Another one of the most inventive independent candle makers based in the Gold Coast is Coastal Candle Co. Their specialty are stunningly minimalistic pieces that use wildflower petals and essential oils to give a fresh beach air fragrance. As an added bonus, they also offer sea shell wax melts that bring a taste of the coast right to your living space without having to leave home. Coastal Candle Co uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials so you can use them guilt free!

Finally, there is Gypsy Heart Co., which offers hand poured beeswax candles as well as scented soy wax melts for any occasion. Their creations feature natural elements like herbs, spices, flower petals and crystals – plus their signature “Dreamcatcher” range where each one is unique. Not only do Gypsy Heart Co make aesthetically pleasing pieces perfect for decorating any area yet setting amazing perfumed vibes to uplift anyone’s mood.

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