Gumtree Candle Making Kit


The Gumtree Candle Making Kit is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create high-quality, custom candles. With this simple and easy-to-use kit, you can make your own unique candles quickly and inexpensively. What sets this kit apart from others on the market is its comprehensive selection of accessories and tools that allow you to create any kind of candle from decorative to functional. The kit includes a variety of melting pots and molds for making different types of candles; waxes, dyes, and scents for adding color, fragrance, and shape; wick clips and tabs for attaching wicks in place; a wide range of containers such as metal cans and glass jars for holding the finished product. Additionally, detailed instructions are provided with each purchase so that even beginners can produce professional quality candles. Not only do you achieve professional results without breaking the bank but investing in the Gumtree Candle Making Kit also allows you to explore your creative side while having some fun!

Unpacking the Kit

The Gumtree Candle Making Kit contains all the necessary items to make your own candles. It comes with a variety of waxes and fragrances, wick material, wooden sticks and thermometers.

Once unpackaged, you will find one 5lbs of wax (can be either paraffin or soy), five scent oil bottles (two ounces each), one wick attachment tool, six rolls of pre-made cotton wicks, 10 wooden sticks for stirring and shaping your candles two stainless steel thermometers for wax melting and cooling.

In addition to these materials, the kit also includes an instruction book with directions on how to start making your own candles. It is easy to follow and can help even the most novice candle makers easily create their desired product.

Everything you need to create beautiful candles is included in this kit – from the wax to equipment such as thermometers. You can use the included fragrances or add your own personal touches with any oils or dye you choose. Once you have melted the wax and added your creative touches, you are ready to begin making gorgeous aromatic candles!

Crafting with the Kit

The Gumtree Candle Making Kit offers an exciting way to craft beautiful candles at home. Everything you need is included in the starter kit to get started; whether you’re a beginner, amateur or experienced candle maker. Included are high-quality supplies such as custom-scented wax, two types of wicks, two multi-sized metal tins with lids and several fragrances plus colour dyes for a personalised touch.

The step-by-step process for creating your custom candle is easy to follow. The tutorial booklet provided contains full instructions from melting your wax over using heat resistant containers to create larger batches of fragranced candles. You can use essential oils or pre-blended scented oils such as jasmine, lavender and citrus to infuse your wax with delicious aromas. For an added layer of character, experiment with powdered colourants or liquid dyes which come packaged in the starter kit set. Vary each mix with its own unique design by adding intricate decorations and dried flowers before pouring the melted wax into the moulds available for later use.

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Innovative features have been implemented into this comprehensive kit allowing start up crafters the convenience of low mess processing and long lasting durability benefits due to its quality & easy transferable materials i.e Moulds that never be used again but reused many times after it sets from previous creations as well as smaller supplies such as wick tabs which can be used severally on multiple batches without ever having to replace them or run out any time soon!

After hours of hard work, patience will pay off once it’s all said and done! With just one look at the finished product ” you’ll be in awe at how well striking aesthetic appeal pairs with the heavenly scent of warm cedarwood or sweet vanilla! Yep – these crafted masterpieces will truly reflect an eye catching style that could potentially rival those store bought brands alongside captivating whiffs that will fill any room quickly!

Tips and Tricks

Advanced Craft Techniques:

• Adding Ethereal Fragrances – For an increased effect, some crafters suggest adding essential oils to the wax before dripping it into the molds. This can add a beautiful aroma to your candles.

• Blending Colors – After creating one color at a time, craftspeople can combine colors for a beautiful marbling effect. Experiment with different colors and ratios until desired results are reached.

• Textured Finishes – When the candles have cooled, you can shape them further by lightly rolling them over a textured surface such as sandpaper or fabric samples. Be careful not to over-manipulate them.

Pro-Level Tips:
• Using Liquid Candle Dye – An alternative method of coloring wax is by using candle dye in liquid form instead of pre-colored chips or wicking tabs. This allows precise control and makes it easier to set tables of different shades that match a complete scheme or design.
• Wicking Consistency – Keep an eye on the wick when making multiple candles to make sure that it keeps its steady burn throughout the whole process. This will ensure optimal sunlight exposure once lit for maximum burning hours!
• Sealing Molds – Use beeswax if creating molds from scratch, as this will provide reliable containment and help prevent your candle from warping when melted.

Easy Candle Making Directions

Personal Experiences

The Gumtree Candle Making Kit offers a unique and enjoyable experience for exploring the craft of candle making. Many customers have found the kit to be comprehensive and fun. Interviews with customers can demonstrate how the kit serves as an easy-to-follow guide for beginners”not only providing step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful candles, but also offering tips and tricks pertinent to both novice and experienced makers. User-generated video clips could also provide an entertaining visual exploration of the innovative kit. From mixing dyes and fragrances, to cutting up wax blocks, these videos would give viewers a glimpse into the entire process of using the Gumtree Candle Making Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any other uses I could get out of my Gumtree Candle Making Kit?

A: Absolutely! In addition to using your Gumtree Candle Making Kit for its intended purpose, you can also use it to make a variety of scented lotions, room fresheners, and potpourri. The wicks in the kit can also be used to make your own custom jewelry or decorations. Additionally, the wax can be melted down as a base for handmade soaps or bath bombs. If you’re feeling creative, you can even use some of the dyes included in the kit to paint designs onto canvas and fabric!


The Gumtree Candle Making Kit is a fun and creative way to craft beautiful candles of all shapes and colors. The kit includes all the supplies you need to make your very own unique candles, including scented wax, molds, colors, and fragrances for an added personal touch. If you’re looking for a fun activity with family or friends or want to give a gift of personalized candles to someone special, this is the perfect solution!

To keep up with all the updates regarding the Gumtree Candle Making Kit we suggest adding social links like Facebook and Instagram. This would allow customers to stay in tune with any new additions to the kit like recipes for different types of wax or even discounts on purchases. Additionally, creating a page highlighting customer feedback will help those first-time buyers who are willing to purchase the product but are not sure if it’s right for them. Being able to view pictures taken with the finished products can help create confidence in potential buyers that they are making the right decision by choosing this product.

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