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Candle making is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries, with the first known candles dating back to around 3000 BC. Ancient civilizations used candles made from various materials, such as waxes from animal fats and beeswax, to provide light and create ambiance in their homes. While most of today’s candles are made from paraffin wax or soy wax, the overall process remains largely unchanged since it was first invented.

Hamilton Candle Making is a company based in Hamilton, Ontario that specializes in crafting premium quality hand-poured vegan and natural candles. Established in 2020 by Caleigh Hamilton, our goal is to provide our customers with an affordable product that burns cleanly and smells great. We take great pride in using high-quality ingredients like essential oils, dried flowers, coconut oil, shea butter, and more to make each candle special. In addition to candles, we offer many other products including body care items like bath bombs and soap bars, as well as custom scenting options for businesses and events.

The process of candle making begins with selecting the type of wax for the base of the candle. Once this has been determined then fragrances or essential oils are added to create a desired aroma. Various colored dyes can also be used if desired. After these ingredients have been mixed together carefully they are poured into molds or containers where they can cool down before being removed and cut into shapes if preferred. Finally, wicks are included so they can be lit safely when ready for use. From start to finish there is no shortage of creativity when crafting handmade candles and this makes it a popular hobby among crafters everywhere!

Hamilton Candle Making

Hamilton Candle Making has been a part of the local community in Hamilton, Ontario since the late 18th century. Originally established by Loyalists who had fled to the colony of Upper Canada after the American Revolution, they began producing tallow and beeswax candles for use in homes and businesses throughout the region. As time passed, their production expanded to include wax candles made with paraffin and other ingredients, such as fragrances, colors, oils, and dyes.

Over the years, Hamilton Candle Making has become an integral part of the Hamilton economy. Today’s company still makes quality wax products from old fashion traditions mixed with modern technology that results in bold colors and scents. Even though their family-run business has been handed down through generations of master craftsmen and innovators over two centuries now, making exquisite candles still remains their top priority. They provide local customers with custom orders that can accommodate all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, meeting each customer’s individual needs. Even today natural beeswax is a favored choice among many customers looking for something different than traditional paraffin options ” blending in a very special “Old World” scent that harkens back to early 19th-century candle makers.

In addition to providing custom order candles for home décor or personal pleasure, Hamilton Candle Making also manufactures high-grade commercial products used extensively throughout North America in countless applications ranging from churches and temple dedications to national independence day celebrations. Additional community involvement comes through catering services available at their retail store located just outside of downtown Hamilton offering families a chance to bring home authentic creations while taking advantage of discounted offers during holiday times such as Easter or Christmas when craftsmanship truly shines through.

The Artistry of Hamilton Candle Making

Hamilton Candle Making is a craft that has been passed through generations for decades. Its artisans create exquisite candles made with hand-poured wax and natural colored swirled together to form beautiful designs. There is an abundance of skill and technique used in this specialty, starting with the sculpting of the wax into commonly shaped animals, flowers and other decorative elements. Thanks to continued refining and experimentation, Hamilton specialists have perfected the art of creating intricate patterns as they drizzle in different colors and finishes. These finished pieces are then set into candle molds before being cast into pillar or votive sized candles. The results are beautiful works of art that allow one to experience both the imaginative beauty of nature, as well as the pleasure of a dancing flame in their home. With such exquisite work comes continual innovation by Hamilton’s artisanal makers, continually updating techniques to result in more advanced artwork for each successive batch of candles. Every candle produced is unique; a testament to centuries-old practices honed through dedication and commitment from one generation to the next. It’s no wonder why people around the world continue to marvel at Hamilton’s Candle Making expertise!

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Differentiating between Custom Made and Mass-Produced Candles

Custom made candles are defined as any candles that are handmade by an individual. This means that all aspects of the candle, from the scent to design, size, and shape, will be determined by the maker. Many custom made candles also use natural waxes and wicks which may not be available in stores.

In contrast to custom made candles, mass-produced candles are those that are created in larger quantities using machines or molds. There is typically less of a focus on personalization since these candles are designed to appeal to a wider audience. When it comes to ingredients, these typically come from large suppliers in bulk quantities and include low-cost waxes and wicks.

The difference between custom made and mass-produced candles can be seen in small details such as scent options. Typically a customer making a custom candle will have more freedom with their choice of fragrance since there can be minor changes or adjustments to suit their needs better than what is available pre-made at stores or websites. On the other hand, mass-produced candles tend to have fewer scent options due limited availability of certain fragrant oils and supplies. Therefore, customization is one area where custom makers really stand out compared with mass producers which often cannot compete on this level.

Varieties of Candle Wax and Wicks Explained

Hamilton Candle Making offers a wide range of products for candle makers, from molten wax to wicks and colorants. Depending on the type of candle you are making, different types of wax and wicks can be used to achieve different results.

Paraffin Wax: Paraffin wax is one of the most popular choices for candle making. This type of wax is highly efficient and gives off a great scent when burning. The melting point of paraffin wax falls between 125 -140F, which makes it suitable for use with a variety of containers. Additionally, paraffin wax gives off a clean burn that creates even layers when poured into molds or tins.

Soy Wax: Soy wax is another popular option for creating candles. It has a lower melting point than paraffin wax (110-120F) and produces longer lasting candles with stronger aroma and cooler flames. Made from soybeans, this type of natural wax burns slower than other alternatives, allowing scents to stay in the air longer. Although dripless candles can be produced with soy wax, they are not entirely free from smoke residue or dripping due to its lower melting point.

Beeswax: Beeswax is nature’s robust choice when it comes to candle-making ingredients; because of its unique formula beeswax will provide better overall performance compared to other botanical oils used in commercial blends such as soy or palm oil. This product contains many beneficial components for producing long-lasting, clean burning candles with brilliant colors and incredible aromas that fill up any room immediately upon lighting them up! Aside from being environmentally friendly, beeswax also has an incredibly high melting point which means that your creations won’t melt away easily on hot days or during summertime use outdoors!

Wick Types: In order to create successful candles, it is important that the correct wick size is chosen depending on the type of candle being made as well as its container size and type of wax being used . There are three main categories for wicks which should be taken into consideration: round cotton core wicks (for larger container sizes), paper core wicks (for general purpose usage in smaller containers) and flat braid wicks (for floating candles or shaped moulds). In addition to following these basic recommendations, candle makers should also bear in mind that all these types come in various thicknesses so determining the right one becomes essential when making your personalized smokeless creations!

Crafting Quality Hamilton Candles

Hamilton Candle Making is a local company that has been making high quality candles for more than fifteen years. Hamilton Candle Maker uses time-tested, artisanal methods to create hand-crafted and unique candles with an artisan flair. The experienced and creative staff uses the finest waxes, wicks, and fragrances to ensure optimal results. With proper preparation, anyone can make beautiful candles in a range of styles including jar, pillar, votive, taper and themed candles. Here are some tips on how to craft quality Hamilton Candles:

1. Start by selecting the correct wax type”and amount”for your project. Different waxes produce different effects and levels of opacity when melted; paraffin or beeswax are often used for artistic candles while soy or vegetable-based waxes create a softer finish.

2. Create a suitable foundation for your candle: An appropriate wick length and thickness should be chosen for candle’s size as well as the specific wax type you’re using.

3. Measure out and melt the desired wax accurately in order to achieve best results when combining scents as well as layers if applicable (such as adding colour).

4. Use essential oils or fragrance oil to add scent depending on preference”essential oils emit pure scents extracted from plants whilst fragrance oils can provide unique scents derived from synthetic ingredients which create longer lasting aromas for broader appeal

How To Make Candles - At Home

5. Pour it into molds that have already been prepared ” make sure molds are aged appropriately prior to filling them with wax or hold onto any copyright designs/artwork that isn’t yours due rights associated with replicating it shouldn’t be violated

6 Make sure your temperatures are correct ” too much heat can destroy scents whereas also too little will cause air bubbles so do make sure thermometer accuracy is checked before usage 7 Lastly have patience! – allow time for each layer from recent pour’s cure properly so new pouring does not interfere with previous layers – no need to rush it!

Decorative Ideas for Candles in Your Home

Hamilton Candle Making is a great way to add a beautiful and unique touch to your home decor. Candles can be used in many different ways such as in lanterns, holders, and candelabras. You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorative ideas for candles in your home.

You could create custom-made candles by mixing colors or even by adding different scented oils or fragrances; this would make the perfect gift for friends or family. Additionally, you can use various materials like ribbon, wicks and wax chips to enhance the visual appeal of the candle. For example, you could wrap a ribbon around an ordinary candle holder to give it a pop of color or write initials in the wax before hardened for a more personalized look.

Furthermore, you have the option of using molds when creating candles with Hamilton Candle Making; this makes it easy for individuals who lack artistic talent to create stunning pieces. Molds come in all shapes and sizes so there is something for everyone, from fish wall shaped molds to Christmas tree shaped molds. Furthermore, glitter and powders can be used on your creations to give them extra sparkle and shine! Lastly you might consider experimenting with layering multiple colors together or handpainting designs onto the candle surface; these creative touches will turn an ordinary candle into a work of art that looks unique every time!

Fun Crafts to Make with Candles

Hamilton Candle Making offers an array of fun crafts to do with candles. You can make votives with glitter and ribbons, unique jar candles, scented candles with herbs, or themed designs such as tartan, seasonal-themed shapes and designs. You could even add essential oils to make a lovely aromatherapy candle. For the more adventurous crafters, there are plenty of techniques such as layering waxes of different colors and types to produce exciting marbleized effects, or swirling multi-colored waxes together to create interesting patterns. If you’re looking for something more intricate you can use clay stamps or stencils directly onto your candles adding interesting textures or shapes. Even braiding wicks together creates an interesting look when burning multiple candles at once. The possibilities are endless!


Hamilton Candle Making has been a tradition in the city for hundreds of years. With the arrival of settlers from Europe, it became a symbol of welcome and warmth, providing illumination and comfort during dark and cold winter nights. This age-old trade has stood the test of time, with candle makers still crafting their wax creations by hand with traditional methods passed down through generations. Through the years, this practice has evolved to meet customers’ modern needs, creating elegant, timeless versions that incorporate traditional motifs.

In recent years, there has been an increased appreciation among locals and tourists alike for unique handmade items such as those produced by Hamilton candle makers. With every creation made with skill and care, this art form is becoming increasingly popular across Canada as well as throughout the world. People who visit Hamilton not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also gain a deeper appreciation for its rich history and culture while they explore established local stores in search of unique gifts or souvenirs.

By celebrating traditional practices such as Hamilton candle making, visitors are also gaining understanding into how these age-old traditions have helped shape our lives today. From romantic dinners to birthday celebrations to enjoying a quiet evening relaxing by the fire; these candles serve as tangible reminders of happier times shared with family and friends alike. They are markers of our pasts even as they bring comfort to present-day festivities”always evoking nostalgia along with grander ambitions for brighter futures.

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