Hobby Lobby Soy Candle Making


Hobby Lobby Soy Candle Making is a great hobby for those who are interested in making their own candles. It is much less expensive than buying premade candles, and the ingredients involved make it one of the most environmentally friendly candle-making methods. With soy wax, you can use natural fragrances, plant-based dyes, and beeswax or vegetable oils as your materials while the process is quite simple. The main benefit of soy wax is that it burns slower and cleaner than paraffin wax, which produces toxic fumes when burned. In addition to creating fewer emissions, soy wax also has a longer burn time of up to 50% more so than paraffin wax burning. Soy wax candles typically give off a more subtle aroma than paraffin candles and have a creamy-white color once solidified. With this type of candle making, there are many possibilities to be creative! From customizing scents to crafting unique mixtures with essential oils, you can let your imagination run wild!

Varieties of Wax

One of the most widely used waxes for soy candle making is Soy Wax. Soy wax flaunts a creamy and soft consistency that provides an even end result, without any blemishes. This type of wax holds fragrance extremely well, however it does require the addition of beeswax or paraffin if you’re looking for really strong scents to be produced. On the other hand, Coconut Wax is another popular option largely in part due to its incredibly nice smell when burned and non-toxic base ingredients that are also eco-friendly in comparison to other types of wax available on the market. Coconut wax features a smooth and consistent feel which makes it very easy to pour, plus it has an excellent hot & cold scent throw through out its lifetime as a finished product. Beeswax is also a common choice when it comes to soy candle making thanks to its natural ability to filter and clean the air with its purifying properties. Furthermore, beeswax can also produce a sharp scent in conjunction with added fragrance oils being applied. Finally, Paraffin Wax is great for producing a longer burn time making it one of the perfect choices when trying to create larger candles. Just like beeswax, paraffin aides in providing durable scented candles as well as drawing in essential fragrances that help craft unique scents around your home in no time at all!

Fragrances and Dyes

Fragrances for candles can be purchased in a variety of ways. At Hobby Lobby, it is possible to purchase premixed oil ready for use in candle making. These oils are made from essential and fragrance oils, with some combinations having pheromones or menthols added to enhance their aroma and scent. Additionally, scented wax melts are available to create unique scented candles with an additional dose of personality.

When it comes to dyeing your candles, you have several options at Hobby Lobby too. Candle makers can choose from liquid dyes or powdered dyes, as well as mica pigments which offer more vibrant colors than traditional dyes. Mica pigments come in a wide variety of colors and shades and can be used alone or blended together to create stunning effects when combined with the flame of the burning candle. Additionally, items such as sprinkles, glitter and petals made of wax can all be used to decorate your soy candles, giving that extra pop of visual interest.

Materials and Equipment Needed

For hobby lobby soy candle making, you need several basic supplies. One of the most important items is soy wax, usually in flake form. You will also need a double boiler or wax melting pot to melt the wax along with a thermometer to measure its temperature. An electric or stove top burner can also be used. For containers, glass jars work well and for wicks either rag core with metal tabs or pre-tabbed wicks are recommended depending on the size of the jar. Candle colors, scents, and essential oils may be added depending on desired effect. Last but not least, you’ll need some type of rod such as a chopstick or skewer for holding the wick in position as it burns down through your candle. With all these supplies and perhaps a few tools like wick bars and glue dots, you’ll have all the materials and equipment needed to make a perfect diy soy candle!

Preparation for Making Soy Candles

When making soy candles, it is important to select the right materials for the job. This includes finding the best type of wax for a successful soy candle project. Soy wax is known to be an all natural, renewable resource that is clean burning and free of toxins. The type of wax chosen can affect how long the candles burn and how much fragrance they give off.

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In addition to selecting an appropriate type of wax, it is also necessary to choose the correct molds and dyes. Molds should be non-toxic and easy to remove from the candles once they are done setting up. Certain types of dyes will work better with certain types of molds. For instance, candle dye that is made specifically for glass jars may not be suitable for use in plastic molds.

Fragrances are also essential when making soy candles. A wide variety of fragrances are available on the market today ranging from sweet floral scents to heavy musk odors; no matter what kind of scent you prefer, you will likely find something that suits your needs! When creating your own unique blend of fragrance oils, it may require some trial and error before mastering the ratio that produces your desired smell. Properly measuring each ingredient used throughout this process is essential in achieving a consistent scent from batch to batch.

Finally, once all materials have been collected, it’s time to start preparing for the candle making session! Depending on which methods are being used (such as double boiler or microwave), make sure that all equipment is sanitized before use and that all safety precautions are taken into consideration (e.g., keeping children out of reach). With all these tips in mind, crafting beautifully fragrant soy candles will become an enjoyable experience!

How to Make a Soy Candle

Step 1: Measuring and Melting Your Wax

Gather the desired amount of wax flakes for your candle. We recommend using either soy or paraffin wax for the best results. Place the flakes in a double boiler or use a dedicated melting pot to melt the wax over medium heat on a stove-top. Give it time to fully melt before adding any other ingredients.

Step 2: Add Essential Oils (if desired) and Colorant

If you would like, you can add some essential oils for scenting your candle. Start by mixing a few drops of oil with up to 5 times as much carrier oil and then add this mixture until you reach your desired scent level. If you would like to color your candle, carefully add natural wax dye in tiny increments until you reach the desired hue; be sure to mix it thoroughly afterward.

Step 3: Prepare and Pour Your Wax into Molds
Securely fasten wicks into each mold that you plan on using, making sure they are long enough so they will not burn down too quickly when lit later on. Carefully pour your melted wax mixture into each prepared mold, filling them almost all the way to the top if possible. Try not to overly disturb or bump any molds while doing this process or else air bubbles may form in resulting candles. Once filled, set them aside and allow time for them to cool and harden overnight.

Step 4: Removing Your Candles from Molds
Once cooled and hardened, you can slowly tug out each wick from the bottom of each mold in order to reveal your freshly made soy candles!

Maintenance and Care

Once you have started making your soy candles, there are a few steps you can take to ensure they last as long as possible while also keeping your environment clean throughout the process. To start, always melt your wax in a double boiler on low heat and stir periodically until it is fully melted. Once melted, add a few drops of scent oil, pour the mixture into your desired container, and let cool for 8-12 hours undisturbed. After it’s cooled, trim the wick before each use and burn no longer than four hours at a time to prevent soot buildup and keep any mess contained by using a plate or tray beneath the candle when lit. If black or grey smoke appears when burning your candle be sure to extinguish it immediately as this can be an indication of overheating or un-melted wax being present. Peace of mind is important with any project that uses open flames so pay close attention to your candle’s flame size and temperature at all times. With proper care, these simple steps will help prolong the life of your beautiful soy candles!

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Tips and Tricks

When making soy candles with Hobby Lobby products, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

1. Start by prepping your workspace. Make sure you have a flat surface to work on and that it is covered to prevent any dripping wax from damaging your furniture or flooring. Have all of your materials close at hand, such as fragrances, molds, wicks, and waxes.

2. Begin by heating the wax until it reaches the desired temperature for pouring. Some waxes may need to be heated separately due to varying melting points. Once the wax is heated, add any scent you’ve chosen. The amount necessary will depend on the type of scent you’re using and how strong you want it to be in the finished candle.

3. Set up your wick prior to pouring the melted wax into your mold or container. Most Hobby Lobby candles come equipped with a metal base that can be used for this step. Ensure that it is properly attached so that when the candle hardens it will have an even burn pattern with no premature tunneling down one side of the candle only.

4. Once you have your wick attached and centered in place, carefully pour in your melted wax until it has reached just below the edge of your container or mold ” don’t pour too deep as this may cause over-pooling which makes lighting difficult when the candle is lit later on! Allow time for cooling after pouring before adding a label or decoration or attempting to move or handle the finished product; this should take approximately 45 minutes in most cases.

5. Last but not least, trimming your wick will help maintain its cleanliness and ensure optimal burning performance as well as less potential for soot buildup at during usage ” use scissors if available for best results!

Creative Ideas

One idea for giving your soy candle a personal touch is to create custom labels. You can make the labels yourself with a label maker, or you could buy pre-made labels specifically designed for soy candles. You can also print out your own designs on paper and glue them to the sides of the candle jar. This way, each candle will have its own signature look.

Another idea is to add scent to your candles by adding essential oils or fragrance oils when melting down the soy wax beads. For example, you could add a few drops of peppermint oil for a refreshing aroma or lavender oil for a soothing scent.

You could also use special shapes for molding your candles such as stars, hearts, moons, etc., and combine color combinations like purple and green or yellow and blue. For example, you could make a star shaped candle that is pink on one side and blue on the other side with both colors layered within the same shape. Adding glitter to the melted wax dye mixture can also add sparkle and unique texture to your soy candles.

Finally, if you want to go all out with packaging, you can customize colorful boxes or organza pouches to put on each gift of soy candles too!


Hobby Lobby Soy Candle Making is a great activity for anyone who loves to create and be creative. With Hobby Lobby’s easy-to-follow instructions, you can make your own soy candles in a variety of colors and shapes. The materials necessary are all easily found at Hobby Lobby, making the experience fun and convenient. This hobby not only allows you to explore your own artistic interests but also to engage with and support local businesses, as the majority of ingredients necessary for this craft come from local sources. Additionally, soy candles are known to be healthier to burn than traditional paraffin wax candles, adding another layer of benefit to your hobby. Finally, crafting your own candles is an affordable way of creating something beautiful that you can use yourself or give away as gifts. In sum, Hobby Lobby Soy Candle Making is a unique, accessible craft with numerous benefits perfect for anyone looking to try something new!

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