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Holtz Leather Candle Making has been a long-standing member of the candle-making industry, offering custom-made products to customers since 1967. Founded by Benny Holtz, what began as an offshoot of his leather tooling business has grown into a small but successful manufacturer of candles for every occasion and taste. Our mission is simple: To provide our customers with the most beautiful, functional and affordable handmade candles on the market.

Over the years we have earned a loyal customer base due to our exceptional attention to detail and quality. From small votive candleholders to large pillars, our products come in multiple sizes and shapes, designed to add beauty and warmth to any room in your home. Whether you need something special for winter holidays such as Christmas or Hanukkah, or for events such as weddings or anniversaries—we have something perfect for every occasion.

We use only the finest waxes, premium fragrances and fuel-safe wicks available, creating unique scents and designs that will delight your olfactory senses while providing extended life expectancy. Each product is individually crafted and hand poured with care. People who purchase from us enjoy being able to customize their candles however they like—the combinations are limitless!

At Holtz Leather Candle Making we strive to provide our customers with reliable service that meets their needs along with unbeatable prices that won’t break the bank. Many happy customers have left amazing testimonials about their shopping experience with us—click through some of them here on our website! We invite you to join them in exploring all that Holtz Leather Candle Making has to offer!

The Process of Candle Making

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Before starting, make sure you have all the supplies needed to make your Holtz Leather candle. This includes wax, wicks, moulds, thermometers, the Holtz Leather fragrance oil of your choice, stirring tools and heat sources such as an electric hob or hot plate.

Step 2: Preparing Wax for Melting

Using any type of wax suitable for candle making (such as paraffin,) break up the wax into small pieces and place inside a melting pot.

Step 3: Warm Up Wax in Melting Pot

Place the melting pot containing the broken-up pieces of wax onto a heat source, such as an electric hob or stove top set to low heat. Use a thermometer to monitor temperatures and bring it to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit – this allows for good scent throwing off later when lit. Stir occasionally with a wooden spoon or stirring stick.

Step 4: Add Fragrance Oil to Wax
Once your melting temperature is reached add drops of your desired Holtz Leather fragrance oil blend into the melted wax until you reach the desired level of scent intensity by stirring continuously as you add in more drops. Remove from heat and mix until all ingredients are fully incorporated; keep an eye on temperatures during this process so it does not drop below 120F!

Step 5: Pouring the Moulds with Hot Wax
Take the moulds where you want to pour your candles in, pre-warm them with hot water if they’re plastic to help prevent cracking while pouring; this also helps give a more consistent finish on top aftercooling down afterwards too! Next take your melted wax off heat and fill each mould using a ladle or other pouring jug – start from one corner and slowly work your way around in circles until all molds are filled completely without overflowing onto surfaces outside of them. Place lids over any container that needs one before cooling times begin (glass moulds don’t need lidding). Wait twenty minutes for cooling off completely before gently tapping on side edges with fingers– remove from mold if no resistance is met (If there’s any resistance then let cool down further).

Step 6: Cutting & Inserting Wick into Candle
When cooled sufficiently take scissors and cut 7 cm lengths of wick off its spool; insert these lengths into each candle at separate points or two per depending on size needed either through pre-formed casting holes already placed inside moulds prior being poured in or manually doing so by pushing through manicure stick pointed tip (amongst others) after releasing top portion gently first!

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Step 7: Smoothing Out Candle Top After Cooling
Once ready take some soft cloth such as a cotton face cloth/towel dampening slightly before smoothing out edges while still warm enough –this step takes time but will ensure that finished product looks polished professionally aftercooled again

Advantages of Holtz Leather Candles

Holtz Leather Candles are known for their superior quality and eco-friendly production. Their signature feature is their use of premier leather, which rivals other candle makers’ products in terms of the richness and depth of its fragrance.

Holtz candles also feature a longer lasting burn time with no tunneling or buildup. They are made with soy wax which has a much cleaner, cooler, and more consistent melt pool than traditional paraffin waxes. For added convenience, Holtz also offers gold-toned metal wick trimmers as part of their candle accessories line. As an additional benefit to users, Holtz candles are free from additives like phthalates, parabens, and dyes – providing customers with a natural product that doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances.

Another unique trait of the Holtz candles is that they are produced in a manner that is kind to the environment. All containers used by Holtz are recyclable or compostable, plus they come packed in biodegradable boxes featuring post-consumer recycled content as well as wind power electricity for their production facilities. Altogether these features demonstrate Holtz commitment to sustainable operation practices without compromising safety or quality standards.

The Benefits Of Candle Making

Learning the craft of candle making through Holtz Leather, while a fun and creative project, is also rich with mental health benefits. Candle making can be a way to express one’s feelings and emotions through scent, shape, and size as well as provide an outlet for stress-relief. The hobby fosters connection betweens its participants by giving them a tactile activity that comes to life before their eyes as the wax melts and hardens around the wick.

One customer of Holtz Leather described how during lockdown she found herself struggling with anxiety brought on by the pandemic. She took up the challenge of candle making as a way to pass time productively during these stressful days. And in so doing found instant comfort in experimenting with different shapes and scents, using colours to bring her own unique style of candles to life that she could share with family and friends. Creating something tangible allowed her to channel her anxieties into something meaningful which gave her sense of accomplishment in return.

This isn’t just anecdotal evidence – Stigmas associated with mental health conditions including anxiety, depression are shifting as more people recognize candle making as being beneficial not only for its decorative effects but also its therapeutic benefits. Engaging in this hobby has seen many become calmer while they labor over creating delightful works of art – sustained mindfulness resulting from slow, mindful engagement directly engaging customers in their work can help reduce stress levels, calm down racing thoughts or achieve greater focus on specific task relevant concepts such as scent choices or colour combinations for example.. For those who struggle to unwind after long days due to racing thoughts, candle making can also serve as a way for them create physical distance from electronic devices (computers/phones) without guilt tripping themselves into thinking they have wasted precious time when engaged in it – thereby taking away any negative feeling from participating actively in tasks that require mindful attention without electronic background stimulus like noise etc.

Holtz Leather prides itself on providing customers not only with high quality candle products but also detailed tutorials for beginners and experienced makers alike on best practices for their craft. From guidance on safety protocol when working with hot wax under pressure to lessons on basic design principles such as tying scent patterns within colour themes – Holtz Leather strives provides everything necessary tools so makers can realise relaxation benefits afforded within this gentle form of artisanal labour while empowering them artistically at the same time.

Holtz Leather Candle Making Kit

The Holtz Leather Candle Making Kit is the perfect tool for creating stunning handmade candles. This kit includes two 8 ounce Hessian bags of soy wax, 6 dye chips, an Essential Oil blend for scented candles, a pair of protective gloves, and a 14-inch wooden wick with its own special applicator tool. The customisation options are extensive as each user can choose their very own mould design, hole pattern and fragrance/colours to match the desired outcome.

Learn About the Various Types of Candles

More elaborately designed molds with intersecting patterns require a more advanced technique during the pouring process; however, the instructions included in the Holtz Leather Candle Making Kit provide users with detailed guidance on how this can be achieved. Thanks to the availability of extra materials such as cotton wicks and extra dye chips in the package, users are able to adjust and tweak their candles until they reach perfection. As Holtz Leather uses only eco-friendly materials and resources for all their products, making sure every available scent or colour used doesn’t harm or contaminate nature is guaranteed.

At the end of it all, you will be left with beautifully crafted natural candles which can be displayed in your home or given away as personalised gifts!

Holtz Leather Candle Making Tips

The first step in candle making is gathering the needed supplies, which include wax, wicks, molds, thermometer, and an essence. Making sure to purchase high-quality items and use nonflammable containers will help ensure a safe and successful candle making experience.

Once all of the supplies have been obtained, prepare the molds according to the production instructions and make sure that they are completely clean before moving forward with pouring. You may also opt to use metal containers such as cans or tins if desired which must also be prepped accordingly. Next, prepare your fragrance or essential oils using appropriate ratios depending on the goal outcome’s purpose.

When ready to start melting the wax be sure to keep track of temperature throughout the process so that it does not exceed ideal ranges. Once melted add any dyes or colorants if desired while continuing to stir occasionally. The next step is checking that wicks are cut correctly based on their container sizes then adding them into their designated molds and ensuring each one is securely held in place before pouring in the hot wax mixture from a slight angle away from center slightly near sides of mold for even coating. After having poured contents of mold may be tilted gently for further coverage untilfilled then set aside for cooling before taking pout in about 5 hrs at most. After cooling should last step would involve adding label designs if so desired for completed products presentation purposes

Finally its time for troubleshooting problems that may arise like discoloration caused by too much heat used during melting process or tunneling from improper positioning of wicks when pourings provide quick solutions that can resolve these issues as quickly possible respectively. When all steps have been followed accordingly best results should be expected avoiding mistakes altogether would be optimal result provided one truly understands each process being carried out prior attempting project!


Q. What type of wax should I use to make my Holtz Leather candles?

A. The type of wax you use to make your Holtz Leather candles will depend on the type of candle you are making and your desired results. For example, if you are looking for a longer burn time, a harder wax such as beeswax or paraffin might be best. On the other hand, if you want a softer, creamier texture, soy wax may be the better choice. You can also experiment with mixes of different types of waxes until you find the desired outcome.

Final Thoughts

At Holtz Leather, we believe candle making is a craft that should not be taken lightly. It’s not only a fun and creative way to create personalized gifts and decorations, but also a great way to bring warmth and ambience into any home or business. As we’ve seen throughout this brief tour of the fundamentals of candle making using Holtz Leather products, there are endless possibilities for transforming basic natural materials into unique candles with personalized shapes, colors, scents, and messages. We’d love for you to join us in the everlasting pursuit of turning everyday natural ingredients into beautiful, handmade creations that will bring warmth and light to any space.

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