Homankit Candle Making Set


The Homankit Candle Making Set is designed to make creating your own candles easy and enjoyable. This set comes with all the essential tools needed to get started in creating amazing, customized candles.

Benefits: The Homankit Candle Making Set includes numerous benefits from being able to craft beautiful and unique candles, to the convenience of having all the necessary materials not far away. As opposed to buying individual items individually; this set provides you with multiple types of wicks, molds for making various sizes and shapes of candles, as well as wax pellets that are easy-to-use without sticky mess. Furthermore, the set also comes with equipment such as a spatula for wax measuring, double boiler for pouring melted wax, and supplies like dye chips and fragrances which will add an extra special touch!

Types: The Homankit Candle Making Set includes various types of supplies tailored to improve candle making skills. From unscented wax pellets that can be used in combination with the included fragrances provided in this kit or your own combination of scents, beyond typical votive or container candles there are instructions allowing you to create pillars or floating styles. The wicks range from 4in – 10in length plus CDNICKs and rods allowing you ultimate control over your candle’s size and shape.

Unique Features: One true stand out feature of this kit is its versatility; one could go beyond crafting just traditional beeswax candles but also attempt making palm wax, soy-based paraffin blends using the included wax pellets, or gel waxes using a simple addition bought separately and adhering each type’s associated techniques and safety measures. Everything can be stored together; without any strong scent after use making keeping it all close by a breeze!

Benefits of Homankit Candle Making Set

The Homankit Candle Making Set is an ideal choice for those looking to get started with candle making. It comes with everything you need to make your own candles including: wax, wicks, jars, and all the equipment required to heat and melt wax. Not only is it a great starter set, but it’s also perfect for more experienced users who want to upgrade their current setup.

One of the many benefits of investing in a Homankit Candle Making Set is it simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Instead of having to buy several items separately the kit has all you need to begin making candles straight away. With a range of larger supplies included such as wax pots, scales and candy thermometers, you have everything you need on hand so there’s no need to shop around for separate supplies. The lower price tag when compared with purchasing items individually makes it an even more attractive option for first time users or those looking for some extra savings.

Another great benefit any candle maker can appreciate is that the kit comes with step-by-step instructions enabling newbies to understand what they should do at each stage of the candle-making process from wax melting through to setting up your wick perfectly before pouring into your mold or jar. This comprehensive guide will teach users the basics quickly and clearly meaning beginners can get making their own candles without any hassle or guesswork. Experienced makers can also appreciate this aspect as its often difficult finding detailed resources on how to make particular types of candles beyond a few snippets of information here and there.

Overview of the Homankit System

The Homankit Candle Making Set includes everything you need to make beautiful and unique candles. The large set includes a variety of quality components which are specifically designed to provide the user with an easy and efficient candle making experience. It includes a wax melter, natural soy wax, six cotton wicks, five metal tin containers, one stainless steel stand, five wick holders, shimmering coloring dyes, containers for pouring melted wax, and fragrance oils to bring your own signature scent to each batch. Everything from sorting the wicks and arranging them in the tins through pouring your colored wax are included in this comprehensive set.

The wax melter is used for melting your wax quickly and efficiently without having to worry about open flame or mess. This wax melter can also be reused multiple times which reduces waste and makes this set recyclable-friendly. The natural soy wax is pre-measured and easy to use which eliminates any hassle associated with measuring out your materials manually. The metal tin containers easily fit standard size wicks while the stainless steel stand provides a sturdy platform for you to work on as you create unique candles with intricate designs that will charm any home décor. Lastly, the shimmering color dyes come in a variety of stylish colors so you can choose the one that best suits your style while the container lids help hold aromas within while they dry completely before use. With all these great features together in one box you’ll be able to easily craft gorgeous candles in no time!

How to Make Candle Making

Unboxing and Setup

Step 1: Take the Homankit Candle Making Set out of its packaging and place it on a flat, open surface.

Step 2: Check the kit components and make sure that everything you need is in place. This kit should include wax, wicks, containers for candle-making, thermometers, molds for shapes and wax melters.

Step 3: Fill the melted with water and place a pot inside of it. This will be used to melt your wax.

Step 4: Place the wick holders into the containers of your choice. Secure them in place using glue or tape so that your molds won’t collapse once hot wax is poured into them.

Step 5: Place your wicks into each holder and trim it to fit snugly. Make sure to use enough length so they can reach all corners of each mold easily when you pour in melted wax later on.

Step 6: Gently heat up the pot filled with water until it reaches boiling point. At this point, put your pre-weighed wax pieces into the pot and wait until they are completely liquidized before moving onto step 7.

Step 7: Now take out your thermometer and submerge it within your melted wax mixture until you get an accurate reading of its temperature – typically around 70°C/158°F (max). Once it’s ready add color/scent if desired for personalization as well as decorations such as sparkles or glitter flakes before pouring into molds . Allow a few minutes for cooling before properly securing the bottom parts of each candle with glue or tape so they remain stable over time.

Step 8: Let each candle set overnight at room temperature to ensure complete solidification of all layers before enjoying!


Homankit Candle Making Set has everything someone needs to make perfect candles. Included in the set are materials like a thermometer, wax melting pot, wooden wicks, wick clip-holders, metal tabs, color dyes, mold cups and crimpers. All these items work together to make ideal candles that can be used for decorations or home ambiance pieces. The thermometer is necessary to monitor the temperature of the melted wax since too hot temperatures can damage it without producing a successful candle. The wooden wicks give an even burn which helps create an attractive finished product when lit. The metal tabs help keep the wooden wick sturdy and secure while creating a bigger flame. With colorful dyes available, it is easy to make unique and captivating candles that stand out from standard store-bought ones. Mold cups provide the base of the candles and shape them when filled with molten wax and crimpers allow for a professional finish at the top of each candle with perfect symmetry that gives off a rustic air when lit or displayed in decorative pieces. Homankit’s comprehensive Candle Making Set will have you producing amazing candles in no time!


The Homankit Candle Making Set can be used to create unique candles in a range of styles and with different accessories. The set includes all the required supplies and tools necessary for creating both traditional and modern candle designs. The ‘how-to-guide’ included in this set provides a comprehensive overview of the different techniques and steps involved in the art of candle making.

The how-to-guide begins by outlining the different materials that you will need to complete any candle making project with Homankit, including wax, additives such as dye or fragrance, wick tabs and braids, mold wax release spray, MSC clear gel wax, a double boiler system and essential tools like thermometers and spoons.

Next up is an overview of the five most common methods of candle making; freeform pouring, embedding items into candles, golden geode pour candles filled with crystals or figurines, homemade tealight melts made from leftovers from previous projects, and dipping wicks into molten wax for container evening candles. For each method there is detailed advice about which products work best together for your desired outcome as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete each technique successfully.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business From Home

Finally there are also several useful tips on how to further customize your creation once you have perfected your base design – things like decals or stencils, decorative molds or crystal clays all help bring that extra bit of sparkle to brighten up someone’s day. Homankit’s ‘how-to-guide’ provides something for novice candle makers as well as those more experienced dab hands to enjoy for years to come!

Tips and Tricks

1. When melting the wax, make sure it is always done in a dry place, or the flammable material might catch fire and cause an accident.

2. For a professional finish, use a thermometer when pouring the wax into the containers to ensure an even level and thickness every time.

3. Once the wick is placed in your candle jar, make sure to knot it together at the center so there are no loose ends sticking up that could potentially cause your candle to burn unevenly.

4. Use old books or magazines to form a solid working surface that can be easily cleaned up afterward.

5. Avoid moving your container when you’re pouring hot wax — wait until it has fully cooled before attempting to move it for safety reasons!

6. To evenly distribute color dye, mix it with warm wax off-heat before putting into your wax pot or container and stirring well until you get the desired amount of color saturation you need for your candle project.

7. Add essential oils when stirring your melted wax if you want a scented candle- this will give an amazing fragrance while burning!

8. Have fun experimenting with different molds- from hand poured to layered candles!


If your Homankit candle is not burning properly, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the situation.

1. Check the Wick: Make sure that the wick is properly trimmed to about quarter-inch length for optimal candle burning. If too long, it may smoke and create an uneven burning surface.

2. Remove Extra Wax: To get the cleanest burn possible, remove any extra wax from around the wick and ensure that only a small amount of pooled wax remains at the bottom or edges of your candle.

3. Candle Placement: Ensure that your candle is placed in a well-ventilated area and kept away from drafts or windows to prevent uneven burning. Avoid placing candles in locations where they receive direct sunlight or other sources of heat which can cause them to burn quickly or unevenly.

4. Add Distance: Try adding distance between multiple lit candles; by leaving adequate spacing, you’ll prevent single candles from burning faster than their counterparts.

5. Check Temperature: The ideal temperature for burning Homankit candles is between 70-90°F (21-32°C). Burning in temperatures higher than this will affect how well your candle burns.

6. Stop If Necessary: Make sure that you stop burning your candle if it begins smoking heavily or flames are shooting up over three inches above the top of the flame holder – this is a sign that it’s time to blow out your candle and trim its wick again before relighting!


The Homankit Candle Making Set is an excellent choice for beginners who are looking to explore the fun and rewarding craft of candle making. The set includes all of the tools, materials, supplies, and instructions you need to make your own scented candles. Not only do you get the supplies to make up to 8 candles, but there are step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process from start to finish. Additionally, this kit also provides information on how to create different styles and colors of candles so that you can customize your creations as much as possible. With high-quality materials and a great price tag, this kit is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about candle making. With it, you will be able to create sophisticated yet beautiful homemade candles in no time!

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