How Long Does Soy Wax Take To Harden

Tips to Speed Up Soy Wax Hardening

Soy wax is a great choice for eco-friendly candle making, as it’s derived from renewable sources and does not produce smoke when burned. An added bonus of soy wax is that it solidifies quickly, full hardening in around four hours. Here are some tips to help speed up your wax hardening, so you can enjoy your candles even faster!

Allow Your Wax to Cool

The most important thing to remember when making candles is to give your soy wax time to cool and re-solidify. Soy wax hardens best at room temperature, so don’t be tempted to force it in to a solid with a hairdryer or in front of a heater.

Choose the Right Container

The container you use to hold your candles will influence how quickly they harden. Choose heavier containers, such as metal tins or glass jars, as they will help retain the wax heat for longer, allowing it to harden quickly. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the containers to cool completely before adding the wax.

Create a Draft Free Environment

Soy wax hardens quickly, but cool drafts or breezes can slow down the process. Keep your workspace away from any drafts or breezes, or better yet, use a draft excluder to keep the air around the candlewarm and still.

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Add a Crystalizing Agent

An easy way to speed up the hardening process is to add a crystalizing agent to your soy wax before pouring. These agents help the wax crystalize, allowing it to harden much faster than without. Just one teaspoon per pound of wax should be enough to speed up the process.

In Summary

Soy wax hardens in about four hours at room temperature, however this process can be sped up by taking a few carefully considered steps. Allow your wax to cool, choose the right container, create a draft free environment, and consider adding a crystalizing agent to the wax. By following these tips, you will have solid, beautiful candles in no time at all.

Tips Summary

  • Allow wax to cool at room temperature.
  • Choose heavier containers to heat retainement.
  • Create a draft free environment.
  • Consider adding a crystalizing agent.

How long does it take for soy wax to set?

Soy wax typically takes 4 to 8 hours to set and cool.

How many ounces of soy wax are needed to make a candle?

This will depend on the size of the candle. Generally, for a typical 8-oz candle container, you’ll need approximately 6-7 ounces of soy wax flakes. For larger containers, you’ll need more.

How long does it take to make a soy wax candle?

It typically takes about 30–45 minutes to make a soy wax candle. The time can vary depending on factors such as the size of the candle, color, scent, wick, and particular wax being used. Additionally, if additives like glitter or dyes are used, it can take longer.

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