How to Make Candles Easily and Cheaply

Want to know how to make candles? They are increasingly popular as they are both beautiful and functional. With so many different types available it is easy to become confused in the choices available. With a little bit of practice, you can learn how to make candles quickly and easily. And it really is quite an enjoyable hobby for those who love to indulge in experimenting with fragrances and color.

how to make candles

How to make candles begins with understanding how they work. The basic principle involves mixing the essential oil or carrier oil with a wax in a wick and then heating it up to temperatures that cause the wax to harden and then mold. The result is a candle that burns completely all the way through. How to make them is as simple as that.

How to make them in your home is also as simple as that. A hot wax crockpot is all you need to get started. Insert the removable crocktop into the pan and pour in enough hot wax for the number of candles you intend to put in there. Stir to spread the heat around. If the pan gets too hot at any point pull it out and start over.

Now that you know how to make candles it’s time to focus on the most important part of how to make candles: scents! While most candles are fragrance free, it’s actually very important to have some in there. Beeswax is probably the best scent for homemade candles. Lavender and parma violets are other good choices but don’t underestimate the power of the others.

After you’ve chosen your candles and gotten them ready to burn, be sure to check to ensure that they are completely dry before lighting. Most homemade candles burn down quickly because the wax starts to harden while it is burning. To get rid of excess wax, take a metal bowl or pan and fill with cold water until the candle has reached a boil. Place it over a burner and let it steep for about five minutes. Let it cool off the metal bowl before re-starting the fire. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.

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When finished you can finish with a beautiful display. You could use a grouping of different shaped wicks or a large group of clear glass votive holders. These will provide an attractive display as the sun begins to set. If you want to do even more with your homemade candles you could use different scented oils and fill them into a bottle for a beautiful gift.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on candles but still want to enjoy the natural scents in your home you could consider buying whole pillar candles in various scents and then using your own creative ideas to create your own fragrance. There are whole packs of pillar candles in a variety of fragrances sold at craft stores and online. If you decide to purchase a pack, you’ll need to be sure that you use your own scent and that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Another option for your how to make candles kits is purchasing handmade soy wax candles. These candles are available in a wide variety of scents and can be used with your natural oil fragrance if you so desire. They are also much less expensive than your store bought ones. Be sure to check your local craft store for beginner candle making supplies and start experimenting today!

Another thing that you’ll need for your kits are some type of container to hold the wax in while it hardens. You can find containers in a variety of shapes including round, square and rectangular. Some people like to use glass jars but these can easily break or become damaged if they aren’t secured properly. Most candle makers will indicate which type of container will best suit their particular method of how to make candles. My mother always used glass jars because they were easy to find and inexpensive.

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If you’re creating DIY candles you may also be able to purchase your wax from your local craft store. Once your candles have hardened you can remove them from their container and re-store them in your DIY candle making pot. If you don’t have a clear jar to hold your melted wax, you may need to purchase a silicone mold so that you can pour your wax into. Once your candles are cooled and mixed together you can put them into their proper containers and stick them in the fridge.

When storing your candles follow standard rule and leave at least five inches of space between each one and the next. This allows the scent to circulate around your room. A great scent to add to your home when creating DIY candles is bergamot. Bergamot is an essential oil that has a wonderful sweet scent and wonderful burn rate.

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