Itsblitzzz Candle Making


Itsblitzzz Candle Making is an artistic collaboration between nature, science and art. It explores the possibilities of earth’s natural resources in creating beautiful candles. The company expresses a strong dedication to keeping their ingredients safe for the environment and the world at large. Itsblitzzz has taken environmental protection seriously, opting only to use materials such as organic soy wax, palm oil free-stearin, and cotton wicks. Their intense research extends far beyond these materials into advances in aromatherapy and psychological well-being that accompany their products. Each candle they make uses non-toxic dyes made from natural mineral pigments so fumes released by burning a candle do not contain unhealthy toxins. Itsblitzzz also encourages their customers to recycle their containers after finishing up with their purchase, instead of discarding it into a landfill. Altogether, Itsblitzzz Candle Making has indeed made its mark on creating a healthy environment for all through their commitment to sustainable sourcing, green practices and quality craftsmanship.

The Basics of Candle Making

Itsblitzzz Candle Making provides an opportunity to explore the science of scent and the importance of wick selection as part of candle making. One benefit of working with Itsblitzzz is that soy wax and all-natural materials are available to use in the candle making process. By using these materials, you can create beautiful and fragrant candles without any worries about harsh toxins or pollutants. After selecting the desired materials, It’sblitzzz will help you decide which type of wick will provide the best burn characteristics for your cand–be it one or several single- or multiple-wick varieties–while allowing you to customize your creations for a customized scent. Additionally, Itsblitzzz also covers other practical considerations such as container selection, dosage instructions for proper scents, and safe packaging guidelines. By utilizing these resources at Itsblitzzz Candle Making, customers will have everything they need to create unique and personalized candles that are perfect for any occasion!

DIY Candle Kits

Itsblitzzz Candle Making offers a wide selection of DIY candle kits that enable even novice candle makers to make beautifully-crafted candles at home. All of the DIY kits come with step-by step instructions and the necessary tools, equipment, and wax necessary to make the perfect hand crafted candles. The brand also provides a comparison of their various candle making kits so individuals can find an option best suited to their needs. With their extensive selection and wealth of knowledge, Itsblitzzz is the leading provider for all at home candle making supplies.

Candle Making 101

Each kit offered by Itsblitzzz contains detailed instruction materials, as well as enough raw materials, wicks, melting pots, coloring dyes, etc which are needed to make beautiful wax candles from the comfort of your own home. If you ever had a desire to learn how to create gorgeous handcrafted candles but were unclear about product comparison or feared potential difficulties ” fear no more! The guidance provided in the DIY kits makes creating your very own piece of art an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Furthermore, each one has its pros and cons outlined helping you decide what exactly is best for you. Whether someone is seeking basic pillar style candles or complex designs with multiple colors and scents ” Itsblitzzz truly has something for everyone!

Candle Making Techniques

It’sblitzzz Candle Making offers a variety of candle making techniques and creative ideas for crafting the perfect custom candle. Whether you’re new to candle making or an experienced crafter, It’sblitzzz has all the essential supplies and tools you need to make your own handmade candles. From basic pouring method to special layering techniques, you can learn step-by-step instructions for hot and cold pour wax processes that let you express your creativity and make one-of-a-kind pieces.

At It’sblitzzz, we also offer unique additives and specialty items like flower petals, bamboo skewers, sequins, glass images, oils and wax dyes ” allowing for endless possibilities for personalized designs. With these materials, it is easy to develop interesting shapes and sizes of candles in an array of colors. Additionally, do not forget about scent! Creating aromatic experiences is simple with the use of our top quality fragrance oils that come in many delightful varieties. Make sure to take advantage of our exclusive kits too ” they feature everything needed from start to finish with detailed tutorials so anyone can explore different methods and grow their skillset with ease!

Itsblitzzz Products

Itsblitzzz is an artisan candle making company that produces eco-friendly candles crafted from 100% pure, sustainable soy wax. Their collections come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes ” from classic votives to creative containers like amphora jars and vases. With over 20 years of experience, the Itsblitzzz team consists of passionate artisans who strive to create luxury home décor items from the best quality material available.

The Itsblitzzz candle collection features a range of couture scented candles inspired by nature, seasons and objects; with each scent carefully crafted to match its specific theme. From Sweet Blossom Blossom ” a warm floral blend inspired by spring blossoms to Whipped Sumac Spice ” a spicy scent perfect for adding festive ambiance, Guests can enjoy sensational fragrances or recommend custom scents tailored to their individual needs.

Wax for Candle Making in Pune

The range also features luxury accessories and diffusers that help create beautiful atmospheres each time they are lit up or released into the air. The reed diffusers use natural rattan sticks to ensure safe and effective fragrance diffusion while protecting surfaces thanks to its spill-proof glass vessel. Sparkling gems such as rose quartz stones adorn many of Itsblitzzz’s essential oil diffuser containers and provide just the right aesthetic touch for any special occasion or event. All products from Itsblitzzz give customers something special “with beautiful handcrafted packaging too!

When it comes to caring for your candles, Itsblitzzz recommends burning them safely with extra care when lighting them the first time” allowing the wax pool left behind in between burns be equal on all sides for best results and even burn times. Customers can rest assured knowing their candles won’t come at much cost since their soy blend formula helps candles last longer than other brands on the market today. To ensure all households remain safe during candle use, this brand provides constant guidance on proper wick trimming techniques and burn times posted on their website, blog posts, and social media accounts.


Itsblitzzz Candle Making is a great way for any level of candle enthusiast to elevate their craft. With Itsblitzzz’s unique blend of wicks, waxes, and fragrances, candles can be created with innovative fragrancing qualities and special effects that make them look beautiful in any setting. Hand crafted candles have the power to create a lasting impression and evoke an emotion in their viewers. From vivid colors, to scents that linger long after the flame has been extinguished, each candle made with Itsblitzzz supplies will add a truly transformative effect to your home décor. It is time to discover the beauty of Itsblitzzz Candle Making and the endless possibilities it provides!

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