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For many people, candle making can provide a creative and therapeutic outlet. With the wide variety of wax blends and fragrances to choose from, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in a world of creativity. The best part is that at the end of your effort, you get something beautiful ” and useful! Not only are handcrafted candles aesthetically pleasing but they offer practical benefits as well.

As an avid candle maker, Jo has experienced a number of these advantages first-hand. She appreciates the sense of relaxation she feels when creating her pieces; knowing she has made something from scratch gives her immense pride and satisfaction. From comfort to decoration, here are some of the benefits she has discovered by taking up this craft:

• Comfort: Sitting down in her cozy workspace to design her next masterpiece allows Jo to take time out for herself while also giving her the chance to be creative on her own terms. When lit, scented candles can become part of a calming evening routine or even set the mood for date night. Candlelight is known to lift spirits, removing any remaining stress away.

• Decoration: By adding handmade pieces into your home decor with candles, you can customize your space however you please with both classic look or rustic feel depending on décor preference. Whether they come in mason jars or glass holders, Jo’s creations make charming centrepieces that illuminate a room in their flickering hue each evening too!

• Practical value: Beyond aesthetic appeal, these piece serve practical value too! Candles are wonderful for filling small spaces with amazing sweet smells that will create memories if shared with others during special occasions such as birthdays and weddings alike – because nothing quite says ‘luxurious’ like homemade candles! Also not forgetting using them as emergency sources of light during power cuts or dark winter nights which would have been difficult without them!

Candle making has given Jo an opportunity to explore both the tangible and intangible advantages associated with this incredible craft; from bringing comfort and beauty into her life – as well as being able to use these pieces practically – this is truly an activity worth enjoying for more than just one reason!

History of Candle Making from Ancient to Modern day

Candle making is an age-old tradition that dates back thousands of years, with evidence to suggest that candle making was present in early civilizations such as the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese. In these ancient societies wax candles were made from a variety of materials including beeswax, bayberry wax, tallow and even whalebone. In more recent centuries, candle making has remained a popular craft, however the nature of the materials used has transformed over time to mainly include beeswax and paraffin wax.

In Europe during the late 1700s there was an increase in candle production due to its popularity in churches and manufacturing processes became more efficient through the invention of molds. This increased availability saw an increase in demand which continued onward into the 19th century when it began to be produced commercially in factories across Europe and North America. One of the oldest commercial manufacturers still operating today is the British company Cire Trudon which was established by Claude Trudon in 1643.

The techniques used for candle making have also evolved significantly throughout history from hand-dipping spiral wicks into large pits of wax to modern day oil/wax mixtures heated into machines utilizing tailored scents, textures and colours to fit various needs and occasions. Jo loves candle making because modern day technology now offers endless possibilities for creativity!

Jo Loves

Jo’s interest in candle making began at an early age. Growing up in a family of creatives, she learned to value the thinkings that went into crafting something from nothing– learning how to use her hands as her best tools. Plus, as a young girl, she was always captivated by the warmth and ambiance created by candles. This eventually inspired Jo to utilize these newfound tools to create scented candles in her teenage years, filling her home with wonderful fragrances.

Making A Pinecone Candle Ring

The only problem: the store-bought brands weren’t sustainable and weren’t having an impact on our environment due to their paraffin waxes. Jo decided she wanted to change that; thus, she started experimenting with different ingredients like soy wax and beeswax, replacing certain petroleum-derived components with natural ones. The result? Her candles were not only cleaner than regular store-bought options but also gifted her home with pleasant scents that are smells that linger for hours after being burned.

These days, Jo can be found busy creating new candle varieties for friends and family– even going so far as customizing them per request. With a commitment towards providing eco-friendly alternatives, Jo hopes to continue growing her candle business while inspiring others to value handmade creations too!

Jo Loves

Jo’s candles are special and unique because of the passion she has for her craft. Jo takes tremendous pride in creating custom-made candles inspired by her own ideas, her customers’ requests, or a combination of the two. Her recipes feature 100% natural waxes, eco-friendly wicks, and fragrance oils that produce scents that linger far longer than most other candle types. Jo sources all of her materials right here in the USA to ensure top quality control and uses containers made from recycled glass and old jars as a way to reduce waste. Additionally, Jo is dedicated to reducing her carbon footprint”all of her products are vegan friendly, not tested on animals, and cruelty free.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Own Candles with Tips from Jo

1. Picking Out Supplies: Jo recommends using 100% soy wax for making candles, as it’s easy to work with and ensures a clean burn. Consider essential oils or fragrances for scent, which Jo suggests experimenting with to find the perfect combination. Don’t forget wicks, dye blocks (optional) and the appropriate container for your candle!

2. Melting the Wax: It’s important to remember to never leave wax unattended while melting, as some can be flammable at higher temperatures. Jo likes to use an electric wax melter or slow cooker to melt her wax safely and evenly. When melted evenly, take off heat – if pouring into pre-made containers add fragrances when close to maximum temperature suggested by fragrance company.

3. Pouring the Wax: This is where you create your very own unique candle! Using an accurate measuring cup pour the remaining melted wax into desired container placing the chosen wick in place firstly – center it and hold in place with a skewer until cemented slightly with wax around it. Let cool for about one minute before sprinkling dye block shavings over top for desired color effect(optional).

4. Finishing Touches: Cut wick down/trim after allowing 2 hours of cooling time, then lightly cover top of candle if needed as necessary (avoid getting any on wick). Place lid on if required and voila; now pat yourself on the back for having created a one-of-a-kind handcrafted master piece that is sure to burn well along the way!

Essential Tools & Materials Every Candle Maker Needs

Jo loves candle making and she knows that in order to make beautiful, high-quality candles, there are certain essential tools and materials needed. These include wax for the candle’s base, a melting pot for melting the wax, wicks for each candle, containers or molds for the candles’ shape, a thermometer to keep an eye on temperature and fragrance oils and dye if desired. Once these materials are collected, Jo is ready to begin her candle-making process. The first step is to melt the wax in the melting pot until it reaches a liquid state. Then, add fragrances or colors if desired. Next, pour your melted wax into the containers or molds and attach the wick at one end using a metal clip so that it stays in place. Finally, when the wax has cooled down enough to be solid again (which usually takes about 24 hours), trim any excess from around the edges before lighting your candles! With these essential tools and materials Jo is sure to create unique, beautiful candles that she can proud of!

How To Choose Fragrance Oils For Candle Making

Jo Loves

Jo has a passion for candle making. She is always coming up with new and exciting ideas to craft unique candles. Jo loves experimenting and trying out different scents, shapes, sizes and colors to create unique pieces of artwork from her own hands. To make her candles, Jo uses quality materials like specialty waxes, dyes, fragrances and essential oils to bring out the best in each candle piece she creates. Along with creating custom candles for special events or everyday use, Jo also enjoys researching traditional candle-making projects and modern trends so that she can incorporate them into her own artistry. Whether it’s through researching classic methods or trying out something entirely different, Jo’s creative ideas keep her work fresh and exciting. By combing her love of candle making with her creative drive, Jo has become skilled at creating beautiful centerpieces that light up any room.

What Does the Future Hold for Jo Loves?

The future is looking very bright for Jo Loves. The increasing success of her candle-making business means that Jo will likely be able to expand her reach even further in the coming years. She has plans to collaborate with more vendors, retailers and luxury brands in order to reach a bigger audience and create products that appeal to a wider range of customers. Additionally, Jo is investing in research and development of new scents and styles to keep up with the ever-evolving trends in the industry. These efforts could lead to some exciting new product launches over the coming years. Ultimately, Jo’s passion for candlemaking shines through her carefully crafted products, making it likely that she will continue to experience joy, growth and success in the future.

Where to Shop Jo Loves Candles & Ways to Support Jo’s Work

Jo loves candle making and her passion for creating custom candles has grown over the years. Shoppers can now find Jo’s candles in numerous outlets across the world, including retail stores, online websites and other independent stockists. To support Jo’s work, the best place to purchase the candles is through her official website at On her website, shoppers can browse through a selection of exquisite handcrafted scents available in various sizes, from travel tins to large luxury glass jars and even special “One-of-a-kind” pieces which are truly unique creations. Furthermore, visitors can subscribe to Jo’s sales list on her website to be kept informed of upcoming special offers and sales events where customers enjoy discounted prices on her products. On top of that, there is a “Buy One Give One” option which allows customers to buy one Jo Loves Candle and donate another one to a charity or organization of their choice — helping to spread the light and aromas of these amazing handmade creations while supporting local communities all over the world. In addition, shoppers who purchase directly from Jo’s website can often take advantage of free shipping if they meet certain criteria as well as personalized customer service from Jo herself!


Jo loves candle making because it is not only a creative outlet but also a form of self-expression that allows her to craft one-of-a-kind works of art. Being able to design and assemble her own creations has given Jo an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. From the soft glow of melted wax to the delightful scents she creates, Jo delights in the process from start to finish. In addition to taking pride in creating something unique, she also finds joy in giving her handmade candles as thoughtful gifts or special treats for herself. Since beginning this journey, Jo has come to recognize that making candles with Jo Loves is not only fun, but immensely rewarding too.

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