Large Pillar Candle Making Kit


The Large Pillar Candle Making Kit is an ideal starter kit for anyone wanting to explore the art of candle-making. This kit comes with all of the necessary materials and instructions needed to get started making large pillar candles. This comprehensive kit includes 20 pounds of high-quality wax, 3 Fragrance oils, 10 8-inch pre-wicked wick bars, 1 wicking needle, 1 thermometer, 20 molds, 4 dyes and one melting pot. It also includes step by step instructions for both beginners and experienced candle makers alike.

One great benefit of having this Large Pillar Candle Making Kit is that it contains everything you need in one convenient package. Each component has been selected to ensure that users have everything they need to create stunning candles. The combination of premium wax and dyes ensures vibrant colored candles with a long burn time. The fragrance oils are designed to give the candles a pleasant smell while the pre-wicked wicks make sure that users can create an even burning pillar without any difficulties. Furthermore, the inclusion of a melting pot makes it possible for users to easily melt their wax without having to worry about using a double boiler or any other extra equipment. With this kit, anyone can become a master candlemaker in no time at all!

What’s Included in the Kit

The Large Pillar Candle Making Kit includes everything necessary to create gorgeous and unique pillar candles. It contains 12 standard-size pillar candle molds, 5 pounds of natural soy wax, a wax melting pot, wicks, wick stickers, melt & pour dye blocks in red and black, fragrance oil samples in lavender and cranberry, pouring spoon, thermometer and a step by step instructional guide with tips for crafting long-lasting candles. This kit is perfect for beginners who would like to explore the creative process of making their own custom-scented pillar candles in the comfort of their home.

Safety Considerations for Making Candles

When working with the materials included in a large pillar candle making kit, it is important to be aware of safety considerations. When handling wax or melting it, the appropriate safety gear should always be worn. This includes glasses, an apron and heat resistant gloves to protect against burns. It is also important to keep an eye out for any open flames and ensure they are kept away from combustible surfaces or items. The work area should also be well ventilated as fumes may arise during the candle making process. It is also crucial to never leave melting wax unattended and always ingnite candles cautiously near a fire extinguisher that can easily accessed in case of emergency. All these precautions will help ensure a successful and safe candle-making experience.

Step-By-Step Guide for Making Pillar Candles

This large pillar candle making kit includes everything you need to create beautiful and unique candles right at home. The kit contains molds for up to three pillars, different waxes for each type of candle, wicks in various sizes, a melting pot with temperature control, dye paste or liquid, different kinds of scents or floral elements, and a step-by-step guide for transforming your chosen components into classic and attractive handcrafted candles.

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The full range of items inside the kit make it simple to customize your candles in an array of shapes and sizes. Depending on the size you choose for each candle shape, you can design towering 4″ pillars down to small 3″ votives – perfect for displaying on tabletops or window sills. Assorted scents offer hours of relaxing aromatherapy with just one candle while colored dyes allow you to match each creation with any space in your home. Finally, special floral elements like rose petals can be added in between layers of wax as an ornate decoration that really stands out.

How to Save Money Making Pillar Candles

Making your own pillar candles can be a great way to save money. With the right supplies, it’s a fairly inexpensive hobby that you can enjoy for years to come. A large pillar candle making kit will provide you with all the necessary materials and tools you need. These kits typically include wax, wicks, molds, dyes and fragrances, as well as thermometers and other equipment needed for the rolling or pouring processes.

In addition to saving money, making your own pillar candles can also be therapeutic and fun. You can customize the colors, scents, and sizes of your candles according to your preferences. Plus, there’s something satisfying about seeing a beautiful finished product after hours of effort spent on perfecting it. With an instructional guide included in the large pillar candle making kit, you’ll become adept in no time at creating beautiful candles to keep or give away as gifts!

Decorating & Design Ideas for Pillar Candles

A large pillar candle making kit allows you to create beautiful and unique designs on pillar candles. Using a variety of tools such as dye, inks, molds, wicks, and wax chunks, you can make many differentstyles of pillar candles.

With the right materials and resources, you can easily turn plain white or colored wax into stunning candles that make great decorations for special events and occasions. You can dye your candle wax with vibrant colors or combine different elements to create a true work of art! With some creativity, you can also mix different textures and shapes to give them an interesting look.

Another popular idea is to use stencils to add detail and depth to the candles. Think beyond simply cutting the shape with scissors; you can use patterned paper behind the wax layers to create intricate designs. Additionally, most candle making kits come with stamps that allow you to create simple images or patterns without much effort.

To get an even more decorative piece of artwork, try adding glitter or microbeads in between the layers for that extra sparkle. For further customization, consider adding charms as centerpieces at the bottom of your large pillar candle ” this will create a bold statement when your guests enter the room!

Pro Tips & Tricks for Creating Beautiful Pillar Candles

Creating beautiful pillar candles is easier than you might think with the right materials and guidance. Here are some pro tips and tricks to help you get started:

1) Pick a Wax – Soft waxes like paraffin, beeswax and soy are great choices for pillar candles because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to work with.

2) Learn How to Properly Pour ” Properly pouring your wax is essential for creating even pillars results. To do this, pour the wax slowly into your mold making sure to keep it level as it cools.

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3) Add Fragrance ” Incorporate scents by adding either chips or scented oils to the wax before pouring. This will give your project added depth and appeal.

4) Create Designs & Patterns ” Adding texture to your candle doesn’t have to be difficult or take a long time. For example, try spinning the candle after each layer of wax is poured or sticking in different decorations like sequins or pressed flowers as you go. You can also create layers of color by simply pouring different colored waxes on top of one another one at a time until your desired design is achieved.

5) Allow Cooling Time” Cooling takes time so allow at least 24 hours for a pillar candle before trying to remove it from the mold otherwise it may break while removing.

Resources & Inspiration for Candle Making

This Large Pillar Candle Making Kit is perfect for anyone interested in making their very own candles. It comes complete with all the necessary supplies to get started, including several different sizes of wax blocks, wicks, melting pots, and many other tools and accessories necessary for successful candle making. This kit also comes with detailed instructions on how to properly melt the wax and pour it into molds to make beautiful pillar candles. Additionally, this kit provides a wide range of resources and suggestions for getting inspired in the candle making process. The included book features beautiful photography from various candle makers’ workshops as well as step-by-step guides to creating unique designs for both beginner and experienced makers alike. Furthermore, this kit includes a variety of scents that add wonderful smelling aromas to any pillar candle you make. Lastly, this full discussion pack offers up helpful Q&A from leading industry professionals who can help guide you through any trouble spots or questions you may have along the way. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned hobbyist, this Large Pillar Candle Making Kit is sure to provide all the necessary supplies and guidance needed to craft high quality handmade candles.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The Large Pillar Candle Making Kit is a great option for those looking to start candle-making. It comes with enough supplies to make several batches of candles, so you can practice your craft and create some beautiful pieces. The kit includes wicks, wax, dyes, and molds, as well as other supplies such as thermometers and pouring pots. This makes it one of the most comprehensive kits available on the market today. With practice and care, anyone can quickly become proficient in creating beautiful candles with this easy to use kit. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or a beginning beginner, this kit is perfect for creating some unique and eye-catching creations that bring a nice homey atmosphere to any space.

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