Making A Memorial Candle


Creating a memorial candle is a very meaningful and healing tradition for many people to honor the life of a loved one that has passed away. Memorial candles are usually lit during special occasions such as funerals, birthday celebrations, or all-souls day, as well as other memorial services. Candles have unique powers to bring comfort, closure and inner peace in these trying times by serving as a source of light and guidance during our darkest hours. Crafting an individual candle with specific spiritual significance keeps the connection between those who have passed away alive in our hearts.

The process of making a personalized memorial candle consists of several steps. First and foremost, decide on the color scheme that you would like to use for your candle; traditionally white and gold are used for mourning but any color that speaks to you can be chosen. Next you’ll want to find an appropriate vessel for your creation; this could be anything from glass containers or vases to jars, teacups or pretty boxes. Gather your supplies ” this includes wax chips, essential oils, wicks, decorative props etc., and begin carefully melting your wax chips over low heat until they are completely liquified. To add scent to the mix include a few drops of essential oil blend into the liquid material then pour it into the selected container slowly and evenly until it reaches just below the top rim. Place each preselected wick securely into each container with its designated stand (or using crayons) until it lies flat at the surface while being careful not to let it sunken too deep into the wax mixture. Once all candles have been poured you can decorate them if desired by adding decorative props such as dried flowers or fruits for additional beauty and meaning then left out overnight until fully cool before lighting up!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Gather Supplies: To make a memorial candle, you will need wax, a container or mold, a wick, a pan, color and fragrance (optional). You may opt to buy paraffin wax or other types of specialty wax to make your candle.

Prepare Your Container: Taking the mold or container that you will be using for the candle, prepare it with any necessary coatings or adhesives. This will ensure that your completed product won’t stick to your container after it has cooled and hardened.

Melt Wax: Next, measure out and melt your wax in the pan on low heat. Be sure to stir often to ensure that your wax does not overheat or burn. Allow the melted wax to cool before moving on.

Add Color and Scent: If desired, you can add scent and/or color to your molten wax blend. Fragrance is usually added at 0-4%, while colors are usually added at 1-2 tablespoon per pound of melted wax. Incorporate each by stirring until blended throughout the entirety of the mix.

Attach Wick: Cut desired length of wick and attach it accordingly using a clamp or adhesive depending on your type of wick base. Hold in place while you begin pouring the melted wax into your prepared container/mold.

Pour The Wax: Pour the hot liquid wax slowly into the mold/container ” making sure to keep an eye on the wick’s position so that it remains straight throughout pouring process. The liquid should fill up almost all of the way so that when it cools and hardens there is very little extra space at top for personalization purposes later on.

Cool The Candle: Allow candle to sit and cool for a minimum of two hours but preferably longer (think 6 hours). Once ready, apply gentle pressure around edges of mold in order to release from sides as your final product pulls away from its original form as expectant shape / size outlined when Candle was first poured into mold — Congratulations! You made yourself an amazing memorial candle!

Wax for Candle Making Is Soft and Sticky

Personalization: To add a personalized touch onto your Memorial Candle creation – find mementos such as photographs, letters or even quotes written by those who have passed which could be used as shadow boxes on sides of Candle – if possible choose mementos which match exact hue(s) used towards creating this special piece so as enhance overall effect further upon display as well as emotionally through such tributes/recognition meant honor those gone but never forgotten! Additionally incorporating family crests or quotes could serve admirable finishing touch(es) upon completion here given their sentimental value rekindling light again within memories otherwise gone too soon yet never forgotten always remembered alive forever & ever within hearts & souls alike through time eternal here now♡♡♡

Safety and Precautions

When crafting a memorial candle, it is important to ensure you are following necessary safety precautions. Before beginning the project, make sure the surface you will be working on is clear of flammable materials and objects. Additionally, it is essential that you place your candle making supplies away from any fire hazard or dangers before turning on the candles. As an extra precaution, consider wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs while you are crafting to avoid any potential injury. Be sure to turn off all flames once they have cooled down and remove anything else that may catch fire from your workspace. Additionally, when handling wax or drying wicks make sure that the temperature is low enough so there is no risk of burns or fires. Finally, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies ” just in case.

Personalizing the Candle

Personalizing a memorial candle with special photos, designs or quotes is a great way to pay tribute to someone who is no longer with us. If you’re looking to customize your own unique memorial candle, there are several different bulk and custom options available. Bulk orders of personalized memorial candles are ideal if you are looking to create multiple identical candles quickly and inexpensively. The candles can feature any favorite photos, artwork, quotes or phrases that honor the life of the loved one being remembered. Custom orders enable you to create something totally unique ” with only one copy that can include hand drawn illustrations or engraving for that extra special touch. These customized candles are perfect for commemorating anniversaries or special milestone events associated with the departed individual. No matter which option you choose, ordering a personalized memorial candle is an especially meaningful gesture to show just how much they are still remembered and cherished.


One of the most popular ways of incorporating design into a memorial candle is to use different colors. Strategically placing the colors in the different aspects of the candle can give it a beautiful look. For example, you could layer one color on top of another, or combine two colors to create a gradient effect. Additionally, different shapes such as swirls and stripes could be used as part of the design.

Fragrance can also be added to create an even more special effect. Popular scents are lavender, sandalwood, and rose. You can have one single scent used for an understated fragrance or multiple scents combined for a layered effect.

A personalized touch can make all the difference in creating a memorial candle as well; it’s easy to write meaningful words and/or phrase on the outside with careful application of wax-and-oil paint or use beads and decorative items found in craft stores to give it that extra bit of sparkle. Adding ribbons around or on top of the candles add a unique touch as well – choose colors that mean something special for your loved one, like pink for hope or white for peace. By taking your time and adding thoughtful touches, you can create a truly personal memorial candle project that will last for years to come!

Maintenance and Care

The proper and long-term care of memorial candles is essential for their durability, vibrancy, and safe operation. To ensure that the candle maintains its best condition, it is important to employ a few practices in maintenance and care:

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First, it is important to keep candles away from direct sunlight or moisture to avoid fading or discoloration. In addition, they should be stored in a cool and dark place when not in use. It’s also worthwhile to dust candles regularly – this prevents deposits on the surface of the candle and ensures an even burn of wax.

When burning the candle, ensure that the wick remains trimmed at all times – use scissors or nail clippers if necessary. Never let any foreign materials come into contact with the flame of the candle as this can cause permanent damage. Moreover, never leave a lit memorial candle unattended; always extinguish it completely before leaving. Additionally, don’t burn a memorial candle for more than four hours at a time; allowing it to cool completely in between uses will help prolong its lifespan. Lastly, rotate its position after each burn so that wear is spread evenly across the entire surface of the candle body.


Making a memorial candle is more than just a craft project”it is an opportunity to honor and remember the life of someone who has passed away. A memorial candle is often used during funerals and other commemorative services as a symbol of hope, love, and remembrance. To create a meaningful and lasting tribute, one needs to carefully select materials, consider the design of the candle, and take time to contemplate its purpose.

Materials for crafting a memorial candle vary greatly depending on one’s design ideas and preferences. The most common component is wax, which comes in multiple varieties ranging from beeswax to stearin wax blocks or paraffin wax liquid. For a classic look, one can use standard store-bought candles. Additionally, many crafters opt for soy wax or beeswax that come in a variety of colors and styles such as round or tealight candles. Other materials required include wick string, stearic acid (as an additive meant to prolong shelf life), heat-resistant molds/containers (if making shaped candles), some form of adhesive (such as glue or hot glue by gun) wood sticks, essential oils/fragrances (such as lavender or vanilla) and decorations such as ribbons, paints/markers/dyesing agents (will be used to decorate the candles).

Once all necessary materials have been gathered, preparing the candle for burning requires careful attention to melting temperatures and safety precautions when working with hot surfaces. Begin by heating up wax over boiling water or using an electric wax melter ” for more intricate designs it can be helpful to use molds since these help maintain unique shapes during cooling processes. To prevent any excess mess from dripping onto heating hardware equipment surfaces should be covered with foil paper before beginning melting stages. Additives like stearic acid should then be mixed together with melted wax at this stage; once combined they can be poured into desired containers while continuing to monitor temperature levels at all times ” setting aside candles pieces should also occur if larger components are being made (i.e carved out of bulk chunks).

The thoughtful process associated with crafting memorial candles may seem long but it allows us an opportunity to reflect upon our own experiences while honoring those we have lost along our journey in life – remembering them through unspoken messages captured within each exquisite design crafted along with flickering flame shaped artwork embedded inside like an eternal reminder that love continues even after death comes calling upon our doorstep yonder…

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