Making An Uncrossing Candle

Introduction to Uncrossing Candles

Uncrossing candles are a type of spiritual candle used for a variety of purposes. They are most commonly used for the purpose of breaking curses or hexes that have been placed upon individuals and removing jinxes, negative energy, and bad luck from people’s lives. Uncrossing candles can also be used to help reverse negative situations and help bring about positive outcomes.

Uncrossing candles come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors; however, the traditional color associated with an uncrossing candle is white or black. White candles are often used to remove negative energy from a person’s environment while black candles can be used to curse people or compel them to do something they don’t want to do.

In addition to the color of the candle, certain herbs and oils may be added depending on why it is being lit. Common herbs used in uncrossing rituals include basil, fennel, bay leaves, sage leaves, cayenne pepper, lavender oil, rosemary oil, salt water solution and holy water.

When preparing an Uncrossing Candle it’s important to be mindful of your intentions and keep focused on your goal while you work on charging the candle with your energies. This involves holding the Uncrossing Candle in your hands as you recite affirmative prayers or positive affirmations in order to infuse the candle with your intention for its use then light it on a Tuesday evening when dark moon is waning. Let the fire of transformation burn away all unwanted influences allowing true freedom for yourself or those you are working with – and ultimately bring new opportunities into their life!

Gathering the Supplies and Ingredients

Making an uncrossing candle typically involves casting a spell to rid yourself of a negative energy or hex, placing the intention of your spell into the candle and then lighting it. To make an uncrossing candle, you will need some basic supplies and ingredients:

-A large glass jar to hold your finished product

-Wax (you can use either beeswax or paraffin wax)

-Herbs such as bay leaf, rosemary, sage and other protective/uncrossing herbs for your spell casting (a combination of at least 3 is ideal)

-A wick
-Anointing oil such as frankincense for extra purification (optional)
-Glassware to use when melting the wax over indirect heat

If you are looking for supplies and ingredients, Michael’s craft store usually carries many different types of wax, herbs and wicks – they also have online shopping if that is more convenient. For ground herbs and anointing oils, there are many websites where you can purchase them such as Amazon. If substitutions need to be made, replacement herbs could include Eucalyptus/Rosemary/Mint blend or Cedar/Clove/Pine blend; an alternative oil could be citrus essential oil or basil essential oil.

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Making the Candle

1) Begin by gathering materials – a piece of 100% beeswax, a wick and wick holder, a glass jar (ideally fit with a sealable lid)

2) Place the wick in the jar and secure it with the wick holder.

3) Melt the beeswax slowly in your melting pot while stirring continually.

4) Carefully pour hot wax into the jar and slowly twirl it around to cover the wick. *This may take several pours and build ups of wax for optimal results.

5) Let cool undisturbed for at least 12 hours before removing any excess wax from outside of jar.
6) Untangle any extra pieces of thread that may be wrapped around the wick as you go, ensuring it is evenly distributed throughout all sides of the candle before trimming down to size from top if necessary.

7) After 7 days, burn the uncrossing candle on Sunday evening for full effect.

Charging the Candle

When charging the uncrossing candle, one should set intentions of releasing any negative energies that may be lingering in their life. Examples of intentions to set might include: protection from any influences that are preventing you from living in alignment with your true path; success in undoing any crossed conditions that have been placed upon you; strength and courage to identify sources blocking your progress; clarity of thought and purpose to start anew; opening yourself up to newfound peace and opportunities.

Setting Your Intentions

When setting your intentions for an uncrossing candle, it is important to use the power of visualization and manifestation. To create a strong intention for your spell or ritual, start by visualizing the desired outcome in detail. See the event or situation going exactly how you want it to be. Imagine the exact emotions you will feel and the positive results that your desired outcome will bring. Once you have clearly visualized your desired result, speak it out loud while holding the candle in hand so that you can create a strong energy field around it. Focus on the feeling of having your wish fulfilled and sending this energy out into the cosmos along with your prayer or affirmation that accompanies your intention-setting. You can also say affirmations such as “I am now releasing all negative energies and manifesting only positive outcomes” or “May my wish be granted and may I reap positive results free from any obstacles” in order to further amplify your intentions and goal.

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Burning the Candle

A flame that is blue usually signifies your work with spirit and the supernatural. This can be seen when candles are lit for healing, protection, and blessings. A pale orange or yellow flame typically symbolizes changes that may come due to the ritual, while a light green candle flame represents good luck. A bright red color typically stands for a passionate, bold emotion such as love or connection. Depending on one’s spirituality beliefs, a purple candle flame could indicate sacred vibrations as well as potential psychic powers. A white or silver glow may manifest during spiritual rituals to signal divine guidance and understanding. Finally, a flickering fire can represent passion and energy going into the spell and out into the universe to manifest whatever you desire.

Closing Ritual

The ritual of making an uncrossing candle is not just a physical act of burning wax, it is also a spiritual act as well. The process of creating an uncrossing candle includes cleansing and grounding techniques that are beneficial for our mental and emotional wellbeing. For instance, the visualization exercises throughout can be used to create positive affirmations which help to increase feelings of self-empowerment. Additionally, this ritual encourages us to bring our attention inward, aiding relaxation and enhanced presence with the present moment. Lastly, having your own handcrafted candle helps invoke a sense of connection with ourselves and the rituals we practice – one that can bring more meaningful ritual experiences overall.


Once your Uncrossing Candle has been anointed, blessed and lit, the work of unlearning the energies of your hex or curse will begin. However, it is important to remember that one candle is not enough in itself to fully reverse the negative energies you may have collected. Be sure to keep a consistent practice of protection and cleaning rituals on a regular basis. This can include reminding yourself of positive thoughts strengthening your self-confidence, utilizing grounding and centering with crystals like black tourmaline or hematite, practising meditation with calming oils such as lavender and sandalwood, or dedicating time to prayer as well. Don’t forget to write it all down! Keeping track of these practices are key in creating lasting energetic protection from future harm. Once your Uncrossing Candle has burnt down completely, save the wax remnants and bury them in the earth either outside or in a pot planter for additional protection. You may even save some of the wax for another Uncrossing Candle if needed!

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