Making Beef Tallow Candles


Making beef tallow candles has many benefits. They provide a natural and non-toxic source of light, last longer and burn cooler than traditional paraffin wax candles, are cheaper and simpler to make than other candles, and the beef fat used to make them is sustainable. Because they can be made with household items like cooking twine, bowls, jars, and tins, that makes them easy to create without special supplies. Additionally, because no toxic ingredients are used in their production process like those found in paraffin candles, you can trust that your family’s health is safe when using these products.

Safety First

Before you start crafting your beef tallow candle, it’s important to prepare the work area properly. Make sure the workspace is well-ventilated, as tallow candles, like other types of candles, emit smoke when lit. It’s also a good idea to use a heat-resistant surface such as a metal tray or cookie sheet, and wear safety glasses while working with hot wax.

Once you have prepared the area, it’s time to craft your candle! Begin by heating approximately 2 cups of melted beef fat in a double boiler over medium heat. While it is melting, cut up cotton wicks into 12-inch pieces and tie them with string into bundles of 3-4 pieces. Once the fat has completely melted, turn off the heat then add 20-30 drops of essential oil and stir until combined. Carefully pour the hot liquid tallow into molds or jars placed within the double boiler pan. Place one bundled wick in each mold and press down lightly to secure. Let cool for 12 – 24 hours before burning. When ready to burn, trim each wick so that only 1/8 inch of thread remains above each candle’s surface. Finally, light carefully and enjoy!

Gather Your Supplies

In order to make beef tallow candles, you will need some supplies in addition to the beef tallow itself. First, you’ll need wicks. Most craft stores will have already made wicks that come in a variety of lengths and widths, so choose what best fits your candle size. You will also need a pan of some sort, whether it be a double boiler or any large pot that is big enough to contain the wick upright. Finally, something also necessary for making candles are moulds; using these will give your finished candle a nicer professional looking shape. Now that you have all the materials you need to create your tallow candle, let’s get started!

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare the work area. Make sure to lay down a flat surface that can handle heat and wax, such as an ironing board or silicon mat. Gather the supplies necessary for making beef tallow candles: beef tallow, candle wick, double boiler, jar or glass container of some sort, stirring utensil.

Step 2: Melt the beef tallow in the double boiler on low-medium heat until completely melted and liquid. Stir regularly to prevent burning.

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Step 3: Once the tallow has melted, turn off the heat and carefully remove it from the stove. Allow it to cool to 130 °F – 135 °F before continuing onto step 4 (Perfect temperature will vary depending on what type of container you’re using).

Step 4: Cut your pre-waxed candle wick and make sure it’s slightly longer than your jar/container you are pouring this into– an extra inch or so should do! Tie one end of the wick around a chopstick or dowel (making sure it is centered)– this part will act as a stabilizer when you pour in your melted tallow. Carefully dip the other end of your wick into melted tallow and let any excess drip back into your pot– will help reduce smoking when lit later!

Step 5: Place your prepared wick in center of your jar/container, pour hot tallow CAREFULLY over top until about ¼-½ inch from top – depending on size of container used — careful not to spill too much outside of area you’re using; could present fire hazard later on! Allow several hours for candles to set before supplying use.

Get Creative

Making your own beef tallow candles is an easy and creative way to add a unique touch to your home. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of creative designs, colors, shapes, and fragrances for your candles. For a unique twist on traditional candle-making, melted beeswax can be mixed with beef tallow – the combination creates candles with both a sturdy quality and natural aroma.

For the design component of beef tallow candle-making, there are many ways to incorporate interesting shapes into your creation. Why not go big by making round or oval shaped taper candles? If you are more interested in expressing your creativity through color, you could always dye your white tallow to make more bold colored candles.

When it comes to fragrances, there are no limits! Tap into common scents like vanilla or lavender. Alternatively, explore limited edition scents like rich flavors like bergamot or pomegranate. Or introduce freshly pressed herbs such as oregano or rosemary directly into the wax for truly unique aromas!

Preserving Quality

To ensure that your beef tallow candles last for as long as possible, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, keep your candles in a cool and dry place when not in use to prevent them from melting. Secondly, use a candle snuffer to put out the flame instead of blowing it out – this will help protect the scent and texture of the candle. Thirdly, if using multiple candles, stagger their burning times so they all get an equal amount of use over time. Lastly, deep clean your candle wick every now and then by trimming it with scissors or removing any build-up of wick material with a damp cloth dampened with vegetable oil. This will promote optimum burn time and quality for each candle. With these tips, you can ensure that your beef tallow candles last longer and remain high-quality until the very end!

Serving & Decorating With Your Candles

Making beef tallow candles to use for decoration and special occasions is a great way to create an elegant atmosphere. Beef tallow candles can be used as table settings or decorations during holidays, birthdays, or other special events. Not only do they provide beautiful light and warm ambiance, but they offer a unique aroma that will add to the mood of the occasion.

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In addition to using beef tallow candles as decorations for regular events, unusual settings may benefit from having them set about. Boot-shaped taller candles could be used for western-themed parties. Ornaments like clove starburst groups, cinnamon stick wreaths with a floating candle in the center, or mandala patterns can all be arranged in ways that make for conversation pieces when made with beef tallow wax. Even colorful streaks of hard wax can bring more visual interest to a room when combined with these special candles.

When entertaining guests at any event or gathering, it is essential to have glowing candles leading the way up front steps, pathways and hallways that lead guests into the living area or dining space. Hung along staircases or balconies either singly or grouped together in clusters on waxy strings weighted on one side is sure to entice your guests.

For added aromatherapy benefits as well as decoration and illumination during events, consider investing in several types of scented oil designed specifically for use with beef tallow candles so you can dab some of the fragrances onto each individual candle before placing it inside our home or elsewhere around the party scene for lasting effects throughout the day. And try arranging carvings of fruits, vegetables and plants nearby them at certain locations so guests will have something extra visually stimulating among their constant twinkling lights!


Making beef tallow candles is a great way to repurpose animal fat and create an environmentally-friendly, long lasting, and affordable source of light. Homemade tallow candles burn smoke-free and provide an attractive, warm glow. Unlike normal paraffin wax or soy candles, natural tallow candles are easy to make and are the perfect choice for a zero-waste lifestyle. They’re also much cheaper than store bought candles, making them the ideal choice for someone looking for more sustainable options when it comes to lighting their home. Making beef tallow candles is not only economical but also has great ecological benefits due to its low energy consumption and reduced carbon footprints. Lastly, you can customize beef tallow candles in various shapes and sizes that can be used as décor pieces in your living space. In conclusion, making beef tallow candles is an easy, efficient and eco-friendly way to add light to your home with minimal cost.

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