Making Candles With Water Balloons


Making candles with water balloons is a great way to get creative in the kitchen. It provides endless opportunities for customizing each candle, making it unique and personal. Not only that, but they are an easy and safe craft activity for both kids and adults alike. Additionally, this method gives you control over the size of your candle since you can adjust the size of the balloon when filling with wax. Making candles with water balloons also allows for the use of different colors, scents, and designs to create a beautiful homemade decoration. Lastly, these candles make for thoughtful presents as there is something special about giving away something lovingly handmade.

Gather Materials

To make candles with water balloons, you will need a few basic materials. You will need:

• Paraffin wax: This can be purchased online or in craft stores.

• Water balloons: Latex-free, biodegradable water balloons should be used to prevent environmental damage. These can be purchased from party stores or online.

• Wicks: Cotton candle wicks should be used for safety reasons and can be purchased in packs from craft stores or online.

• Double boiler: A double boiler is necessary to ensure that the wax does not burn when melting it down. This can also be purchased from kitchen supply stores or online retailers like Amazon.

• Essential oil (optional): If desired, essential oils can be added to give the candle a pleasant scent. It should specifically say “candle safe” on the label if it is suitable for candle making purposes. They can be bought at health food stores or online retailers such as Amazon.

• Grater (optional): Using a grater to break up the wax makes it easier and faster to melt down properly. Kitchen graters can typically already found in many homes but they need to have multiple sides so that different sizes of wax pieces are produced depending on preference.

Prepare Water Balloons

When making candles with water balloons, it’s important to ensure that the balloons you use are the right size. Smaller or larger balloons may not work as well or create a less pleasing presentation. It is also important to select the color of your balloons carefully. If you want your handmade candles to have bright colors, opt for colored balloons instead of clear ones. Additionally, when filling the balloons, make sure that they are properly stretched and carefully filled with lukewarm water until there is no empty space between the balloon skin and the water inside. Make sure that you don’t overfill them by stretching them too tight. Too little water will prevent the wick from staying stable, while too much can cause problems in melting process. Lastly, do not add any additives such as flavorings or food coloring to your balloon mix because these can make the wax brittle.

Melt Wax

Melt wax for candle making by following these simple steps:

1. Gather the materials you need to make candles. This includes wax, wicks, dye (if desired), and essential oils (for scent).

2. Measure out the wax using a kitchen scale or measuring cup, depending on your preference. It is best to use around 8-12oz of wax per 1-inch-diameter candle.

3. Using a double boiler set up”alternatively, you can use an old pot and a glass bowl”heat the wax until it melts completely. Keep an eye on the temperature of the wax to ensure that it does not get too hot; otherwise it could catch fire or burn your skin if touched directly. If using dye add them while melting as well as any essential oils that you wish to incorporate into your candle fragrance.

4. Place a single wick at the bottom of each water balloon, ensuring that the wick is properly centered and taped into place with some painter’s tape for extra security if necessary.

5. Pour the melted wax over each wick in each water balloon until they are filled to the desired level; this could be anywhere between half full and full depending on your preferences or design desires for each water balloon candle. Wait briefly between pouring to allow bubbles and air pockets time to escape from the hot wax before they solidify into your finished product when cooled down later!

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6. Allow your candles plenty of time to cool completely before removing them from their water balloons molds; approximately 2 hours should do it!

Mix Wax and Wicks

Making candles with water balloons is a fun and creative way to fill your home or garden with the warm glow of light. To get started, you will need to mix wax and wicks together. This is an important step as it helps ensure that the candle will properly burn. Begin by measuring out the desired amount of wax flakes and melting them in a double boiler on low heat until they are entirely melted. Once they are fully melted, add the desired dye or scent, if desired, to the mixture then stir until completely blended. Next, cut out the length of wick that you want for your candles and attach it to a metal wheel or bottom weight. Dip this wick into the melted wax and let cool for several minutes before removing it from the wax. For an even longer lasting candle, dip the previously dipped wick into a second batch of melted wax with dye/scent as desired. Allow this second layer to cool and repeat up to three times for a thicker and stronger candle!

Place Wax in Balloons

Before placing the wax and wicks into the water balloons, make sure that all of your materials are prepped and ready to go. Include scissors, wax, wicks, and a double-boiler with enough water to allow melting the wax without causing too much heat. First, place an unfilled balloon onto a straw so that you can easily pour the melted wax inside. Using scissors, snip off one end of the wick, just enough so that it’s able to fit snugly yet comfortably inside the water balloon. Dip this end of the wick into molten wax and let it sit for 1-2 minutes before taking it out and allowing it cool down. Place the tip of the cooled-off wick at least 2 inches inside the balloon, making sure to keep it straight and even while doing so. Make sure to leave space around the end of the wick sticking out from the balloon for ease in later trimming and adjusting. Now carefully add a few spoonfuls of molten wax into each balloon before putting them in your double boiler for 8-10 minutes (or whatever your desired burning time will be) until all liquid portions of wax are melted down but still at room temperature in order not to burst any air bubbles formed within them from boiling water from double boiler. To finish up this step leave each balloon aside for about 5 minutes or until it’s completely cool before moving on with crafting!

Allow to Dry

When leaving the candles to dry, there are a few warning signs to look out for that may signify that something has gone wrong during the drying process. If the water balloons have not been properly opening in the air, there might be evidence of water seeping underneath them. This can cause them to eventually burst, ruining your candles and wasting materials. Additionally, keep an eye on the temperature of your workspace when leaving your candles to dry. The heat generated by nearby machines could potentially distend or warp the shape of the balloons, making it necessary to start from scratch again with a new balloon.

To ensure that your finished product looks great, try using clothespins or weights to keep each balloon open during drying time. Additionally, if it’s too hot in your workspace or outdoors for the balloons to properly open, do the drying process indoors and make use of a fan for better air circulation around the candles. Finally, inspect each finished candle thoroughly before adding it to your collection or giving them as gifts!

Easy Candle Making Crafts


Making candles with water balloons is a fun and easy way to add a special touch to any gathering. Personalizing the candles can add even more interest and meaning, especially if you want a specific kind of scent or color. Here are some ideas for customizing your candles to make them unique and meaningful:

• Add essential oils to the melted wax before pouring it into the balloon. Different oils will provide a range of scents and effects, from invigorating tea tree and lavender oil, to calming chamomile.

• Try using food coloring or natural items like herbs, flower petals, or spices for different colors as an alternative to store-bought dyes. Blend these items with water and strain before adding to the melted wax for consistent color.

• Choose decorations that match the desired scent and color of your candle like painted straws or ribbon in hues of blues for a calming atmosphere and sweet orange blossom oil.

• Writing meaningful messages on the outside of your candles also adds impactful personalization; choose favorite quotes or songs lyrics that relate to the occasion and write them using paint markers.


Making candles with water balloons is a fun activity and also an excellent way to make decorations for any event. It only takes a few simple items and minimal effort to create these homemade candles. Once the candles are made, they can be shared with family and friends or used as decorations for parties and weddings.

The process for making the candles is quite simple: first, inflate several small water balloons until they are about the size of a tennis ball. Then, cut the top off of the balloon and gently press it into a bowl or cup to form the shape of a candle holder. Cover each balloon with wax from melted wax pillars or blocks, making sure that each layer of wax is completely dry before applying another layer. Once all layers have been added, insert a wick into the center of the candleholder, securing it at the bottom so that it stands upright in the middle of the balloon. Finally, allow them to cool and harden overnight before using them as intended.

These homemade candles can be used as decorations or simply enjoyed around a campfire or during cozy evenings spent indoors together with loved ones. They bring joy, warmth and coziness to any space they occupy; what’s more is that each candle is unique – no two will ever look exactly alike!


Making candles with water balloons is a great way to create beautiful decorations. The process is relatively simple and easy to do, making this an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. With cheap supplies and minimal mess, you can make colorful, scented candles in virtually no time at all. The only challenge is finding the right sized balloon for the container; if it’s too big or too small the results may not be satisfactory. After everything is prepared and assembled, reliable heat sources like wax melters or double boilers should be used to melt the wax before filling up a balloon one-third full with wax and letting it cool. Once fully cooled, decorate your candle by breaking off the tip of the balloon and tying a wick around it before pushing gently through the hole left by the popped balloon. Once completed, enjoy your creative work of art! Overall, making candles with water balloons is a fun experience that yields interesting results.

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