Making Crisco Candles


Making Crisco candles is a classic craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. Not only will they learn how to make something useful and creative, but the activity is also a lot of fun and very rewarding. Making your own Candles from Crisco gives you control to create different colors and sizes that adjust to your own needs.

This engaging craft should start by gathering all of your necessary supplies: a container, Crisco shortening, skewers, melted wax (if desired), wicks, dye (if desired), and a candle scent (if desired). Once you have these items on hand, it’s time for the fun part”the actual making of the candles!

You’ll begin by melting down the Crisco in your container over low heat until it reaches its liquid form. Next, remove any unwanted debris or impurities from the melted Crisco with clean paper towels or cheesecloth if desired. Then add dye to give the crisco color if desired; a few drops should be enough depending on your preference. You could even mix different colors together for a unique flame-ish color.

Once you have achieved your desired color and consistency, insert your wick into the center of your containers near the bottom so it stands straight up. Securely tape down one end of each wick to make sure it doesn’t move around during this process. Now pour in your cranberry colored Crisco mixture into each container leaving about an inch from the top empty for potential additions like dried flowers or herbs; this step allows for you to customize each candle with a special touch. As they cool off they will begin to harden naturally but warning: do not disturb! Allow them at least 8-24 hours to cure before using them as their fragrances may be overpowering right away right out of creation.

Feel free to experiment with different fastenings like bamboo skewers wrapped half way around each jar as handles if needed or decorate with ribbon or lace at finishing stage just before usage during festivities, ceremonies or when needing some natural noxious air neutralizer in transitory zone industrial buildings project sites certain restaurants kitchens etc..and enjoy ” congratulations! You’ve just made yourself some highly coveted customized fantastic long lasting homemade DIY Crisco Candles! Wow what an accomplishment – you did it!

Materials Needed to Make Crisco Candles

Making your own candles can be a fun and easy way to add a unique touch to your home. If you’re feeling crafty, Crisco candles are an easy project that doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. To make your own, you will need: Crisco (or other vegetable shortening), beeswax, mason jars, long-handled metal spoons, wicks, essential oils (optional), and something to melt the wax in.

Start by weighing out equal parts of the Crisco and beeswax. Place both into either a microwavable bowl or double boiler ” whichever you find easier ” and then heat them together until everything is completely melted. Finally, stir in any essential oils of your choice for added fragrance (again this is optional). Pour the mixture into each mason jar until it is about 2/3rds full and then slide in a wick with a metal spoon into the middle of each jar from the top. Let your candles sit undisturbed until they are completely cool, hardened, and set. Once cooled all the way through you can trim off the excess wick from the top of each candle with kitchen scissors or pliers before lighting them up!

What Kind Of Wax Is Best For Candle Making?

Getting Started with Candle Making Basics

Making your own candles at home is a fun and rewarding craft. All you need to make basic Crisco candles is some Crisco, a few candle making supplies, and a bit of creativity. Start with the basics like learning about safety protocols and the types of wax available for candle making.

Safety is always important when working with melted wax, as it can reach dangerously high temperatures depending on its type. Make sure your workspace is clean, ventilated, and away from any flammable materials. Additionally, protective equipment such as heat-resistant oven mitts and safety glasses should be worn during the process.

Before getting started, familiarize yourself with different types of wax available for use in candle making. Beeswax is one of the most common kinds used due to its pleasant scent when burned and its natural colorant properties. It also comes in large blocks which makes it easy to manage when melting down. The downside of beeswax is that it can be expensive compared to other types of waxes but it provides an excellent source of light throw-off when burning as candles.

When selecting wax for using Crisco candles, choose oil-based products like paraffin or soy since they melt at lower temperatures than most others due to their chemical characteristics. This makes them perfect for beginners! Additionally, oil-based waxes are easier to find in pre-packaged forms like cubes or chips allowing for easier melting along with being more cost effective than many other options.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Crisco Candles

1. Gather your materials. You will need a double boiler, some Crisco shortening, wicks, and either crayons or candle fragrances such as essential oils and food coloring (depending on the look you’re going for).

2. Cut your wick to the desired length, leaving at least two extra inches so that there is enough left to tie it securely onto the bottom of an old jar or tin can.

3. Put the Crisco into the double boiler and melt over medium heat until completely melted down (stirring occasionally).

4. Add the desired coloring and fragrance (if you want) and stir those in as well until everything is fully combined with no clumps remaining.

5. Place your prepared wick inside of your container, making sure it’s centered and standing up straight, then secure it by tying it around a pencil or skewer that rests across the opening at the top of the jar/tin can.

6. Carefully pour your melted mixture into the container, filling it all but about ½ inch from the top (so there is room for wax expansion during cooling). Allow to cool for 3-4 hours before handling or trimming your candle’s wick ” if necessary ” to get rid of extra char build-up after burning.

Important Safety Procedures for Candle Making

When making Candles using Crisco, it is important to always follow the necessary safety precautions.

1. Wear protective gloves, long sleeved shirt and pants when working with hot wax or other melting materials.

Soap Or Candle Making Which Is Easier

2. Keep all flammable materials away from the stovetop, candles and any other heat source used for melting wax.

3. When pouring melted wax into holders, do so carefully and at a slow speed to ensure that the container does not become too hot.

4. Ensure that you have adequate ventilation in your workspace as fumes can arise when melting wax which may be hazardous if inhaled for an extended period of time.

5. Use a thermometer to measure the accurate temperature of melted wax before pouring, as overheating could cause an explosion or fire hazard due to pressure build up in candle containers such as glass jars or tealight cups.

6. Be aware of any dripping or boiling liquid wax while melting and make sure to keep it away from skin and clothing contact and surfaces that are combustible or flammable (i.e., cloth, paper etc).
7. Always extinguish candles with a snuffer rather than blowing them out; blowing out may scatter hot liquid wax droplets that could land on objects or people nearby causing fire hazards or burn injuries respectively
8 Lastly, NEVER leave burning candles unattended!

Get Creative and Make Your Own Personalized Crisco Candles

Making Crisco candles is a fun and simple craft project that anyone can do. With just a few household supplies, you can create your own personalized scented candles using the iconic vegetable shortening. Start by collecting some large, deep containers filled with wax; silicone molds; crayons if adding color; scented oils of your choice; and long wooden sticks or popsicle sticks to act as wicks. Begin by pouring melted crisp into the containers until they are ¾ full. Very slowly, add a few drops of scent oil and any desired colors until blended smoothly throughout the wax. Next, insert wooden sticks or popsicle sticks into the center of each container and place them in locations where they can easily be monitored but still remain stationary. Allow your candles to cool and solidify overnight before transferring them to the silicone molds, or storing them in decorative containers of your choice. Enjoy creating unique Crisco candles for gifts or special occasions with this easy DIY method!

Final Thoughts

Making Crisco candles is a great hobby to explore crafting and creating something unique. It is a fun, yet surprisingly simple activity that allows you to be creative and express yourself through the colors and scents used to make your candles. By melting down Crisco and mixing in natural dyes such as pollen, herbs, spices, and even crayons, you can create virtually any type of candle your heart desires! Adding fragrances from essential oils gives them an even more personal touch. With just a few basics such as wicking supplies and molds, you can make timeless candles the whole family can enjoy burning or displaying throughout their home. So why not take up this fun hobby? You won’t regret it.

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