Making Dipped Tallow Candles

Introduction What are Tallow Candles, the History, and Benefits?

Tallow candles are a type of candle made from animal fat” typically sheep or beef. They were the main source of light for many homes prior to the invention of electricity and were likely first made by Ancient Egyptians in 4000 B.C. As such, they have a rich history that extends well over thousands of years. Even today, tallow candles remain popular for both their distinct look and unique scent. Making dipped tallow candles is an easy craft that has remained unchanged since the ancient days and provides several benefits as well. Benefits include low cost, versatility, body heat efficiency, and long burn time which makes them ideal for use during emergency situations or events without electric light sources. Additionally, because they are made from an all-natural material like animal fat they release no toxins while burning and can be used safely indoors.

Advantages of Making Dipped Tallow Candles and Sustainability

Making dipped tallow candles has many advantages over its wax-based counterparts. The main ones include the fact that tallow candles do not drip and require no heat in production. This means that less fuel is used to create the candles than with their wax-based counterparts, making them an appealing option for people looking for more environmentally friendly options. Additionally, tallow candles burn evenly and last longer, which makes them a better value for the money spent. Furthermore, since the fats from which tallow comes from are readily available, these candles are extremely sustainable and cost effective to produce. All of these benefits make using dipped tallow candles a great choice for reducing one’s footprint on this planet.

Supplies Needed for Dipping Candles and Tips for Where to Find Them

Making dipped tallow candles is a craft that may seem daunting, but is relatively simple to do. In most places, the supplies needed for dipping candles can be bought from a local craft store or online. It is important to gather all necessary tools before starting your candle-making project.

The two main supplies needed for dipping tallow candles are raw tallow (a type of animal fat) and wicks. Raw tallow can often be found at farmers markets and online stores specializing in handmade crafts. Wicks can usually be purchased either pre-made or as part of a kit from an arts and crafts store or from an online retailer dedicated to candle-making supplies.

In addition to these core ingredients, other materials such as containers for melting the tallow and molds for shaping can also be helpful when making dipped candles. Containers used for melting should ideally have wide mouths so that it’s easy to immerse the wick in the wax/tallow mixture and take it out again when you need it. Molds come in various shapes, colors, and sizes, so there is sure to be one to fit your desired outcome! For added safety during candle-making projects, buying heat resistant gloves and aprons may also prove beneficial if hot wax/tallow is being melted around open flames or heated elements on the stove top.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Tallow Candles with Color Photos

Making tallow candles is a relatively simple process. Start by gathering your supplies: tallow, wicking, a double boiler, wax dye pellets and essential oil of choice. Cut the wick to the desired length before beginning.

Granulated Wax For Candle Making

Begin the candle-making process with heating your tallow in the double boiler over medium heat until it has melted completely. Make sure you have enough tallow to fill your desired molds or tins. Once melted, add drops of essential oil and wax dye pellets to create any desired scent and color combination you’d like. Stir slowly and thoroughly for even distribution throughout the mixture.

Once everything has fully incorporated, prepare your molds or tins with the pre-cut wicks in each one so that when you pour them out later, they are standing upright in the containers. Carefully pour the hot tallow into each mold or tin making sure to not spill over since it will be very hot. Fill any additional jugs or cans you want to turn into candles like this as well. Let these stand for about five hours or until set before trimming off excess wick and burning your custom-made candles!

Choosing the Right Wicks, Wax Types and Where to Find Them

When making dipped tallow candles, the first step is to choose the right wicks. If a wick is too thick, it will not burn properly and can cause the flame to flare. On the other hand, if a wick is too fine, it may extinguish due to inadequate heat or insufficient fuel. Woolen wicks are ideal for tallow candles; they are thicker than cotton and are more stable in the wax as they burn. It’s also important to select the right wax type for your candles. Tallow wax has a higher melting temperature than beeswax which makes it well suited for dipping candles because it resists deforming when used at elevated temperatures. Additionally, bee’s wax has a light honey scent that adds an attractive aroma to your candle creations. You can find both of these materials online or at specialty craft stores.

Tips for Adding Essential Oils for Fragrance

One of the great things about making dipped tallow candles from home is that you can easily add essential oils for an extra touch of scent. If you are making a dozen or more candles, it is best to use 3-4 drops of essential oils for every one pound of melted tallow. This will give your candles a gentle but lasting aroma. When combining essential oils with melted tallow, always remember to stir well so they are evenly distributed amongst your candle mixture. Additionally, make sure to add the essential oils after the tallow has cooled slightly, but still maintains its liquid form, as adding them while hot can create an overly strong scent and an unpleasant burning experience. Always be mindful of the type and quality of oils you use as it can truly have an impact on the overall scent and burn time. Lastly, consider using different combinations of essential oils to find a unique fragrance that stands out among your collection!

Safety Guidelines When Working with Hot Wax and Heat

When making dipped tallow candles, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines to ensure the safety of those using the candles. Hearing protection and eye protection should be worn at all times when working with hot wax. Long-sleeved cotton clothing should also be worn, as synthetic materials can cause serious burns. In addition, it is important to create a safe and clear workspace when working with hot wax and heat; items such as fragile objects or combustible material should be kept away from the area where the process is taking place. For light bulbs used during the dipping process, extreme caution should be taken as they can become dangerously hot during use. Finally, because of the possibility of burning skin or melting metal tools, always use tools that are intended for candle making only so metal doesn’t become warped or damaged from extreme temperatures.

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Alternative Ways to Make Candles with Tallow

Making dipped tallow candles is a great way to make simple and natural candles. However, there are also many other ways to make candles with tallow. You can either blend your tallow with other waxes or use additives such as beeswax or essential oils to enhance the performance of your candles. Another method is to create molded tallow candles by pouring melted tallow into pre-made molds such as tealight holders or large pillar molds. Finally, you can easily create rolled tallow candles using pre-made sheets of wax that have been cut into strips and then twisted together for creating intricate designs. Whichever way you choose, making your own tallow candles is a satisfying experience and offers numerous advantages over traditional semi-liquid paraffin wax.

Additional Helpful DIY Resources and Tutorials

Making dipped tallow candles is a fun and rewarding project. With the right materials and tools, you can easily make your own candles in just a few simple steps. To prepare for your candle-making experience, you’ll need some basic supplies, like tallow, wicking material, jars or containers to hold the waxes, and a double boiler with indirect heat. Begin by melting the tallow in the double boiler over moderate heat until it has melted completely. Once fully melted, remove the pan from the heat and allow the wax to cool down slightly before adding wicking material to containers of your choice. Place each bundle of wicking inside the container tightly secured to both sides so that it will remain standing when you pouring poured tallow. Make sure to keep an eye on the temperature of your candles wax as overheated wax can cause your candle-making project to fail. When done carefully, once cooled you will have beautiful tallow dipped candles ready for display!

In addition to these instructions for making dipped tallow candles there are plenty of other tutorials and helpful resources available online if you’re looking for more guidance on this unique craft. For example, many websites offer step-by-step videos for those who are new to candle making so that they can get a better visual understanding of what is involved in dipping their own candles. Additionally, there are numerous blogs which provide different tips and tricks that experienced crafters use when making their own melted wax creations which could be beneficial as well! Finally, forums are great spaces to ask questions and get advice from others who may have had similar experiences while crafting homemade soy or beeswax candles before.


Making dipped tallow candles is an enjoyable and rewarding craft. It’s a traditional craft that dates back centuries, and anyone can easily learn how to do it at home. The process requires very few supplies, so it’s affordable and accessible for nearly everyone. If you’re looking for an interesting project to make with your family or friends, this could be the perfect choice. When you’ve completed the steps of creating your candles, you will enjoy their light and scent as they brighten up any room in your house. You may even find creating new and colorful candles become a favorite pastime. As you continue practicing this craft, you’ll soon get to grips with all its techniques which will only enhance the satisfaction each time when you finish making a beautiful set of tallow candles.

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