Making Holiday Candles Out Of Pvc Pipe


Crafting holiday candles out of PVC pipe is the perfect project for anybody looking for an inexpensive, creative way to celebrate the holidays. Not only does crafting these remarkable holiday lights save you money, but it also gives you an original and unique decoration that perfectly represents the spirit of the season. Additionally, this project is easy and straightforward enough for even beginner crafters alike. All you will need are a few supplies from your hardware store that are easy to find and can be picked up on an inexpensive budget. With these materials and a little bit of creativity, you can create beautiful decorations that look like they came straight from a Christmas market! By crafting holiday candles out of PVC pipe, everybody can make something memorable that not only looks beautiful but helps put them in the festive spirit as well.

Getting Started

To make holiday candles out of PVC pipe, the essentials will depend on the size, shape, and type of candle you’d like to make. Below is a brief overview of what you’ll need to get started:

1. PVC Pipe: Depending on the shape and size of your desired candle, choose either schedule 40 or heavier walled pipe in various sizes from 3/4-in to 1-1/2-in diameter.

2. Paint: Use paint that’s designed for use with plastic so it stays put once applied – use colored paint to make your candle look festive!

3. Glue: Specialized PVC glue is best for securely joining pieces together, though you could opt for wood glue as well if needed. You can also use a product such as Loctite Power Grab or Liquid Nails for construction purposes if necessary.

4. LED Lights: LED lights can be used to provide an attractive glow inside your PVC candles – choose battery-operated ones and seal off any access points using hot glue or another adhesive to ensure waterproofing and longevity.

5. Wick Supplies: For safety reasons, use self-extinguishing wicks – buy twice as much as you think you’ll need in various sizes for larger candles and standard taper candle wicks for smaller candles (you can buy pre-made cords with integrated wicks or simply dip them yourself).

6. Other tools might include a few supplies such as sandpaper and pliers; however they are not completely essential unless it’s something specific you’re looking to do with your holiday candles crafted out of PVC pipe!

Step One

To make holiday candles out of PVC pipe, you first need to measure, cut, and sand the PVC pipe. Measure the length of the PVC pipe you want for each candle and mark on the outside of the pipe with a permanent marker. Using a miter saw or hand saw, cut your marked sections one at a time. Once all pieces have been cut, use sandpaper to sand down any rough edges or seams on the ends. Be sure to wipe away any dust particles before continuing to the next step.

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Step Two

After cutting the PVC pipe to your desired size, it’s time to start inserting the wick. Carefully insert the wick from the top of one end of the pipe and attach it as close to the bottom of the pipe as possible. Once inserted, tie off the wick with string so that it is tightly secured. Once you have securely fastened your wick, fill a large pot with water and place a double burner on top. Place your wax pellets into a glass jar, then set into the pot of boiling water. Leave them until they are fully melted. After testing that your wax has reached 180-200°F, carefully pour it into your PVC tubes while they are sitting on their sides. Make sure to leave at least half an inch of free space at the top of each tube candle for safety reasons—this will help prevent overflow when burning. Allow for enough time for the wax to cool completely before lifting or moving them anywhere; this may take up to 30 minutes or more depending on thickness and size of your pipes!

Step Three

When it comes to coloring and scenting your candles, the possibilities are limitless. There are a variety of products available that can help you customize your candle, like special dye blocks and wax-based tint blocks – these make adding color to homemade creations easy.

For scents, try adding quality essentials oils such as peppermint, pine or cinnamon oil in small quantities to create an aromatic mood in any room. You can also purchase pre-scented wax if you want the convenience of not having to measure or mix your own fragrances. Many craft stores also offer candle fragrance oils that are ideal for adding into each mold before pouring wax. A few drops blended with melted wax will fill up the entire room once the candle starts burning. For example, you might add two drops of lavender essential oil into a mold, then carefully pour melted beeswax in until full – this will leave a delightful lavender aroma in any room once lit! Finally, don’t forget about wicks! Wicks range from wooded and cottoncore varieties to all-natural hemp types; finding the right size for your mold and a quality wick will ensure an even burn for your candles.

Finishing Touches

Making your own candles out of PVC pipe is a great way to decorate your home for the holidays. The pipes come in a range of sizes and styles which makes them ideal for creating unique designs. After preparing the pipes and adding your chosen wax, there are several creative techniques you can use to give your candles even more festive flair.

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For a classic Christmas look, try using red ribbons along with tiny bells and delicate appliques. Tie a knot at the base of each candle, then tie off smaller strands with extra bells and decorations further up the pipe. If you want an understated yet elegant look, consider adding gold sparkles around the base of the candle just before melting your wax.

If you have some leftover twine or yarn at home, why not try braiding three lengths together and wrapping it around each candle? By looping back across the clustered group, it will create stunning visual accents reminiscent of traditional Nordic designs. Or use multiple strands of yarn if you’d like a soft rainbow effect to decorate your DIY holiday candles – this looks especially beautiful when illuminated by flickering candlelight!

For those who are feeling artistic, white glue can be used to help stick pieces such as stars or small fir tree cut-outs around each PVC candle in combinations that work for you. Once completed, these decorations make children’s eyes light up in delight as they admire how magical all the colorful details look rimmed by orange flame in darkness!

Final Thoughts

Once your holiday candles have been made from PVC pipe, it can be a fun and rewarding project to enjoy throughout the year. Not only do the candles look great anytime of year, but they hold sentimental value due to the fact that you handmade them yourself. You could also consider giving them as gifts; they would make a unique addition to any gathering or hostess gift basket! If displayed indoors, use unlit battery-operated “flameless” LED votive lights so no flames are present. Place these votives inside your homemade PVC candle holder and it will add even more ambiance to any space. Take pride in the fact that you crated these beautiful candles, while simultaneously bringing creative light into people’s lives all year round.

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