Making Ice Bucket Candles


Making Ice Bucket candles is an easy and creative way to transform an ordinary ice bucket into a unique, beautiful candle. Making these candles is a wonderful way to reuse old objects and turn them into something new. The benefits of making Ice Bucket Candles are clear: not only does it save money on buying conventional candles, but it also allows for creativity by allowing the maker to choose the wax, color, and scent of the candle. Furthermore, the overall process of making them can be quite therapeutic. Additionally, the finished product makes a great home décor item or even a special gift for friends and family.

Materials Needed for Making Ice Bucket Candles

In order to make ice bucket candles, you will need a variety of supplies. First, you will need tealight or votive candles in the color of your choice. You will also need a metal ice bucket – either a galvanized bucket or a stainless steel bucket would work well – and something to fill the bottom with as filler such as pebbles, sand, stones, beads or wax chips. You will also need either natural cotton wick cords or pre-tabbed candlewicks if you prefer. Then, you will require enough soy wax to fill the bucket for the number of candles you are making. Finally, some fragrance (optional) and a thermometer would be very helpful in getting your ideal pour temperature. Once all of these materials have been collected then follow the steps below to make your ice bucket candles!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Ice Bucket Candles

1. Gather your supplies. You will need a large, clean plastic ice bucket, wicks (pre-tabbed), wax chips or pellets, scissors, and an old pot for melting the wax.

2. Cut the wicks to size. Measure the diameter of your bucket and trim the wick tabs accordingly to fit snugly at the bottom of the container. It is important that the wick be centered before pouring the wax in order to assure even burning when lit.

3. Place approximately three inches of water in a large saucepan and bring to a low boil over medium heat on your stovetop.

4. Slowly add wax chips or pellets into the boiling water one cup at a time with a wooden spoon until all of them are incorporated into liquid form, stirring constantly to prevent clumping as you go along. Continue stirring until a uniform color is achieved (if you choose to use colored flakes). If not adding coloring, stir in about 1/4 cup candle scent for fragrance if desired.

5. Remove from heat when consistency is thin and pourable; it should have an syrupy but still thick enough so it doesn’t run all over your countertop!

6. Carefully pour melted wax into ice bucket until about 3/4 full as you simultaneously place (already cut) wick tabs in center ” make sure they stay upright during this process too!

Home Candle Making Supplies

7. Allow your candles to cool and harden completely before using ” this can take several hours depending on room temperature and how much was poured in initially!

Helpful Hints and Tricks for Making Ice Bucket Candles

When making ice bucket candles, there are several helpful hints and tricks that can make the process a lot easier. For starters, it is important to gather all of the supplies you need ahead of time, such as wax, wicks, molds, and containers. Then, carefully measure the wax needed for your particular mold before pouring it into the buckets or jars. You should also ensure that the mold you are using is designed specifically to accommodate a candle.

Amidst making ice bucket candles, another helpful hint is to use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of your wax while melting it on low heat. This will allow you to keep an eye on it in order to maintain its consistency and prevent overheating. Furthermore, it is recommended not to overfill or underfill your molds when pouring in your melted wax mixture; this will affect how evenly and quickly the wax sets. Additionally, if any wick anchoring tops were included with your molds or containers then be sure to firmly secure them in place before pouring in your melted wax mixture.

Once the wax has had ample time to harden and set completely afterwards, you’ll want to trim away any excess remaining from the wicks before lighting them up for display. It’s a good idea to research any additional ideas or tips from experienced candle makers so that you can apply them in order to improve your own ice bucket candle-making projects for better results!

Creative Ideas for Ice Bucket Candle Styles and Patterns

Ice bucket candles make for a great addition to any home decor. There are many ways to customize ice bucket candle styles and patterns. One way to create a unique look is by using stamps with interesting designs like flower or animals, to give the candles texture. Alternatively, you could draw freehand shapes or use paper stencils. You can also use glitter or special paints to give your candles even more color and sparkle. Colorful ribbons can be used as a way of finishing off an ice bucket candle in a beautiful way. For an extra touch, try dripping melted wax onto the outside of the container while it is still warm. You can even use letter molds with different colors of wax to create words and phrases around the edge of the bucket–great for special occasions! Whatever design you choose, ice bucket candles are sure to make a statement in any room.

Decorative Options for Adding a Unique Touch to Ice Bucket Candles

Ice bucket candles, when lit, create a beautiful atmosphere for all special occasions. To add a unique touch to the display and make them even more special, one can use various decorative options to enhance the beauty of these candles. For example, clear glass beads or tiny shells can be placed in and around the buckets before pouring in the wax. Another option is to affix ribbons in vibrant colors around each bottle’s neck and along the ice bucket itself. Or perhaps utilize colored sand to layer in different colors so that it bubbles out of the top of each candle when it’s lit. Another eye-catching idea is to place glittery floral picks between each candle holder before pouring in the wax into them. One could even use gold or silver leaf on either side of some candle holders to create an even more stunning effect. With these ideas, you’ll have beautiful Ice Bucket Candles sure to impress your guests and make any event memorable!

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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Ice Bucket Candles

Ice bucket candles are an enjoyable way to bring a fun and decorative element to your home. However, in order to maintain their quality, it’s important to keep them clean and properly stored. Before you can begin making these unique candles, it’s important that you clean the ice buckets with hot water and soap, as this will help remove any residue that may be present. Once the buckets are dry, they should be wiped down with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any remaining oils or dirt. It’s important to note that ice buckets should never be left outside in direct sunlight as the heat could cause them to degrade more quickly.

Once the ice buckets have been cleaned and dried, they are ready for use. When using them as candle containers it is crucial to place a heat-resistant liner inside before adding wax as this will help keep the bucket from melting or warping due to the heat of the wax. Additionally, when burning an ice bucket candle it is best practice to extinguish the flame after 4 hours of use as prolonged burning times can lead to excessive amounts of soot. To store your candles properly when not in use you should ensure that they are kept out of direct sunlight by storing them in a cool, dry location like a cupboard or drawer. This will help maintain their quality for longer periods of time so you can enjoy them for many occasions.


Congratulations! You’ve now made your own beautiful ice bucket candles with plenty of candles to make those summer nights even brighter. Now it’s time to get creative and begin to decorate and personalize your candles. There are a number of methods you can use, such as wax etching, wrapping the candle in fabric or adding decorative accents. Also don’t forget about experimenting with different colors and scents to make sure that your ice bucket candles not only look great but also smell amazing. Once you have finished decorating your bucket candles they will be ready to be displayed and enjoyed – why not light one up tonight? With these stylishly designed candles, you will never want those summer evenings to end.

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