Making Layered Soy Candles

Making Layered Soy Candles

Making layered soy candles is a great way to create a beautiful, customised candle that looks stunning and is also a healthy addition to your home. Layering different scents creates a unique combination that adds character to the finished product. Here’s what to do in order to craft a perfect soy candle with multiple scents.

Ingredients Needed

  • Soy wax flakes – These are readily available from most craft stores and online retailers.
  • Fragrance oils – Choose a variety of scents for your layered candle. Make sure the oils you choose are compatible with the type of wax you are using.
  • Double boiler – You will need a double boiler to safely melt the wax flakes.
  • Tin or Jar – Choose a large tin or jar depending on the size you would like your candle to be.
  • Wicks– You will need wicks to match the size of your container.
  • Thermometer– A thermometer ensures that you don’t overheat your wax.

The Process

  1. Clean your container – Be sure to clean your container before you start to make your candle. This is to make sure that the fragrance oils adhere to the sides of your container and also to prevent the wax from appearing cloudy.
  2. Heat your wax – This can be done in a double boiler. Use a thermometer to help you melt the wax at the right temperature.
  3. Add the fragrance oil– Now you can start adding your chosen fragrance oils. Stir the wax continuously to help the oils disperse.
  4. Pour the first layer of wax– Pour the wax into your container but leave enough room to pour a second layer. Let the wax cool before you add the next layer.
  5. Add a different scent– Now you can repeat the process by adding a different scent to the wax. Again stir the wax continuously.
  6. Pour the second layer of wax– Using the same process, pour the second layer of wax and make sure it is of the same consistency as the first layer. Let the wax cool and then add the wicks.
  7. Finish the candle– Add the wicks and let your candle settle before you light it. Your layered candle is now ready to go!

Making layered candles allows for more creativity as you can mix and match different fragrances and create a unique candle. The double layer also helps to create beautiful visuals as the two different layers show off their own individual colouring. Layered soy candles are also a healthier option than regular candles as they use natural soy wax that doesn’t leave fumes or soot behind. So why not give it a go and start making layered candles today!

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