Making Mason Jar Oil Candles


Making Mason jar oil candles allows you to create an ambiance of warmth and beauty in any setting. These all-natural, low-cost candles are easy to craft and allow you to display a beautiful candle with minimal effort. Unlike regular wax candles, these oil burning ones use essential oils that come from natural plants or herbs, making them safe and pleasantly fragranced. Depending on the type of essential oil used, they can create a calming atmosphere or fill the room with your favorite scent. Beginner crafters will find it simple to make these DIY Mason jar oil candles as they just require some simple supplies found around the house and a few drops of chosen essential oils. From bringing a relaxing feel in one’s home to being thoughtful for gifting purposes, Mason jar oil candles offer endless possibilities!


To make Mason jar oil candles, you will need a wide-mouth mason jar, wax or oil candle wicks with clips, paraffin wax or vegetable oil for burning and a heat-resistant container for melting the wax. You will also need fragrance oil and dye chips if desired. Additionally, a double boiler or two pots can be used to safely melt the paraffin without risking fire hazards when handling hot wax. Finally, to keep the wick in place while pouring your mixture into the Mason jar you may need either an adapted spoon with a hole in it or a special metal tab designed especially for this purpose.


Mason jar oil candles are a great way to create a beautiful, glowing centerpiece without the hazard and mess of wax. To begin crafting your own mason jar oil candle, these materials are needed: Mason jars, vegetable oil, wicks, scissors and tie wire.

Step 1: Start by measuring the height of your Mason jar against the wick. Cut the wick so that when it is in the jar, it should be around one quarter of an inch below the opening at the top.

Step 2: Secure the wick to the bottom of your Mason jar with small pieces of tie wire. This will ensure that your wick stays in place once placed in the oil filled container.

Step 3: Next you will fill your Mason jar with vegetable oil up to about one inch from the top. Be sure not to overfill as you need space for the flame!

Step 4: Once you have filled your Mason jar with vegetable oil to an inch from the top, press down on your pre-cut wick until it is submerged but still sticking out from as close to center as possible while also remaining above oil level.

Step 5: Now secure other end of pre-cut wick into lid using another tie wire piece. You have now successfully created your own mason jar oil candle! The last step is merely to light it up – watch how slowly and gracefully the flame flickers inside of this beautiful handmade project!

Basic Candle Making Techniques

Aesthetic Enhancements

Once you have made your Mason Jar Oil Candles using the easy steps outlined below, you can get creative with decorative enhancements. One simple but effective way to decorate a Mason Jar Oil Candle is to wrap jute twine around the mouth of the jar in a spiral or crisscross pattern. The twine can be easily cut to length and glued into place with a small drop of hot glue. You could also add beads, seashells or dried flowers around the base of the candle for a colorful effect. Glitter can also be used as an accent along with many other craft supplies. The possibilities are endless! For something more permanent, consider decorating with paint and marker pens. Carefully draw designs on the outside of the jar then seal it with enamel paint so that it looks beautiful and lasts longer.

Other Applications

Mason jar candles have a variety of applications and can be used for anything from decorations to entertaining. They are perfect for an intimate evening by the fire, romantic date nights, or special family gatherings. Candlelight adds an inviting ambiance that cannot be replicated with electric lights. Their versatility makes them great for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, as well as casual social gatherings. Additionally, mason jar oil candles last much longer than traditional candles, up to 100 hours or more depending on the type of oil used. They make great gifts for friends and family members who enjoy the look and feel of candlelight or anyone looking to bring some extra light into their home without having to worry about finding extinguishing tools or dealing with dripping wax. give a unique touch to outdoor get-togethers like wedding receptions, picnics in the park, birthday parties and more! Mason jar oil candles also offer a virtually soot-free flame that is safe to use indoors without the smoke or carbon buildup associated with burning wax candles or incense sticks


Making Mason Jar oil candles is a fun, relatively easy project and a great way to create beautiful home décor. To get started on this project, you’ll need jar lids with knobs, a shallow dish (to hold the oil while it gets poured into the jar), olive or vegetable oil, cotton string wick, and of course mason jars!

First and foremost, make sure your jars are clean and dry. It’s best to clean them with warm soapy water before you start so the wick will adhere properly. Then take a lid and poke two holes in it for the wick – one to pull through from beneath and one for waxing over when finished so the cord remains secure. Next cut cotton string/wick to around 2 inches longer than your jars’ width then attach them to both ends of the lid by pushing them through each hole until they show from underneath.

How To Make Your Own Wicks For Candles

To fill up your Mason jar with oil, lay out a piece of paper or material onto larger plate or dish. This will prevent spills that occur when pouring liquid. Measure how much oil you need by filling the jar part way up then pouring in a shallow bowl ” making sure that there is enough slack to tuck down into each side of your jar once placed inside! Fill up completely with no air bubbles present at all. Unwind your wicks so they straighten then tuck them down into both sides of the Mason jar so they’re submerged fully under all levels of liquid without touching any corners or walls before they reach bottom surface area.

Finally seal up tightly with lid knob to keep everything secure until lit! Once lit you should have beautiful illumination that illuminates even more using different colored dyes such as food coloring paints etc., depending on your desired effect and be able to enjoy these wonderful candles for hours on end!


Mason jar oil candles can be a fun and easy way to add more brightness and beauty to your home. All you will need is a mason jar, vegetable oil, wicks, candle scents, and any decorations you may want to include such as colored ribbons or beads. Begin by cutting the wick to fit your jar size. Then place the wick in the center of your jar and secure it using a binder clip or something similar. Now fill the jar with an adequate amount of vegetable oil. Add the desired scent and mix together with a spoon until the scent has been evenly distributed throughout the oil. Once complete all that is left to do is dress up your candles with any decorative elements you may have chosen. Finally, set your candles aside to cool completely before lighting them up and enjoy their soft light. With just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can bring new life into your home with beautiful Mason jar oil candles!

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