Making Mason Jar Soy Candles

Mason jar soy candles are jars filled with soy wax and enhanced with fragrances or essential oils that when ignited from a candle wick, produce an attractive warm glow suitable for many occasions. There has been a surge in popularity for making mason jar soy candles due to its affordability and easy customization options.

As opposed to traditional wax and petroleum-based candles, mason jar soy candles are a much healthier option as they contain no hazardous substances, less soot, and do not release additional pollutants into the air during burning. The silken glow emitted from Soy candles makes them ideal for adding ambience to romantic dinner settings, aromatherapy treatments or simply chilling out.

Advantages of Making Soy Candles Soy candles offer a variety of advantages when compared to their traditional counterparts. They burn slower due to the lower melting point of the wax which can result in extended usage time including up to 50% more than other types of candles.

Mason jars are great for holding these forms of wax unlike metal containers which become hot while burning and require water displacement techniques before being placed on any surfaces. Additionally, because soy is grown in abundance around the world, soybean oil takes longer times and higher temperatures to decompose as compared to other materials producing fewer impurities that could have damaging effects on the environment.

Gathering Materials Needed When making mason jar soy candles it is important to collect the right materials in order to ensure safety as well as quality outcomes. Basic supplies include Mason Jars, Soy Wax (pellets or block form), Candle Wick, Candle Fragrance Oil/Essential Oils (depending on personal preference) Dye chips (optional).

Other tools such as a double boiler/large pot set-up able handle multiple Mason Jars concurrently can be helpful if attempting multiple projects at once or preparing for large scale candle production runs. Another precautionary measure is wearing protective clothing by adding long sleeve shirts or lab coats; this way solvents from melted wax won’t stain your everyday attire during cleanup sessions or fix bad spills quickly without causing any damage material wise.

Necessary Materials and Supplies Needed to Make Mason Jar Soy Candles

Making Mason Jar Soy Candles is a great way to express your creativity and have a unique candle that you can be proud of. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Soy wax – Use for container candles, made from hydrogenated soybean oil for a vegan product.
  • Fragrance oil or Essential oils – Pick any scent you like.
  • Metal Pouring Pitcher with Handle – To melt the wax and safely transform it into liquid.
  • Thermometer – For temperatures ranging from 80-180 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Wick Stickers – To secure the wick on the bottom center of the jar.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Mason Jar Soy Candles

Making your own candles is a great way to save money while enjoying the comforting aroma of homemade candles. Using Mason jars can be the perfect way to make rustic-looking candles for every occasion. Follow these steps to make your own soy wax candle in a Mason jar:

First, you must gather your supplies: soy wax flakes, essential oils for scenting, Mason jars of your desired size, cotton candle wicks with metal clips attached, and an appropriate pot and spoon for melting the wax. You will also need an area to work with plenty of ventilation.

Second, it’s important to measure out the right amount of soy wax flakes for your Mason jar; about 6 ounces are needed per 8 ounce jar. Use the pot and spoon you supplied to gently melt down the wax over medium-low heat. Once melted, add 1/2 teaspoon of fragrance oil per candle for desired aroma.

Third, attach the clip end of the wick onto a pencil and drop into center of Mason jar while laying across opening edge with enough slack at opposite end to extend beyond rim farthest from wick tab once sat upright. Pour melted wax into Mason jar ensuring that wick remains firmly placed in center until cool and hardened around 2-3 hours. Additionally, it helps if you trim excess wick before placing finished product in desired location.

Now you can enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful homemade candles without spending a fortune. With just three easy steps you can have gorgeous soy based mason jar candles all year round with minimal time and little money invested.

Tips and Tricks for Achieving Perfect Results

Making soy candles in mason jars is an easy and enjoyable DIY project that anyone can make with a few supplies. Here are some tips to help you achieve perfect results every time:

  • Start by preparing a clean, dry mason jar for pouring the wax into. Make sure your wick is of the correct size for your jar and firmly secured to the bottom.
  • Prepare the wax by heating it up until it has melted completely. Carefully pour the wax into the mason jar and allow it to cool completely before adding any fragrance or coloring
  • Once you’ve added any desired dyes or fragrances, gently stir them into the wax until they have blended in perfectly.
  • Attach both ends of the wick to two pencils that are resting across the top of your mason jar. The pencils will keep your wick in place while it cools.
  • Leave the candle undisturbed for at least 24 hours, allowing sufficient time for cooling and curing. This will ensure a proper burn when lit.
Making Soy Candles at Home

After allowing sufficient time for cooling and curing, you can now enjoy your handmade soy candle. To ensure an optimal burn each time, trim approximately 1/8th-inch from your wick prior to lighting to prevent smoking or melting along its sides.

Always light your candle on a sturdy surface away from anything flammable and never leave it unattended. Lastly, should you choose to add multiple wicks in order to increase flame height or illumination levels – make sure all wicks are trimmed evenly so as not to produce lopsided flames or uneven burning marks.

Safety Tips for Working with Wax, Fragrance, and Flame

When it comes to making any type of homemade candles, especially soy candles that use wax, fragrance and flame, there are some important safety tips to follow. Before even beginning the project, it is important to make sure to wear both safety goggles and gloves. This will help protect your eyes and skin in case the wax or other materials splatter. Additionally, it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.

Once you have established that you are wearing protection and have any emergency items close by like a fire extinguisher, you can start preparing the area you will be working in. It is important to work on a hard surface that is flame-resistant such as stone or ceramic tile.

Additionally, make sure to have several layers of newspaper beneath your workspace so any spills or excess heat won’t damage any surfaces below. Any fuel-burning devices should be placed away from flammable items such as curtains or upholstery and they should not be lit until all components for the candle making process are ready for assembly.

Working with wax takes patience and practice; always remember that candles are a combustible material and proceed with caution when melting the wax in the double boiler system.

Soy wax melts at approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the brand of wax you are using, start with a lower temperature first then gradually increase heat enough so that all of the pieces melt completely into liquid form within 30 minutes; do not leave unattended during this process as it could lead to an accident if it gets too hot too quickly without supervision.

After the soy wax has melted completely, measure out the correct amount for each jar size you need before adding fragrances or colorants at this time – add these slowly stirring after each addition until desired level is reached before moving on to wick placement and pouring steps. Finally let your homemade Mason jar soy candles cool off completely before lighting your first one.

No matter what kind of candle you choose to make at home, following safety protocol while working with wax, fragrance or flame is essential for protecting yourself from harm.

How to Add Color and Fragrance to Mason Jar Soy Candles

Soy candles are becoming increasingly popular due to their clean burning, green properties and ease of use. Here are the simple steps for adding color and fragrance to mason jar soy candles.

  • Gather materials: Soy wax flakes, Mason jars, Wicks, Colorant beads or liquid dye, Fragrance oil
  • Set up double boiler with an inch of water in the bottom.
  • Add the soy wax flakes to the top section of the double boiler and heat until all is melted.

When all of the wax flakes are melted, it is time to add in color and scent. It can be helpful to research what type of scent goes best with certain colors.

For example, if one wants a lavender-scented candle they might pair this with a purple hue for added visual appeal. While stirring the hot wax carefully add in 1 teaspoon per pound of colorant beads or one drop per pound of liquid dye until desired pigment is achieved.

Though it is not necessary to measure out exactly how much dye will be needed for each batch. Turn off heat on double boiler while stirring in fragrance oils at a rate at 4-6%, which equates to about 1 teaspoon per 1 pound of wax. The amount of fragrances used may vary depending on personal preference.

Once all ingredients are added into melted wax and stirred well it’s time to start pouring. Have some sort of cloth or paper towel handy near where you’ll be pouring so that any drips or spills can quickly be taken care of before they harden on any surfaces. Stirring gently every few minutes when pouring helps minimize air bubbles as everyone likes a nice smooth surface on top when done.

Leave wick in place while pouring so that it remains centered in the jar while being filled up with wax. Make sure to keep wick straightened out during this process as well – though its ok if it does not stay completely centered as that will come back into play once candle has hardened somewhat after approximately 30 minutes(again depending on outside temperature).

Once cooled off enough continue adding peppers/natural additives if desired and then trim down wick afterwards if needed before burning away.

Creative Decorating Ideas for Mason Jar Soy Candles

Mason jar soy candles are a fun and unique way to add a bit of decorative flair to any room. The most popular way to incorporate them is to add them as accent pieces for shelves, tables, mantels, or window sills. Decorating them with ribbons and charms can make them more personalized.

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One great idea for decorating mason jar candles is to cover them with an assortment of lace and ribbon and give it the ultimate shabby chic look. You can even use different color themes such as pink for romantic evenings, solid colors such as green and blue for a more subtle yet comforting feel, or bold colors like reds and oranges.

This works best if you use narrow ribbons that allow the candlelight to show through without completely covering the color of the wax.

Another way to dress up your mason jar candles is by adding various charms. These charms could be anything from small bird charms or shapes representing nature or loved ones, which would be perfect for memorializing those special people in our lives or simply adding that extra dose of beauty into any setting.

This method also makes it easy to switch up the charm combination with each season in order to create festive decorations throughout the year. Not only can they look great when lit but they also provide an eye-catching design accent even when unlit.

Finally, mason jar soy candles can also be decorated with stencils which adds another interesting dimension. This method requires very little time but can result in creative designs that could range from holiday-themed motifs such as trees, stars, snowflakes etc., coastal inspired ocean waves or tropical leaves patterns for beach themed spaces; there’s no limit on what you can achieve. When you combine all these ideas together you have endless possibilities for customizing your mason jar soy candles.

Alternatives to Making Mason Jar Soy Candles

Though mason jar soy candles have become quite popular in recent years, it’s by no means the only method for candle making. Alternative methods include:

  • Wax Melt Candles
  • Paraffin Wax Candles
  • Rolled Beeswax Candles

Making Wax Melt Candles

Wax melt candles are a great alternative to making mason jar soy candles, as they don’t require any special equipment or expensive wax supplies. To make wax melts, you simply need candle-safe wax melts in your desired aroma and color.

These melts can then be poured into silicone heart trays or other suitable moulds and heated over a double boiler or an oven until melted. Once the wax has cooled and hardened, you can remove the completed candles from the moulds and enjoy their pleasant aroma.

Making Paraffin Wax Candles

Although paraffin wax is often viewed unfavorably due to its slightly toxic fumes when heated, it remains one of the most popular candle-making materials due to its usability and affordability. Paraffin wax is typically melted using a double boiler or oven, after which it can be poured into molds of your choosing – tin cans, glass jars, ceramic vessels etc.

– along with some candle wicks. Once the wax has fully cooled and set, you can trim off any excess wick before adding decorative touches such as essential oils, dried herbs or glitter.

Rolled Beeswax Candles

A unique alternative to both mason jar soy candles and paraffin is beeswax candles; these are non-toxic and Eco friendly but may require a bit more work when compared with other methods of candle making. To make rolled beeswax candles, purchase sheets of uncoloured beeswax and use cast iron presses (or even just an iron) to flatten them out before running them through a pasta machine on its finest setting to ensure consistency across each Candle later.

From here it’s a simple process to cut the final flattened sheet into appropriate lengths of wick before rolling them up into tealight shapes – this should be done slowly at first so as not to cause too much cracking.


Making Soy candles can be an enjoyable activity for those looking to fill their home with beautiful scented candles. The benefits of making your own Mason jar soy candles are numerous. For starters, soy candles typically burn much cleaner than traditional paraffin waxes because it is made from natural and renewable sources. Furthermore, the wick materials used for soy candles are 100% lead-free, making them safer to burn in a home or business setting.

In addition to the health safety, soy wax burns slower and cooler than other waxes which helps extend the life of your candle. As such, you get greater value if consuming your candle over time as opposed to quickly burning through it in one sitting like with paraffin wax candles. This gives you more opportunities to enjoy all your favorite fragrances at different times throughout the year without having to purchase additional re-supplies too often.

Making Mason jar soy candles uses very few tools and supplies that can easily be purchased online or at craft stores. With practice and some experimenting with different wicks and fragrance oils, there is a huge opportunity for creating amazing custom creations according to personal preference that will truly stand out visually from any store bought candle display.

These DIY mason jars can also make excellent gifts that family members or friends will enjoy receiving as they show off your creativity while showing thoughtfulness with adding a little something extra into the finished product.

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