Wax And Wick Candle Making Kit

The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is a great way to get into the enjoyable hobby of candle making. From starter kits to more complicated finishing techniques, the Wax and Wick kit offers something for every kind of candle maker – from beginner to expert. With all the necessary supplies included in one kit, anyone can start right away on their own signature candles.

The kit contains both the basics: all-natural wax, pre-tabbed wicks, and essential oils for fragrance; as well as items often considered an “upgrade”, such as tin cans for container candles, dyes for vibrant color variation, wick holders and more. All tools are safe and easy to use for any skill level-even beginners can make amazing candles that will look professionally finished with the help of this wonderful kit.

The luxurious feel of natural soy wax provides a long burning time which helps your candles burn cleaner than many conventional paraffin waxes. With over 25 different fragrances available it is easy to find unique scents that will bring warmth and comfort to any home or office.

Perfectly paired with cotton core lead free wicks these candles won’t produce dreaded smoke or soot when they’re lit up. Plus, when using this unique candle making kit you’ll be able to personalize the look of each glass jar or tin can easily with labels or paint pens.

The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is designed perfectly for both experienced crafters or those looking for an introduction into candle making hobbies alike. Possibilities are endless thanks to its quality materials and thoughtful instructions that make even complicated projects appear simple-it truly has everything one needs to create custom made therapeutic wonders at home.

Benefits of the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit

Paragraph 1: Crafting your own candles can have many positive benefits, and the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is an excellent way to get started. This kit provides everything you need to make beautiful candle creations with the utmost safety, while allowing you to use your creativity to come up with unique designs.

It includes all of the materials needed such as wax, wicks, and molds so that you don’t have to purchase each item separately. Furthermore, it also comes with detailed instructions on how to create your own candles from start to finish.

Paragraph 2: Not only does this kit help save time by providing all the necessary supplies in one place, but it also takes the guesswork out of creating candles. With well-defined recipes and directions included in the kit, this allows users of any skill level to easily unleash their creativity and construct professional-looking candles. Additionally, many skills can be learned such as measuring ingredients correctly for evenly distributed colors or scents among multiple candles.

Paragraph 3: Another advantage offered by the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is safety measures taken during production. Specialty tools are provided that ensure proper melting temperatures are achieved without causing damage or harm. Anchoring sticks are also included which securely hold the wick in place while pouring melted wax, preventing potential spilling accidents that may occur otherwise. The whole process from start to finish will be done worry-free when using this kit due its protective features.

  • Provides detailed instructions for creating candles from scratch
  • Includes all materials needed such as wax, wicks, molds, etc.
  • Safe production process with specialized tools included
  • Grants beginner users and professionals alike a platform for expressing their creative ideas

Unboxing the Kit

The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit includes all the essential tools and materials needed to create a beautiful, personalized candle. The items are housed in a sturdy, attractive box alongside easy-to-follow instructions, offering complete guidance for making your own inventive scented candles.

  • Box
  • The box which holds the contents of the kit is an attractive beige color and made from durable cardboard that keeps its shape throughout delivery. It is perfect for storing the supplies until they are ready to be used.

  • Supplies
  • Inside the box you will find three bottles of scented wax, a variety of colorful wicks, two metal pouring pots, several pouring cups, one pair of tweezers for perfect placement of wicks, double sided tape for securing them in place, fragrance oil to offer an additional scent option and detailed instructions on how to make the candles.

  • Tools
  • The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit also includes all necessary tools for creating a professional-looking candle. You will receive five tins with lids in different colors – blue, pink, red clear and black – as well as labels so that you can customize each one with your own name or logo.

    Additionally there are thermometers to help ensure temperatures stay at optimal levels during wax work, thermoplastic spreaders for even heat distribution during melting and stirring utensils for precise mixing.

Candle Making Tutorial

Paragraph 1: The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is the perfect way to start making your own personalized candles. This kit comes with all the supplies you need-wax, wicks, a pouring pot, thermometer, wax release spray and hanging clips. With these simple tools you can craft beautiful soy wax candles that provide a soothing ambiance for any room.

Paragraph 2: To get started on your candle-making journey start by gathering all of the supplies provided in the kit. Prepping the materials is important before creating a custom wick allows you to determine the size of each wick beforehand so that it perfectly fits in your pour container. Next prepare the soy wax for melting.

Measure out an appropriate amount using the thermometer provided and melt it over low heat in the pouring pot until its liquid consistency. Now its time to pour.

Paragraph 3: Once melted, begin placing each prepped wick into their molds by looping one end around an appropriate size object (to act as a center guide) while sticking the other into each prepared mold base – additional support from a dermal clip may be necessary depending on desired size. When ready, carefully pour liquid wax into each mold up to desired height and let sit undisturbed until your candles are completely cool and solidified (a minimum of 4 hours).

Finally remove from mold with care.

    Items included in Wax & Wick Candle Making Kit

  • Wax
  • Wicks
  • Pouring Pot
  • Thermometer
  • Waxrelease Spray
  • Hanging Clips

Storing and Maintaining Your Candle Making Kit

When using your wax and wick candle making kit, the first step to ensure the longevity of your supplies is to store them properly. Candlemaking supplies, such as wax, wicks, and dye chips are susceptible to heat and light or prolonged exposure to air that can alter their quality. Keeping your items protected from these elements will help preserve the integrity of the materials as well as protect against accidental spills or damage.

To protect against heat and direct sunlight exposure, it is best to store all supplies in a cool dark place away from any extreme temperatures. An ideal storage location would be a drawer or box stored in either the refrigerator or a cupboard. If possible, keep each individual item wrapped in plastic wrap to maintain its freshness.

In addition to heat and light protection, materials like wick sizes need additional care because they are very delicate. Commonly used tools such as scissors or wire cutters should not be placed next to them for fear of accidental cuts on the surface of the wicks.

  • Store all supplies in a cool dark place away from extreme temperatures.
  • Wrap each individual item in plastic wrap after use.
  • Keep scissors and wire cutters separate from wick sizes so they do not come into contact with any sharp objects.

Creative Ways to Use Your Candle Making Kit

Unique Candle Decorating Ideas

One of the most exciting aspects of owning a Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is the potential for customized candle decorations. There are few craft activities more satisfying than transforming a blank canvas into something beautiful that you can show off in your home, or give away as special gifts to friends.

The wax and wicks provide the basic structure of each candle; once that’s done you can add your own unique elements to give it an individualized look.

Stencils, paints, glitter, and even nuts and bolts can be used to create custom patterns and dimensions. Different wick lengths result in different burning times; using multiple colors can open the door for personalized designs. Varying fragrances ensure that your candles perfectly match the atmosphere in any environment.

Creating Gifts With Your Kit

The great thing about a Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is it makes wonderful gifts at any occasion. Special hand-crafted candles make birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays and even “just because” days just a little bit brighter. Start by pouring wax into jars based on those special people in your life; once it has solidified you can add personalized touches like pictures or text according to their preference.

Try adding essential oils or a special scent that complements who they are for subtle hints all throughout their day. One of the best benefits of these kits is being able to customize everything from size to shape to color scheme-creating something truly memorable for yourself or somebody else.

Sustainability Features With This Kit

A great way to combine creativity with environmental consciousness is through this Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit. Non-toxic materials translate to safe burning time indoors; not only will certain fragrances evoke precious memories but quality products also help reduce indigestible toxins posing health hazards present in cheaper alternatives.

Poorly made candles burn fast which means fewer hours served: energy efficient paraffin wax has excellent holding capacity allowing it to last longer while still delivering superior quality fragrance every time it’s lit up. Choose the right wick length depending on what kind of candles you’re making: long ones are suitable for gatherings while short ones may be better kept at your bedside or desk – always remember that good quality means safer performance every time.

Pros and Cons of the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit


  • The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit comes with all the necessary materials and ingredients required to create beautiful, high-quality candles.
  • It is also an affordable option for anyone looking to start making candles at home.
  • The kit includes detailed instructions, tools, and materials such as soy wax and cotton wick that can be used to easily create attractive finished products.


  • The kit does not include scents or color dyes for candle-making, so if you wish to enhance the appearance of your creations with these elements you would need to source them separately.
  • The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit does not provide detailed information on burning safety, or how the different properties in different waxes interact with different wicks.
  • If you don’t have some basic knowledge of candle making already, it can be a lengthy process to learn how to make the perfect candles with this kit alone.

Where to Buy the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit

The Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is the perfect way to start crafting homemade scented candles. Now available for purchase online, this complete kit comes with all of the materials you need to get started on your creative candle venture. The kit includes 16 ounces of wax, easy-to-follow instructions, five wooden wicks, a thermometer and an alternate size wick holder. For those interested in scenting their candles, six essential oil fragrances are also included in the kit.

If you want to try your hand at making luxury candles without having to go through the hassle of buying supplies separately and then trying to put them together yourself, the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit is perfect for you. It’s available at an affordable price and it even comes with a “no-questions-asked” money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

For those looking for additional discounts or promotional offers when purchasing the Wax and Wick Candle Making Kit, there is currently a 20% discount code available for orders over $50 that applies to both individual kits as well as complete package deals containing multiple kits. You can easily apply the discount code during check out by entering it into the promo code field provided before completing your payment information.

Plus if you decide to buy in bulk – whether it’s two or more individual kits or one of our full package deals – then we offer free shipping to all locations within the USA. So make sure you take advantage of these promotional offers before they expire.

Starter Kit for Making Candles

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