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The Making Soap, Cosmetics, and Candles Magazine was formed in 1985 as a magazine for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. It has evolved over the years from just covering the basics of making soaps, cosmetics, and candles to more now providing detailed tutorials and articles on the latest trends and developments in the industry. It features reviews from experts on all types of home craft products which helps readers learn more about them before purchasing. The magazine also contains ideas for marketing the finished projects and creative ideas for display and packaging. Along with business advice, readers will also find interviews with individuals in different fields who share their stories about developing their own home business.

Advantages of Reading the Magazine

The advantages of reading Making Soap Cosmetics and Candles magazine include access to creative projects from leading industry experts and designers. Articles offer detailed step-by-step instructions and insights into unique techniques and trends, making it easy for readers to take on new projects. Furthermore, those who are already experienced in the space can continue their education with expert-driven advice and evaluate potential advancements. In addition to articles with high-quality visuals, the magazine provides helpful reviews of materials and ingredients, as well as videos or demonstrations that increase reader engagement. Readers have access to visual aids like charts, diagrams, and photos to gain a better understanding of the soapmaking process. The magazine also features profiles of passionate artisans in the field that provide further insight into cosmetics, candles, aroma therapy and more. With key industry events always included in every publication, readers are kept up-to-date on developments in the soapmaking world in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Types of Articles and Features

The Making Soap Cosmetics And Candles Magazine offers a wealth of articles and features for readers. These range from tips to create new recipes for homemade natural cosmetics, fun projects to make candles, reviews of the best soaps and cosmetics supplies on the market, interviews with professional soap makers and candle makers, informative pieces to help readers learn the science behind both disciplines, tutorials on different methods of making included in these crafts, and inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs in this industry. Elsewhere in each issue is a curated selection of essential tools and resources required for these activities, as well as additional special topics that often accompany seasonal or holiday themes.

Examples of Projects Showcased

Making Soap Cosmetics And Candles Magazine showcases a range of creative craft projects. These projects often involve using a selection of ingredients to create handmade soaps, cosmetics, and candles.

Examples of Projects Showcased:

1) Uniquely scented soap bars crafted out of natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E.

2) Soy wax candles decorated with small flower petals or dried pieces of fruit.

3) Home-made facial creams made with Shea butter, beeswax, and jojoba oil.

4) Exfoliating sugar scrub bars blended with essential oils for an indulgent spa experience at home.

5) Aromatic lip balms enhanced with botanical extracts like aloe vera and honey.

6) Scented bath salts made from pure Epsom salt.

Magazine Extras

“The Making Soap Cosmetics and Candles Magazine is an invaluable resource! As a first-time soap maker, this magazine’s tips and advice have been so helpful. I’m learning all the right techniques to make professional looking products that customers love.” ” Pam, soap maker

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“As a long-time candlemaker, I especially appreciate the in-depth coverage of different wax types and fragrance oils that are included in this magazine’s articles. It really helps me expand my creative skillset.” ” Debbie, candle maker

“I recently subscribed to the Making Soap Cosmetics and Candles Magazine after seeing how knowledgeable their subscribers were about making soap products. The Q&A section is especially great for getting answers from experienced makers!” ” Shari, cosmetics producer


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