Glass Clouds When Making Candles


Glass clouds are an important aspect of candle making. They are created by swirling or stirring hot color wax and clear wax together, either with a stick or with a machine. The result is a marbled effect that gives candles an interesting, unique look that can often make them stand out on shelves in stores.

This technique of glass clouding helps to create some depth to the finished candle so that instead of one solid block or core color, it will have multiple variations when observed up close. This can be especially important in certain candle types, such as pillar candles or votive candles; because they tend to be seen from further away, the nuances in the glass clouds become more apparent and pronounced and give buyers something more interesting to observe other than just individual blocks of color.

Aside from being visually pleasing, glass clouds can also serve a functional purpose as well depending on the type of wax used for the project. For example if beeswax is used as opposed to paraffin (most common), then you can ensure a even burn all the way down thanks to how it has been swirled and mixed together during this process.

As techniques like glass clouding become more popular within the hobbyist community who primarily use these supplies for home projects rather than creating retail-ready pieces, more people are learning the importance of proper mixing and swirling when building layers of wax into their products and seeing first-hand how additive it really is.

Types of Glass Clouds

Making candles can be both enjoyable and challenging. It’s the perfect opportunity to be creative and create something unique and special. One of the ways that candle makers can enhance their creations is by adding glass clouds when making candles. Glass clouds, which are also known as gas drops or crunch crystals, are tiny pieces of crushed, colored fused glass that add added sparkle, texture, and color to a candle.

There are several types of glass clouds that can be used when making candles. These can include clear colored glass drops in either matte or glossy finishes, iridescent shimmery glass chips with a rainbow glinting effect, as well as vibrant colored glass chips that light up the wax when it’s lit. Each type has its own advantages so it’s important to consider what kind of look or effect you’d like to achieve with your candle before deciding which type is best for you.

Clear drops are great for giving the appearance of delicate flakes of snow suspended in wax, while iridescent chips have a magical glowing quality when placed against a darker background color on the wax surface such as navy blue or black. Vibrant colored glass chips help make a statement by creating brighter pops of color in solid-colored candles such as purple or red. With all these choices available, it’s possible to customize your candles to a very high degree and create stunning finished pieces to be proud of!

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Uses of Glass Clouds

Scent Dispersion – Glass clouds can be used to disperse the scent of a candle throughout an entire room. When heated while burning, they release fragrant particles that fill the air quickly and easily. Glass cloud also helps progress scent more naturally within a space, allowing each note and layer of the fragrance to be released in succession.

Decorating – Glass clouds are often used to decorate candles due to their colorful aesthetic. They act as both a decoration and an addition, trapping the wax and helping give candles a distinguished look. Some types of glass clouds may also add an extra sparkle visually when added directly into the wax or at the lip of a candle jar.

Creating Unique Shapes – Thanks to their relatively malleable nature, it is possible to form glass clouds into unique shapes when making candles. This technique has been used for creating glitter patterns, smooth figures, and other decorative designs which help make each individual candle one-of-a-kind.

Safety Considerations

When making glass clouds when crafting candles, one should take extra precaution to ensure a safe experience. It is important to allow the glass to cool gradually and avoid contact with skin, as the delicate nature of the material can create a hazardous situation. Always make sure there is a glass or metal pan deep enough for the candle being created, and place all hot glassware on a hard level surface so that it does not tilt or lean over and fall off. Keep any accelerants such as cotton wicks away from the glass at all times when handling as these items can easily set fire if near combustible materials. When finished working with the heat source, unplug it from the outlet and keep it out of reach of children and pets. By taking these safety measures, you can ensure a successful creation of your beautiful candelabra utilizing the unique effects for your candles that come with using glass clouds in their design!

Customizing Glass Clouds

Using different essential oils when customizing glass clouds for candles will give the desired aroma and fragrance to the space in which the candle is burned. Experimenting with various scents, like lavender and eucalyptus or sandalwood and bergamot, will yield different olfactory experiences. Additionally, can also create subtle or more striking aromas by combining several essential oils together.

When it comes to colors and textures when making glass clouds for candles, it’s important to select a harmony of shades that complement one another while providing an attractive visual display. Soft hues such as pastel pink or light blue layered with opaques or semi-opaque tints can produce an airy, almost magical ambiance. Accenting these colors with various textures such as air bubbles, seafoam swirls, or even glitter particles can add unique detail and dramatic effects to the clouds. With careful consideration, artisans can create fun-filled pieces that are sure to delight any onlooker!

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Glass clouds when making candles can provide a unique and visually stunning end result. Glass clouds are created by adding crystallized wax to the top of your candle while it is still hot. This wax then melts into the existing wax, creating patterns much like colorful clouds decorating the surface of the candle. Creating glass clouds can be intimidating for beginner candle makers, as it requires cold-pouring or other tedious techniques to produce stunning effects.

Fortunately, there are many resources available to learn more about this wax art form. Blogs and websites such as Lynne Farris’ Candlemaking Techniques and DippityDoo’s Blog have great advice on candlemaking, including tips and tricks for creating beautiful glass cloud patterns on the surface of your candles. There are also many books devoted to tinning out different methods of making glass clouds and written in an easy-to-understand manner that provides detail without being overly technical. Finally, there are numerous videos available online demonstrating various ways to create glass clouds including tutorials on YouTube and other platforms dedicated to teaching viewers how to craft these eye-catching pieces of art. With these resources at candlemakers’ fingertips, puddling or dippery will become less of a chore and more creative expression with beautiful results!


Glass clouds add an extra touch of beauty and artistry to the traditional candle making process. Due to their versatility, they can be used in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, allowing candle makers to customize their creations according to their desired effects. Using glass clouds to decorate candles gives the maker almost unlimited possibilities for creativity, allowing for an array of special touches that can make a candle truly special. Whether its dainty droplets or elegant trails, glass clouds add a unique sparkle that takes any ordinary candle from good to extraordinary. Furthermore, as different types of glass clouds carry different properties such as heat resistance and transparency, experimentation can lead to discovering new techniques and creative ideas when making candles.

In conclusion, with customizations offered by the use of glass clouds when making candles, it’s easy for any candle maker to explore their creativity and push the boundaries on what can be achieved with handcrafted candles. With diverse forms and styles available, using glass clouds is an exciting way to explore the potential that lies within the world of candle making – be it simple elegance or complex decorations – while adding a unique finishing touch every time.

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