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Glow Candle Making prides itself on offering customers an interactive and creative experience. Our hours are Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5PM, with additional special events and after-hours private classes available upon request.

We offer helpful online resources such as a map of our store location, instructions for making candles at home, online tutorials, and frequently asked questions to better understand the candle making process. We encourage customers to reach out if they have any questions, so we can provide further assistance.

The link to our online resources is: [INSERT LINK]. Here visitors can find out more about Glow Candle Making and plan their visit. From detailed descriptions of our candle making offerings, to tips for getting started with your own craft project at home – it’s all available with just a click of the mouse!

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Glow Candle Making has quickly become the go-to place for candle making in the area, and customers can’t get enough of it! Whether they come to shop for supplies and thoughtfully crafted candles, or attend a workshop to learn how to make their own fragrant creations, customers are always raving about their experiences.

Many reviewers have said that Glow Candle Making is the perfect place for a quality craft day with friends, noting that the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Customers have also praised the store’s amazing selection of products, from starter kits to waxes and scents, calling the store an “Aladdin’s Cave” of amazing aromas! But more than anything, what customers keep coming back for is the attention to detail and outstanding customer service ” everything from helpful advice on choosing fragrances that best suit your taste buds to tips on creating visually stunning works of art.

It’s no wonder then why Glow Candle Making has become a favorite among locals who crave quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. With rave reviews like these and dedicated hours that accommodate everyone’s hectic schedules, it’s only getting better every day!

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Glow Candle Making Hours are a great way to get creative and have some fun! Our store is the perfect home for candle makers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for everyone here. We have a wide selection of specialty waxes, colors, scents and wicks to design your own unique creation. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, ready to help you with any questions.

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Our Glow Candle Making Hours are Monday through Saturday from 11am – 6pm. During this time, our store will be open for customers who wish to explore our vast selection of waxes and colors as well as talk with our staff about custom creations. Our team can help you find the ideal materials and provide helpful advice on techniques so that you can craft the perfect candle.

We also offer group workshops where customers can come together to create special items or explore the art of candle making further. In addition, guided tours are available where we’ll share the history of candles as well as demonstrate how they’re made in real-time. Plus, we host regular events such as candle-making competitions where participants compete against each other in a fun and exciting atmosphere!

Come join us at Glow Candle Making Hours to create something beautiful that you’ll cherish for years to come!

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Glow Candle Making Hours is a company that specializes in creating beautiful and unique candles. According to candle maker, LaToya Smith, the custom-designed candles from Glow Candle Making Hours “are unlike anything else on the market. The unique shapes and scents are truly special and make for excellent gifts.” Candles created by Glow Candle Making Hours have also been praised by acclaimed fragrance critic, Jeanine Arnold. She states, “The attention to detail when hand-crafting these candles cannot be emphasized enough. These artists fashion each product with exquisite care and the results speak for themselves: a lovely product that livens up any home or makes a great addition to any gift basket.”

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Include add-ons – Give customers the option to purchase additional related items such as wax warmers, scented beads, or fragrances when they make a candle.

Offer custom candles – Have customers pick the size, scent and style of their candles for a personalized experience.

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Provide demos – Demonstrate techniques for candle making like coloring or layering scents, so that customers can learn how to make unique and creative candles.

Give workshops – Introduce classes with group sessions lasting from an hour up to a whole day where users learn about the science and art of candle making, as well as ideas for decorating and packaging.

Host events – Set up special events in the shop at certain times during the week or month in order to attract more people and offer giveaways of exclusive materials for customers to use in their own candle creations.

Offer subscription boxes – Allow customers to subscribe at different levels: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc., with corresponding supplies and instructions delivered directly to them so they can keep experimenting and learning more about candle making while having fun.

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Glow Candle Making Hours can be a great way to plan a fun and creative party or special event. To ensure your group is prepared for their time at the studio, we encourage you to include some informative videos in your plans. These videos can provide step-by-step guidance on candle making, as well as providing helpful tips and tricks for a successful visit. This can be especially beneficial if members of your group are new to candle making and will be making the candles by themselves. Additionally, the videos can act as an overview of what they can expect during their time at the studio, familiarizing them with the different materials available and the process overall. By including informative videos in their candle making hour prep, your guests will be able to arrive ready for a fun and inspirational experience that everyone will enjoy!

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